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Williams Sisters Lose At The French Open, the sky is falling according to critics.

My goodness as usual whenever the Williams Sisters lose at a grand slam event the reporters recycle the same doom and gloom. It is the same photocopied resume of lack of commitment to the game or their focus isn’t on tennis. The truth is Venus and Serena simply lost yesterday because their opponents played better. Every tennis champion loses Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Pete Sampras, and Andre Agassi all lost early in grand slams during their careers.

I wonder do some of these journalist simply Xerox their old articles and paste them? The record keeps on repeating over and over again. The journalists are regurgitating the same bullshit. The Williams Sisters are the greatest champions of their generation.

Oracene Price the mother and coach of the Williams Sisters isn’t helping her daughters by making crude comments to the press. Ms. Price’s egregious comments are counter productive she should have a positive attitude and defend her daughters.

Here are some quotes from Ms. Price on Serena’s performance yesterday:

“She doesn’t have the mind-set right now,” Price said, shaking her head. “Her confidence isn’t there. I’m really trying to figure this out.”

“She hasn’t been herself the last couple of weeks, since Rome. I have no idea what it is; she’s not telling me. She got deep in a funk (Thursday, in the second round), the same attitude as now.

“She’s really hurting about this one,” Price added.

Why is Ms. Price providing the ammunition to the media? It doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps Ms. Price is a part of the problem?

Why is Ms. Price baiting the media and giving them the dirt they want? Richard Williams may not be perfect but he would never bash his own daughters in the press like Ms. Price has. Mr. Williams has always been very positive about his daughters when they win or lose. Mr. Williams has always provided positive reinforcement.

Venus and Serena changed women’s tennis they also have won fourteen grand slam singles titles. Venus and Serena have the speed, power, explosiveness, few women can match on the tennis court. Monica Seles started the power game but the Williams Sisters elevated the game to a higher level. When Venus and Serena do decide to retire there will be a serious void in Women’s Tennis. Venus and Serena proved you don’t have to be white and rich to become multiple grand slam tennis champions. The Williams Sisters are legends and deserve more respect.

The former world number one Justine Henin is a coward and a quitter the Williams Sisters aren’t quitting. Whenever things get rough Justine Henin displays the same poor sportsmanship. Does anyone remember the 2006 Australian Open women’s final between Henin and Amelie Mauresmo? Henin’s behavior was abhorrent and disgraceful. Henin’s mysterious retirement also has people talking on various blogs. I find Henin’s retirement suspicious. Now if Henin has indeed burned out it just demonstrates how mentally weak she really is. John McEnroe continues too call Henin a “fighter” but she’s not she’s a “quitter.”

Venus and Serena are women’s tennis without them the sport is boring. When the Williams Sisters retire I won’t bother with watching ladies tennis because the new players are bland personalities. Nobody cares about Svetlana Kuznetsova, Ana Ivanovic, and Jelena Jankovic. I remember the 1990s when Monica Seles, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Jana Novotna, Gabriela Sabatini, Mary Pierce were playing they were exciting to watch.

I won’t bother to check out the rest of the French Open because I don’t really care about the French Open anyway. The French Open is the most boring grand slam. The rallies are too long and the excitement just isn’t there. Maybe Venus and Serena won’t be number one anymore but I don’t think they care about that.

Venus and Serena love tennis and they love to win. Have people already forgotten the Williams Sisters won 2 out of the 4 grand slams last year? Clay is the Williams Sisters worst surface. I was more surprised that Serena lost because she was playing well this spring. Venus loss is no surprise the French Open is only her second event since April. Wimbledon is around the corner and I am sure Venus and Serena will be fired up to do well on the fast grass courts in England.


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