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Eighty One Canadian Soldiers Have Died In Afghanistan Is The Mission Worth It?


Sergent Jason Boyles is the eighty first Canadian soldier to have died in Afghanistan. Boyles was only thirty two years of age from Lake Lynn Manitoba he was too young to die. According to media reports Boyles family is devastated by the news. Sgt. Boyles was also married and had a daughter. Stephen Harper is still the Prime Minister of Canada. What have the Canadian soldiers accomplished in Afghanistan other then ending up dying and buried in caskets? Prime Minister Harper is exploiting the young Canadian soldiers for political gain due to his lust for political power. Canada has no business in Afghanistan let the United Nations deal with Afghanistan.

Harper has a minority government but over the past few years he’s acted as though he has a majority. The Liberal party lead by the incompetent Stephane Dion continues to keep Harper in power. Perhaps former NDP leader Bob Rae should be the new Liberal leader? Rae is a recognized face in Canadian politics he’s well spoken, intelligent, he has the political experience. The Canadian public knows Bob Rae I think Stephane Dion is still unknown. I think Stephane Dion needs to be removed immediately he has proven he cannot challenge Stephen Harper.

A new poll also states that the Conservative Party is still in the lead with 38%, the Liberals hare at 27%, the NDP 14%, and the Green party hold 12% support of decided voters. Dion is clearly sinking the Liberal party into quicksand and losing the respect of the Canadian public.

Dion talks tough but he sounds like a frightened mouse and is basically a silent ally to Harper. Dion’s Liberals have allowed an extension of the Afghanistan mission until the year 2011. According to polls 80% of Canadians are opposed to the soldiers remaining in Afghanistan after the year 2009.

In Ottawa Dion pretends to present this image as a strong leader yet he is also a culprit he bends to Stephen Harper’s every wish. The Liberals fear an election because they don’t want their numbers to decimate. However, the longer the Liberal party keeps Harper in power the stronger Harper becomes.

Prime Minister Harper has manipulated the Canadian public into thinking the mission in Afghanistan is noble and pure. Some Canadians believe it is patriotic that Canadian soldiers are working to repair the troubled nation. I think Afghanistan is a precarious place the Taliban regime reigns supreme as more young Canadians die. The Liberal party lead by the incompetent Stephane Dion and it is time for Dion to be removed. Bob Rae could be the new leader of the Liberal party because Dion has proven he is insipid and fragile.


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