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Roger Advances To Semifinals Of Monte Carlo!!!

Today was a big test for world number one Roger Federer and he passed defeating David Nalbandian 5-7 6-2 6-2 to advance to the semifinals of the Monte Carlo Masters. Nalbandian defeated Roger twice last year in Madrid and Paris so this was a revenge win for the world number one! After losing the first set Roger just got stronger and stronger Go Roger!

Listen To Arsalan Iftikhar On NPR “Tell Me More” Barbershop Segment Every Friday!

Listen to Arsalan Iftikhar on Michel Martin’s NPR radio program “Tell Me More” every Friday during the “barbershop” segment. Arsalan is also a political commentator and he’s often on CNN, FOX News, and various other networks. The barbershop segment is really great because it is a segment for men  to talk about politics and pop culture.

Isn’t Arsalan gorgeous? I love Arsalan’s voice he is so sexy! Arsalan is the legal director for CAIR, he is also a contributing editor to Islamica Magazine. Arsalan is a Pakistani American and he is also a lawyer. Arsalan is a breath of fresh air he’s so witty, cute, intelligent, and he’s a big supporter of Senator Barack Obama!! Too bad Arsalan is straight though lol!

Roger Advances To Monte Carlo Masters Quarterfinals

Yesterday Roger was down 5-1 in the third set and he almost lost his second round match. Today, in the third round Roger was confident as he rolled past Frenchman Gael Monfils 6-3 6-4 and easily advanced to the Monte Carlo Masters quarterfinals. Roger’s forehand was clicking today and he also served strongly as well. Roger’s opponent tomorrow is the Argentine player David Nalbandian he destroyed Spaniard Tommy Robredo 6-1 6-0. Roger has a tough match tomorrow that’s for sure.

Is Rafael Nadal The Male Arantxa Sanchez Vicario?

If you look at the Spanish tennis star  Arantxa Sanchez Vicario’s tennis career you will notice she was dominant on the slow red clay. Arantxa is a three time French Open champion and reached the finals in Paris six times. Rafael Nadal is also from Spain and he is also a three time French Open champion. In terms of playing style if you remember Arantxa was very fast and quick just like Rafael he gets a lot of balls back. On the clay Arantxa and Rafael force their opponents into errors and don’t go for too much.

The difference is Arantxa was an excellent doubles player she won multiple doubles and mixed doubles grand slam championships. Rafael still doesn’t volley that well. Arantxa was also number one on the WTA Tour in singles and doubles simultaneously in the 1990s.

Rafael and Arantxa both reached the Wimbledon finals twice and also lost twice in the finals. Arantxa lost to Steffi Graf in 1995 and 1996. In 1995 the final was very close Arantxa served for the match at 5-4 in the third set but her serve just wasn’t big enough. Rafael Nadal was very close to winning Wimbledon last year but he choked against Roger Federer losing the final set 6-2. Of course, a major difference between Rafael Nadal and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario is size I believe Arantxa maximized her potential she managed to win four slams but she also was only five foot six. Rafael Nadal is a big man he’s six foot one yet the guy has one of the slowest serves in men’s tennis.

Rafael is a natural right hander yet he serves left handed maybe this is the problem? If you look at Rafael Nadal’s serve you will notice that Venus, Serena, Lindsay Davenport, Maria Sharapova, and Justine Henin actually have bigger serves. Serena and Venus can serve over 129 miles per hour. Justine Henin can serve over 120 miles per hour if she wants to. Rafael Nadal spins his serves in at 90 to 110 miles per hour.

There Are No Boundaries To Lesbianism

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet that Sex & The City star Cynthia Nixon’s partner the education activist Christine Marinoni isn’t physical “attractive”. It is true obviously Christine isn’t as “pretty” as Cynthia and maybe that’s the point. Maybe Cynthia doesn’t care about looks?

