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Roger & Serena Lose In The Quarterfinals Of Rome & Berlin !!!

Yesterday was a rough day for me, Roger Federer and Serena Williams were defeated in the quarterfinals of the Italian and German Open tennis events. I am so shocked Roger and Serena lost! I am stunned! I just assumed that Roger and Serena would brush aside their opponents and advance to the semifinals. Roger lost to Radek Stefanek 7-6 7-6 at the Italian Open. Roger is still struggling to find his championship form Roger has now lost six matches this year. In the year 2007 Roger only lost nine matches for the entire year! I don’t think Roger is in decline I just believe he will return to glory because he’s too great a champion to stay in this slump for much longer.

I was very disappointed because Rafael Nadal lost to fellow Spaniard Juan Carlos Ferraro in the second round on Wednesday. Nadal rarely loses on clay I thought it would be a huge opportunity for Roger to finally win the Italian Open. I still have faith that Roger will turn his year around.Roger is playing well on clay but he’s such a great champion I am confident he will find his way back. The good news for Roger is since Rafael Nadal lost in the third round at the Italian Open he actually extends his lead as the world number one. Nadal lost a ton of points because he won Rome last year.

Dinara Safina defeated Serena in a tense three set match 2-6 6-1 7-6. Safina is a solid player ranked number 17 in the world on the WTA Tour. Safina also upset world number one Justine Henin 5-7 6-3 6-1 in the third round on Thursday. Safina has never produced such high quality wins I was shocked.

One of the things I love about Serena is she is so real! Serena lets tennis fans know about the tacky behavior on the WTA Tour. According to Serena’s blog entry from her website some of the WTA players had a celebration after her loss yesterday. Serena is a great champion and she should hold her head high. Yes, Serena lost yesterday but it is not the end of the world. I am so pleased Serena is playing a full schedule this year. Safina was lucky too beat Serena because she clearly was off yesterday making a ton of unforced errors. According to Serena the other WTA players had a celebration after she lost. Serena just needs to hold her head up high and forget about the haters on the WTA. Serena is a champion and she will bounce back like she always does.

Serena’s blog entry from WWW.SERENAWILLIAMS.COM

Serena Looks Ahead

Well Guys I Lost Today,

I played like garbage! It was a horrible display of unforced errors and simply girl gone MAD!!! (I was the girl gone mad)

Anyways my opponent did play her heart out, in a way I am glad I lost to her instead of in Rolland Garros. I really want to do good there, and this has been a wake up call for me. I can’t play bad and expect to do well; tomorrow I will be hitting the practice courts and training until my legs go out. I am not a fan of losing, so I have to find a way to stop this from happening.

It was funny when I lost I was in the locker room and I could hear the entire players lounge really loud like really happy and joyous. Like down goes the champ! Someone beat her!!! It was like a big hoopla…. I just smiled to myself thinking you just wait… just wait……


Is Angelina Jolie Too Cheap To Comb Zahara’s Hair?

My goodness, every single time I see Angelina Jolie’s daughter Zahara, I feel sorry for the child. Why does girlfriend’s hair have to look so whack? Zahara is a beautiful young girl, yet Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt obviously don’t care about Zahara’s hair. Why is Zahara’s hair always so messy? Jolie and Pitt are multi millionaires, they can find qualified black hair stylists in Los Angeles. Jolie and Pitt have the cash they can learn how to comb the girl’s hair properly!!!

Jolie and Pitt have no excuses they have the resources to provide proper hair care for Zahara. When I see the other children Jolie and Pitt have and their hair is always groomed and styled properly except Zahara. The question is why? Are Jolie and Pitt afraid to ask for help? Don’t Jolie and Pitt know Zahara’s hair is messy?

I don’t have a problem with people adopting children outside of their own race because every child deserves to be loved and taken care of. However, when people adopt a black child it is important for the parents to do their homework. The parents should research and learn about the culture of the black child and this includes proper hair care.

Let me be blunt, when I see Zahara with her frizzy hair  it  appears  Jolie and Pitt don’t care about their daughter. Maybe I am wrong, with my assessment, but please comb the girl’s hair!

