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Does Television Present A Positive Image Of Lesbian Love?

Portia De Rossi is a beautiful sexy woman and a talented actress. The first time I saw Portia was in the Australian independent film “Sirens” when Portia still had an Australian accent. I was delighted in the late 1990s when Portia became a major television star on Ally McBeal and continued her success with Arrested Development. I have to admit I am surprised Portia agreed to be on the FX network show Nip/Tuck. Portia is a solid actress I think Portia and British actress Joely Richardson have good chemistry. A part of me wonders though if the producers of Nip/Tuck had another reason for casting Portia on the show? Was it just stunt casting?

Tennis Goddess Venus Williams Takes A Break From WTA Tour

The media hysteria around six time grand slam champion Venus Williams is simply incredible. Venus never said she was retiring all Venus said is she needs some time away from the WTA tour to deal with a medical issue. It is well known Venus has anemia she is simply doesn’t have the strength she once had. I also feel Venus is too thin she looks so tired on the tennis court this year. Anemia is a medical issue Venus had discussed before she just doesn’t have the energy right now to compete at the highest level. I am glad Venus has decided to make her health the top priority. Venus is a champion and champions don’t like mediocore results.

Venus has always had a slender build but girlfriend looks rail thin these days. At the US Open last year I know why Venus lost to Justine Henin she was physically and psychologically exhausted. Venus had an intense match with the Serb Jelena Jankovic and she didn’t have enough time to recapture her form. Venus still fought hard against Henin but she was dizzy and not 110% percent.

2008 has been unsatisfactory by Venus Williams high standards. Yes, Venus reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open on her sheer talent she  managed to win four matches in straight sets. I wasn’t impressed with Venus play I could tell she lacked energy Venus appeared very sluggish and slow. Venus also had dismal results in the Middle East losing to a low ranked player. Venus had more strange results she lost in the first round of Memphis to some  teenager ranked outside of the top 100. The Memphis loss is the worst loss of Venus Williams stellar career.  In India Venus played well reaching the semifinals only to lose to Serena. In Miami, Venus just wasn’t feeling right she lost to Svetlana Kuznetsova in the quarterfinals. I knew something was wrong with Venus. I am glad Venus has made the decision to take the month of April off. Venus hopes to return in May for the Italian Open and perhaps the French Open. Get well Venus!


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