I guess the old saying is true love is blind. I guess Christine must have a heart of gold. Maybe Cynthia sees something in Christine that nobody else sees someone that loves her and respects her. I was thinking perhaps this has to do with the fact in the lesbian community looks don’t matter as much as the mainstream and gay male communities?

It appears to me that the lesbian communities are more egalitarian. Lesbian culture don’t seems so superficial as gay male culture. In the gay male communities it is all about designer clothes, designer homes, designer bags, being rich and looking perfect. How can I possibly compete? Why should I even bother trying? Maybe if it was possible I should cross over to lesbianism? LOL! I am so sick of gay male culture sometimes! I am so sick of gay men they are so pretentious!

Honestly, look at Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres based on appearances Portia is clearly more physically stunning then Ellen. Ellen is also fifteen years older then Portia some people say they are using each other. Some internet blogs suggest that Portia is dating Ellen for social status and money and Ellen is dating Portia because she is young, beautiful, and sexually attractive. Another theory is Portia makes Ellen look good. Honestly, doesn’t anyone wonder how someone as unattractive as Ellen can obtain such sexy hot girlfriends?

Ellen DeGeneres is not a good looking woman compared to Portia De Rossi. Portia is young, slim, beautiful, feminine, and a great actress and she has excellent fashion sense. Ellen is a butch lesbian she dresses very masculine she tends to wear suits and doesn’t seem to care about her appearance.

Maybe it is a good thing in the lesbian community you don’t have to be fit, or young, or be in the best shape to have a partner. In the gay male community looks are so important and youth is also placed on a pedestal as well.

There is an intense pressure in the gay male community to look “perfect” to have the rock hard abs, the chiseled body, the toned legs, the shiny teeth, perfect hair, and face. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a lesbian for a day ? I don’t get the sense that being “thin” or having the “perfect body” is important in the lesbian community.

I could be wrong but that’s the assumption that I have. I am serious, if it was physically possible to become a lesbian for a day would it be easier for me to find a partner? In the lesbian world it seems looks don’t matter at all you don’t have to be physically attractive and in perfect shape all that matters is having a nice personality it seems.

Hillary Clinton Victory In Pennsylvania Proves Race More Important Than Gender

Although Senator Hillary Clinton continues to play the game of being the classic white female victim and underdog she still won the Pennsylvania primary last night. Some white feminists will complain about “how hard” they have it even though they have access to white skin privilege, the mythical norm, and the marriage market. The truth is race is the deciding factor in this campaign because race trumps gender. Black feminist bell hooks reminds us “race always matters”.

According to the 2006 USA census the United States has over 221 million white Americans which accounts for 73.9% of the total USA population. Another important fact is the United States also has 23 million white Hispanics add in the white Hispanics the USA white majority is even larger. The reason Barack Obama didn’t win California was due the white Latinos. The United States has a bizarre racial classification system where white Hispanics are not counted with the white majority. What is the difference between a white Cuban, a white Puerto Rican, and a white Italian? For instance, Christina Aguilera, Daisy Fuentes, and Cameron Diaz are examples of white Latinos they have the white skin and the long blonde hair.

The mainstream media are attacking Barack Obama calling him an “Uppity Negro” too distant from the masses. I just laugh because if Barack was too “pro black” the white mainstream media would be screaming he’s “too black” and now they are saying he’s not “black enough”.

When the media discuss Hillary Clinton they focus on “gender” while ignoring race which is perfidious. Race matters in this campaign more then ever and to ignore race is to ignore reality. What about Hillary Clinton? Why is Hillary Clinton’s “whiteness” never challenged? Why does the racist Occident act as though Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a racial background? Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly poor the Clintons are multi millionaires in fact they have over $100 million dollars in the bank. Hillary Clinton also was on the board of Walmart for six years. Hillary Clinton’s class status is never disputed of course since she is aligned with the mythical norm.

Also, Hillary Clinton has more support from the super delegates then Barack Obama. I sincerely hope the African American people are paying close attention the dirty race baiting tactics of the Clintons and consider other political options. Perhaps it is time for African Americans to form their own political party or become independents?