Sylvia Plath & Anne Sexton Two Confessional Poets

Confessional poetry is autobiographical, and is based on the life experiences of the poet. Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath deserve credit for revolutionizing the art of poetry writing during the mid twentieth century. I believe due to Sexton and Plath’s incredible poems, most of the poems published now tends to be “confessional poetry”.

My first book, “You Don’t Know Me”, is an example of confessional poetry. I was writing about my life experiences that were  painful, but it was so cathartic to express the pain through writing. I felt a lot better after I wrote about the depression, the suicide attempts, the unhappiness in my life.

When I look back at the dark poems in “You Don’t Know Me” they are like  photographs, snapshots, in time in my life when I needed to express the misery. I needed to experience the pain  in order to move on.

In Women’s Studies, the topic of female vulnerability is often discussed and I wonder if people like it when women are “vulnerable”?

Some art critics hate confessional poetry, because they consider confessional poetry to be a form of self loathing. Is confessional poetry art or harmful to the written word? Life isn’t perfect though life is messy, filled with ups and downs. Shouldn’t poetry reflect this fact that our lives can sometimes have moments of unhappiness and despair?

My viewpoint is, one of the reasons confessional poetry is so popular is because it is much easier to write than inspirational poetry. We all have life experiences and we can tap into these experiences and create poems. Some poetry critics believe confessional poetry is  pathetic for the poet to express his or her`s demons into the poems.  I strongly disagree that confessional poetry is not true art. I must confess, I love free verse and I don`t like traditional forms of poetry.

The quandary for Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton is, they are more “famous” for committing suicide than for  their poetry. The word “suicide” is often attached to them. The word “suicide” is such a loaded controversial term, because people have divergent views on this incendiary issue.

I honestly believe the pain and the grief was so unbearable for both Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath that they believed suicide was their only option.  In the mid twentieth century, there weren’t a lot of therapies, anti depressants, or treatments available for people suffering from mental illness.

Does it matter that Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath committed suicide? Should it matter to the reader? Should Plath and Sexton be known for the fact they both ended their lives prematurely? Does this fascinate the public and why?

Sylvia Plath committed suicide by sticking her head in an oven in 1963. Plath died at the tender age of thirty,  she was a mother of two young children. Plath had tremendous success with her poetry although she is best known for her autobiographical novel “The Bell Jar”.

According to a biography I read, Anne Sexton was fascinated by Sylvia Plath’s suicide. In fact, Anne Sexton  wrote a poem about her friend’s death. Sexton was also famous in the literary world during the 1960s and 1970s. Sexton won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry for her powerful collection of poetry “Live Or Die” in 1967.

Anne Sexton chose death she committed suicide at the age of forty five in 1974. Sexton locked herself in her garage started the engine of her car and committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning . Suicide, death, depression, unhappiness, are the ingredients of confessional poetry.

Sometimes I wonder if these themes in poetry are healthy for the reading audience? Should death, suicide, despair, and unhappiness be explored in art? Or should poetry be about more traditional themes like couplets & haiku’s ? Sometimes I wonder if poetry was a form of catharsis for Sexton and Plath because they both experienced so much grief in their lives?

My perspective is, perhaps the reason people are interested in Sexton and Plath’s poetry because some readers can see the veracity in their work. Maybe deep inside the minds of the readers they believe through the “poetry” are the answers to solve their questions about Sexton and Plath’s mental breakdowns?

Everyone loves drama it seems, and maybe people aren’t that interested in reading “inspirational poetry”. I honestly believe writing “uplifting poetry” is much harder than writing “confessional poetry”.

Despite Sexton and Plath tremendous success in the literary world they were both mothers during a time when America was in transition from post world war II to the capitalist world.  Does the public like to read poetry about death and self loathing because people want to “capture” the emotions of the poet?

I wonder if readers “pity” Sexton and Plath because they were unable to overcome their mental breakdowns? Do readers honestly respect both women due to their literary talents or are they “attracted” to the fact both committed suicide so young?


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