James Blake Is Still A Choker Upset In Houston Clay Court Final!!!

Perhaps it is time James Blake schedule an appointment with a sports psychologist? Maybe James needs a new coach? I think Richard Williams could really help James Blake reach the next level. I believe James Blake’s name needs to be changed to James Flake because clearly James needs his head examined. I hear Serena Williams is a good friend of James Blake maybe James should consult and talk to Serena? James Blake needs to have a serious discussion with Serena because she knows him very well.

I mean seriously, Serena is a champion she knows how to win in difficult situations. Serena never lets the pressure overwhelm her but James Blake always does. Once again James had one of his typical brain freezes. It is obvious that James Blake freezes when the pressure is on to win. Once again James Blake proves he doesn’t deserve the media attention and hype. James had a 3-0 lead in the final set of the Houston Clay Court Championships yet still lost! I think James Blake is just hopeless and a lost cause! James Blake lost to a low ranked Spaniard Marcel Granollers-Pujo 6-4 1-6 7-5.

Once again James Blake cannot seem to win a clay court event. The Houston event was basically gift wrapped for James Blake but he refused to seize the prize he refused to rise to the occasion and actually compete and win. James had zero competition this week he was the only top ten player competing in Houston this week yet he lost anyway.

Is James Blake the male Anna Kournikova? Anna Kournikova was just a pretty flake that received far too much attention and she never won any grand slam singles titles. James Blake is similar he has accomplished virtually nothing except promoting himself to the media. Blake has already been on the cover of Men’s Vogue, he has numerous endorsements, appearance fees, a best selling memoir, yet he still has not won a grand slam.

What is the justification for the hype James Blake receives? Let’s be honest here what has Blake really accomplished in terms of achievement in men’s tennis? The truth is people don’t want to admit the real reason James Blake receives so much attention and it has absolutely nothing to do with tennis. I wonder why people are afraid to speak out about this flake?

The European players David Ferrer, Tommy Robredo, and Nikolay Davydenko are much more mentally tough and consistent then James Blake yet they also don’t receive the same amount of attention. The question remains why? What is so special about James Blake he loses all the time?

Blake hasn’t even reached a grand slam final he has done nothing spectacular on the ATP Tour except lose in incredible ways. James Blake is the king choker on the ATP Tour. It is such a disgrace that the media continue to compare this choke job flake to the great Arthur Ashe. Maliviai Washington was a smaller man then James Blake but he had more heart. Malivai was a fighter and James Blake is a quitter.

Thank goodness Donald Young the eighteen year old black tennis prodigy is already in the ATP Tour top 100. I believe Donald will become a champion he hates to lose and he has a lot of grit and fighting spirit. James Blake is the opposite he doesn’t mind losing he’s always been ambivalent about winning.

In a pathetic match the low ranked player Marcel Granollers-Pujol defeated James Blake 6-4 1-6 7-5. Blake proves he simply cannot handle any pressure at all. Anytime James is “supposed” to win he finds a way to lose. All James Blake can do is be pretty, garner media attention for his sob stories, and lose high profile ATP Tour matches. The ATP Tour promotes James Blake as a symbol of diversity but this guy is total cotton candy he has no balls. Malivai Washington is not only attractive he was a winner! Maliviai maximized his potential perhaps this is all Blake will accomplish? Blake hasn’t done anything on the big states he hasn’t advanced beyond the quarterfinals of a grand slam event. Blake loses time and time again to the other top players.

There is absolutely no excuse for Blake to lose today but he proves once again he is the ultimate underachiever in the ATP Tour top ten. Last month James Blake lost to an eighteen year old Japanese kid. James Blake proves the ATP Tour rankings don’t tell the full story. Blake may be consistent enough to be top ten but he also is extremely overrated and just doesn’t deserve any media attention until he produces the results.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

3 responses to “James Blake Is Still A Choker Upset In Houston Clay Court Final!!!”

  1. Geoff Trowbridge says :

    I’m not sure why you see the need to ascribe some sort of sinister motives behind James Blake’s popularity. It’s a plain and simple fact: He’s the second-best men’s tennis player in North America, behind Andy Roddick (who himself is a bit of a choke artist). Isn’t that reason enough? Why read more into it than what the facts clearly show?

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Blake’s results are satisfactory but he’s not a contender the media should be honest and just tell the truth. Blake is a pretender he has never advanced beyond the quarterfinals of a grand slam event he’s a major underachiever. James Blake is a career quarterfinalist.

  3. erin says :

    James is an excellent player. He chokes because of his nerves it happens.

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