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South Asian Man’s Black Wife Allegedly Murdered By His Father

Oh my goodness I just heard about a tragic tale about interracial love that ended in murder in Atlanta. When people talk about racial tensions it is usually between people of colour and the majority. Yet the question has to be asked, why does the public ignore the racism between communities of colour? For instance, in Canada and the United States there is racial tension between the blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Native American communities.

In the Caribbean, in Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana the racial tensions between the blacks and South Asian populations are intense. Just because blacks and South Asians tend to have a darker skin tone doesn’t mean our cultures, histories, languages, values, aren’t different? Why is there this reticence to the racial divide? Can healing take place?

The story goes like this a young South Asian man fell in love with a young African American woman woman at his workplace. After the courtship the couple had a child and got married. However, tragedy emerges when the black wife is brutally murdered. Rumors are swirling in Atlanta that the father of the South Asian man was the mastermind behind the murder here is the link:


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