South Asian Man’s Black Wife Allegedly Murdered By His Father

Oh my goodness I just heard about a tragic tale about interracial love that ended in murder in Atlanta. When people talk about racial tensions it is usually between people of colour and the majority. Yet the question has to be asked, why does the public ignore the racism between communities of colour? For instance, in Canada and the United States there is racial tension between the blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Native American communities.

In the Caribbean, in Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana the racial tensions between the blacks and South Asian populations are intense. Just because blacks and South Asians tend to have a darker skin tone doesn’t mean our cultures, histories, languages, values, aren’t different? Why is there this reticence to the racial divide? Can healing take place?

The story goes like this a young South Asian man fell in love with a young African American woman woman at his workplace. After the courtship the couple had a child and got married. However, tragedy emerges when the black wife is brutally murdered. Rumors are swirling in Atlanta that the father of the South Asian man was the mastermind behind the murder here is the link:

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

3 responses to “South Asian Man’s Black Wife Allegedly Murdered By His Father”

  1. indigoblu says :

    (Please post this one intead of the other…few typos)
    This is a very tragic story, but it is not, in the least, surprising. It is obvious that black people are the most looked down upon people (generally) in the world. Nobody (white, Asian, Latino, Indian, and other) typically wants their son or daughter to marry outside their race but most defiantly not a black. African Americans most often are looked down upon by other black Africans and are often at the bottom in a long list of blacks all over the world. For example, my bf is habesha (Ethiopian) and I am African American; we have run into many ignorant situations with other habesha people who did not like their kind dating an African American —even though I come from a decent family (and all the other things you may imagine one may look into before considering dating and/or marriage) but that does not seem to matter; it just matters that I am African American. White is more acceptable, maybe even other Africans, but not African American. I only hope that the killer(s) of this woman is bought to justice. Even in all this sadness, the world is still a beautiful place because of people who stand by and live for cohesiveness, understanding, and love; they do still exist.

  2. Singh Kutoka Kenya says :

    This is a very very sad story I heard.

    Not acceptable in any way.

    I am a Sikh from Africa (Kenya) and have this thing for black, dark women.

    I reckon I will end up marrying a black woman as a wife.

    I would choose a black woman over another race anyday. Even if presented with an opportunity to choose an Indian or Black woman. I would hands down choose a black woman over an Indian anyday.

    Maybe its just built in me.

    Long live my reign and Love for my black women.


  3. sabrina says :

    I am a black american woman who is college educated single working for a fortune 500 company in silicone valley california and I became friends with a co worker who is sikh indian he confessed that he was in love with me I admitted to him that I love him too we started a serious relationship and he is the best thing that ever happened to me we instantly formed a bond were close so close that we have talked about marriage and how his family and friends will react I decided I did not want him to make a choice between me and them so we keep our relationship private we’ve been together a year its going well I’m happy so I don’t mind I sacrificed my needs for what’s better for our relationship his heart belongs to me and we don’t invite people into our relationship it works for us

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