The Democratic Party has no respect for black people this is obvious the racist comments made about Barack Obama by Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Geraldine Ferraro and others proves this. The Democratic Party are stunned that Barack Obama doesn’t know “his place” he’s supposed to sit at the “back of the bus” and not want “leadership roles”. Hillary Clinton also made an offensive statement that she thought Barack Obama could be a good “vice president”. Thank goodness, Barack shut Hillary Clinton down.

The decision for the Democratic party will come at the Denver Convention this summer. Bill Clinton the patriarch and former United States president is an active participant in this campaign. It must be so hard for Hillary Clinton after all, she has a husband that is a former United States president with international star power, money, and deep political ties. Hillary Clinton’s success is based on aligning herself with patriarchy and of course gathering resources from the white heterosexual man.

The truth is Hillary Clinton’s victory last night proves race is more important then gender. Also, Hillary Clinton has benefited from her husband’s powerful political ties she didn’t earn her success the hard way on her own. Hillary Clinton also has access to patriarchy. Hillary Clinton already had eight years in the White House so I don’t see why this lady is viewed as some beacon of light.

Roger Stages Dramatic Comeback In Monte Carlo Advances To Third Round!!!

My goodness, today the supreme world number one Roger Federer should of lost today to Spanish clay court specialist Ruben Ramirez-Hidalgo. I admire Roger’s effort today he was gliding and sliding on the slow red clay refusing to give up. Now of course, some people will say Ruben choked the match but I believe Roger won the match. Ruben let a 5-1 lead slip in the final set he also had a 5-4 30-15 lead he was two points from upsetting the great Roger Federer. Isn’t Roger just wonderful and amazing? Roger refused to give up he fought so hard to get back into the match I commend his fighting spirit.

However, Roger refused to give up he clawed his way back into the match for a dramatic 6-1 3-6 7-6 victory. Roger did make a ton of unforced errors but he also served and volleyed a lot in the match. Ramirez-Hidalgo is a Spanish clay court specialist and on the clay the Spaniards are just dangerous. Hidalgo reached the French Open fourth round before he can play on the slow red clay. Roger should be proud of himself that he was able to squeak through this match but he needs to play better in the next round.

Gabrielle Union Is So Hot!!!!

I swear Gabrielle Union can make a gay man go straight! I just love her! Gabrielle is the perfect woman she is so sexy, intelligent, hardworking and just a wonderful actress and woman!

James Blake Is Still A Choker Upset In Houston Clay Court Final!!!

Perhaps it is time James Blake schedule an appointment with a sports psychologist? Maybe James needs a new coach? I think Richard Williams could really help James Blake reach the next level. I believe James Blake’s name needs to be changed to James Flake because clearly James needs his head examined. I hear Serena Williams is a good friend of James Blake maybe James should consult and talk to Serena? James Blake needs to have a serious discussion with Serena because she knows him very well.

I mean seriously, Serena is a champion she knows how to win in difficult situations. Serena never lets the pressure overwhelm her but James Blake always does. Once again James had one of his typical brain freezes. It is obvious that James Blake freezes when the pressure is on to win. Once again James Blake proves he doesn’t deserve the media attention and hype. James had a 3-0 lead in the final set of the Houston Clay Court Championships yet still lost! I think James Blake is just hopeless and a lost cause! James Blake lost to a low ranked Spaniard Marcel Granollers-Pujo 6-4 1-6 7-5.

Once again James Blake cannot seem to win a clay court event. The Houston event was basically gift wrapped for James Blake but he refused to seize the prize he refused to rise to the occasion and actually compete and win. James had zero competition this week he was the only top ten player competing in Houston this week yet he lost anyway.

Is James Blake the male Anna Kournikova? Anna Kournikova was just a pretty flake that received far too much attention and she never won any grand slam singles titles. James Blake is similar he has accomplished virtually nothing except promoting himself to the media. Blake has already been on the cover of Men’s Vogue, he has numerous endorsements, appearance fees, a best selling memoir, yet he still has not won a grand slam.

