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Venus & Serena advance In Miami. Lindsay Davenport Is Bounced In A Shocking Upset!!!


Tennis goddesses Venus and Serena Williams rolled in their fourth round matches at the Miami Masters today. Venus dismissed Caroline Wozniacki 6-3 6-3. Serena blasted Kaia Kanepi 6-3 6-3. However, Lindsay Davenport was upset by Dinara Safina of Russia 6-3 6-4. It was a shocking result because yesterday Davenport upset world number two Ana Ivanovic in straight sets. Roger Federer won his third round match when his opponent Robin Soderling retired.

I Love India Arie!


I love India Arie her third album “Testimony Vol 1: Life & Relationship”! India Arie’s third album debut at the number one spot on Billboard in the summer of 2006. “Testimony Vol 1: Life& Relationship” has been very successful reaching platinum status and selling close to two million copies worldwide. The high debut and solid sales are very important. It demonstrated India Arie is a force in the music industry and a black woman doesn’t have to change herself to obtain record sales. India Arie is very important not just to black women but everyone and the music industry. India Arie proves you don’t have to lose your integrity or dignity to have a successful career.

Some people have tried to insult India Arie by calling her the “Oprah” of music. So what if India Arie is positive? Sometimes when I feel depressed and miserable I listen to India Arie she makes me feel better. I admire India Arie for her courage to actually think outside of the box. The music industry is all about paradigms and following trends. India Arie has found her own niche and it works for her. India Arie has her own path. I also love the fact India Arie can play the guitar she reminds me of Tracy Chapman but she is less melancholic. I wonder if India Arie will move beyond a mixture of folk and R&B and release a full length folk album?

Don’t we have enough grief in our lives and this world? What’s wrong with a little bit of love? India Arie’s music is very positive and why not? Why should music always be depressing all the time. India Arie is all about helping the public to realize we should be thankful for being alive. Since we are alive we can make changes to our lives to make it better.

There is nothing wrong with examining ourselves and questioning how we can help the world. India Arie is all about exploring the internal side of ourselves the side some people refuse to share with other people. We have feelings of darkness, pain, sadness in our lives. What’s wrong with trying to overcome the unhappiness and grief?

Another reason why I love India Arie is because she is proud of her blackness. So often in pop culture we see black women such as Mary J Blige, Tyra Banks, and Beyonce Knowles with their lace front blonde weaves. The question is what messages are these black entertainers sending to the public? Mary J Blige talks about “real love” yet girlfriend has been rocking the same blonde weave since 1992!

Its like girlfriend get a new hair style! India Arie is all about natural hair but she says its okay to wear a weave and she’s right. Everyone has a right too style their own hair anyway they want to. I am just glad India Arie exists because she is demonstrating to black people and the world that black is beautiful.

I love Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson but I must admit I don’t feel they have dealt with the internal struggles with their blackness. Why did Janet get the unnecessary nose job? Janet Jackson’s original nose is beautiful. Why has Michael had multiple nose jobs and bleached his skin yet continue to deny the truth? My sister says Janet’s nose looks jacked up. Michael Jackson is a completely different story this guy needs a therapist. India Arie is heading to Broadway this summer in New York City she will be in Ntozake Shange’s groundbreaking play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf”.

An Analysis Of Tracy Austin’s Predilection For Lindsay Davenport & Racial Bias Against The Williams Sisters!!!


Many people have wondered why did Richard Williams slam former tennis champion Tracy Austin in a recent interview? Some people will brush off Richard Williams comments as just Richard being controversial. It is true Mr. Williams was a bit inimical in his comments about Austin. Richard didn’t have to use scatological language against Tracy Austin.

However, if you dig a bit deeper there is indeed some veracity to Mr. Williams views about the American tennis expert Tracy Austin. For instance, anyone that has bothered to pay close attention to Tracy Austin knows she has an axe to grind against the Williams Sisters. Everyone knows Austin has an intense fondness for Davenport but it also demonstrates a lack of professionalism. What has Tracy Austin accomplished other then being a former teen prodigy that failed to live up to her potential? Austin burned out due to injuries and indifference to the game.

In a recent media report Davenport claims she asked Venus and Serena to play Fed Cup but both declined. First off, Lindsay Davenport has also been cruel to the Williams Sisters for many years since they were teenagers. Why should Venus and Serena support Lindsay? Venus played Fed Cup last year after she won Wimbledon. Venus only had one week to prepare for Fed Cup but she played anyway because she respects Zina Garrison. Venus also played for her country in 2005 after her stunning Wimbledon victory in 2005 as well. Serena played for the United States last year in Fed Cup in Spring 2007. Davenport has no right to insinuate that the Williams Sisters don’t support their country.

