Gabrielle Union Should Be A Bigger Star


Gabrielle Union doesn’t just walk she floats, her megawatt smile, her  intelligence, sophistication, talent, beauty, is extraordinary. Gabrielle Union should be a bigger star. Neo Ned, Gabrielle’s controversial film will be released on DVD in May 2007. Visit for more details.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

9 responses to “Gabrielle Union Should Be A Bigger Star”

  1. cook2rk says :

    The only problem with Gabbi is that she can’t act. She’s pretty but she’s a mediocre actress

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I agree that Gabrielle is flawless the woman is a stunning beauty and just plain perfection! Gabrielle floats she is just so sexy! In terms of acting, I think Gabrielle can act when given t he right material. The problem for Gabrielle is she hasn’t been given much opportunities to demonstrate her range as an actress. I just hope Neo Ned is going to be released even on DVD? The most bizarre thing has taken place Neo Ned was released in early May 2008 on DVD in the United States but the movie was pulled? I contacted the producers to find out why? If you watch Neo Ned you will be stunned at Gabrielle’s incredible performance.

  3. Treach says :

    Yeah she’s underrated. She’s also given REALLY SHITTY MATERIAL. But those pictures just about made me lose my mind. She’s so gorgeous.

  4. LadyRebel says :

    there’s not enough time in this life time to truly express what an inspiration this woman is. Gabrielle Union is not only one of the most beautiful women to even inhabit this earth…she is also an amazing actress and role model…gotta love her!!!!

  5. foxx rob cleverminds says :

    gabby union , chilli, foxy brown sexiest woman alive.

  6. margaret says :

    gabby is so beautiful and talented i wish i could meet her.

  7. samiyah says :

    Gabril Union you are such a pretty girl and i love how you did that movie bring it on.How you were cusing that team out when you came that was alsome.You know how to act mean and that is good.Do you act like that in real life? I forshorely do not know but I like your clothes they are very pretty like you.YOU ARE MY NUMBER ONE FAN!I love you GABRIL UNION YOUR THE BEST!!!!

  8. lesly berrys says :

    ooooh i like that picture she was beautiful i liked

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