What is the justification for the hype James Blake receives? Let’s be honest here what has Blake really accomplished in terms of achievement in men’s tennis? The truth is people don’t want to admit the real reason James Blake receives so much attention and it has absolutely nothing to do with tennis. I wonder why people are afraid to speak out about this flake?

The European players David Ferrer, Tommy Robredo, and Nikolay Davydenko are much more mentally tough and consistent then James Blake yet they also don’t receive the same amount of attention. The question remains why? What is so special about James Blake he loses all the time?

Blake hasn’t even reached a grand slam final he has done nothing spectacular on the ATP Tour except lose in incredible ways. James Blake is the king choker on the ATP Tour. It is such a disgrace that the media continue to compare this choke job flake to the great Arthur Ashe. Maliviai Washington was a smaller man then James Blake but he had more heart. Malivai was a fighter and James Blake is a quitter.

Thank goodness Donald Young the eighteen year old black tennis prodigy is already in the ATP Tour top 100. I believe Donald will become a champion he hates to lose and he has a lot of grit and fighting spirit. James Blake is the opposite he doesn’t mind losing he’s always been ambivalent about winning.

In a pathetic match the low ranked player Marcel Granollers-Pujol defeated James Blake 6-4 1-6 7-5. Blake proves he simply cannot handle any pressure at all. Anytime James is “supposed” to win he finds a way to lose. All James Blake can do is be pretty, garner media attention for his sob stories, and lose high profile ATP Tour matches. The ATP Tour promotes James Blake as a symbol of diversity but this guy is total cotton candy he has no balls. Malivai Washington is not only attractive he was a winner! Maliviai maximized his potential perhaps this is all Blake will accomplish? Blake hasn’t done anything on the big states he hasn’t advanced beyond the quarterfinals of a grand slam event. Blake loses time and time again to the other top players.

There is absolutely no excuse for Blake to lose today but he proves once again he is the ultimate underachiever in the ATP Tour top ten. Last month James Blake lost to an eighteen year old Japanese kid. James Blake proves the ATP Tour rankings don’t tell the full story. Blake may be consistent enough to be top ten but he also is extremely overrated and just doesn’t deserve any media attention until he produces the results.

Serena Wins 31st WTA Tour Title The Family Circle Cup!!!

Tennis goddess Serena Williams proves once again she is the most mentally tough player on the WTA Tour. Serena has won three consecutive WTA Tour titles in a row in India, Miami, and now Charleston. Serena has a 19-1 record this year on the WTA Tour. The key for Serena is to remain healthy I think Serena is really motivated by her success.

It is kind of hard to believe Serena’s victory over Russian Vera Zvonareva today at the Family Circle Cup is only her third WTA tour title on clay. The final result was never in doubt Serena is a winner she is an incredible champion and the best player of her generation on the WTA Tour. Serena has won all four grand slams she is better then Martina Hingis, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Justine Henin, and Lindsay Davenport. When Serena plays at her highest level no other woman on the WTA tour can compete with her. Also this week Serena hit her biggest serve ever at 129 miles per hour.

Serena’s victory at the Family Circle Cup is her first clay court title since winning the 2002 French Open. Serena’s ranking will rise to number six in the new WTA rankings on Monday. Although the slow clay courts isn’t Serena’s favorite surface she proved this week she can win on clay. The victory will give Serena a lot of confidence heading into the European clay court events.

Serena fought very hard to win today she is such a great champion and a fighter. Serena never ever quits or gives up. Serena’s determination and desire to win is incredible. Vera Zvonareva pushed Serena to the limit but Serena prevailed 6-4 3-6 6-3. Serena had a solid week she won three tough three set matches including a great quarterfinal victory over world number four Maria Sharapova. It is obvious when Serena is healthy, motivated, and confident she is the best player on the WTA Tour. Serena is so fired up and serious now. Well done Serena!


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