Austin doesn’t have to “like” the Williams Sisters but her complete lack of respect for Venus and Serena borders on the delusional aspect of Austin’s personality. Venus and Serena are the only Americans still consistently winning grand slam singles titles. On the ATP Tour Andy Roddick and James Blake are not slam contenders they are pretenders. On the WTA Venus and Serena may not be ranked at the very top but they are great champions and deserve our respect.

How can tennis fans take Tracy Austin’s comments seriously when she doesn’t acknowledge the fact Lindsay Davenport is a chronic underachiever and consistent choker? For many years French tennis star Amelie Mauresmo has been hammered in the media for choking the big matches. However, if you look at Lindsay Davenport’s career she’s had more opportunities then Mauresmo to win slams yet Davenport always fades into oblivion in the crucial matches. If Davenport is so great why does she only have three grand slams titles? Three slam victories is nothing special it means a player is good but this is not legendary status. I must also point out Davenport has only won the Australian, Wimbledon, and US Open events once in her career.

Tracy Austin has an intense irrational jealousy towards the Williams Sisters because they are the road blocks in Davenport’s career. Tracy Austin is so enraged when Venus and Serena consistently defeat Lindsay that she has a sad sulk on her face after the routine losses. Venus and Serena stopped Davenport from winning more grand slams because they are superior tennis players. The Williams Sisters never follow the crowd they create their own rules and it works for them. Venus and Serena don’t need to prepare for grand slams like the other women. Venus and Serena can show up at a grand slam play their way into form and destroy the competition. At the 2007 Australian Open and Wimbledon championships Serena and Venus blasted the women’s field off the court. It was a repeat of the 2005 Australian Open and Wimbledon Serena and Venus rolled over the competition.

Austin surreptitiously coats her comments with petulant remarks about the Williams Sisters she is careful not to use racial slurs but her objective is still the same. Austin has a problem with the fact the most successful American female tennis players of this generation are black women.

If you read between the lines Austin’s negativity against Venus and Serena is easy to point out. Austin is a two slam wonder she’s not even close to being as good as Venus and Serena. It is well known in the tennis world Tracy Austin is not only a hypocrite she’s also a pernicious termagant.

For instance, after Venus won Wimbledon for the fourth time Austin’s MSNBC.COM article claims Venus victory was due to “magic”. It was an insult and a backhanded complement by Austin. Since Venus has won Wimbledon four times it is not “magic” it is called “talent”. Venus joins an elite group Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King are the only other women to have won Wimbledon four times or more during the Open era.

If you ever listen to American tennis analyst Tracy Austin you know just like clockwork she will gush on and on about Lindsay Davenport. Yet Austin will never be critical of Davenport’s constant choking during the big grand slam semifinals or final matches. At the 2004 Wimbledon Davenport had a 6-2 3-1 lead against Maria Sharapova yet lost the match 2-6 7-6 6-1. At the 2004 US Open Davenport was coming off an impressive summer she won four hard court titles leading into the US Open. However, against Svetlana Kuznetsova Davenport crumbled under the pressure again losing 1-6 6-4 6-2. Davenport is known for being a chronic underachiever in the grand slams.

The most spectacular collapses in Davenport’s career was in the year 2005. For example, during the Wimbledon women’s final Davenport served for the match even had a match point but lost to Venus in the marathon match. Davenport was controlling the tempo of the match it was in her grasp yet Davenport doesn’t have the mental fortitude of the Williams Sisters. On the crucial big points as usual Davenport lost her composure and choked.

Tracy Austin was stunned that Venus won the 2005 Wimbledon she also was extremely obnoxious during the trophy presentation ceremony. Austin made excuses especially this comment “why did Lindsay have the back injury up 4-2 in the third set?”It’s not Venus problem that Lindsay got injured that’s Lindsay’s problem. All Venus can do is play her own game and she won.

Austin was just being a typical racist termagant she refused to acknowledge Venus Williams incredible fighting spirit and refusal to give up. It was a disgraceful and disgusting comment on Austin’s part because prior to the back injury Davenport had numerous chances to win the match but capitulated as usual.

After Venus incredible comeback victory Austin kept on using the line Lindsay was “classy” during the trophy ceremony. It was just another typical snide backhanded comment by Tracy Austin. Austin was attempting to mock Venus because Venus was so thrilled and happy to win the tense women’s final. Venus has a right to display her happiness after winning a match she was losing and pulled through to win. Austin has no right to tell Venus how to express herself either.

Earlier in January 2005 Davenport won the first set against Serena at the 2005 Australian Open only to lose the match 2-6 6-3 6-0. The excuse was that Davenport had a tough doubles match the day before. It’s not Serena’s problem that Davenport is not in top physical condition. If you are an athlete at the top level of your profession you better be in maximum physical shape. Davenport capitulated the final set and didn’t even try. Davenport gave up in the final set due to lack of fitness she simply is out of shape. During the ESPN television broadcast Mary Carillo even said Davenport is a very “moody woman”. It is obvious Davenport can’t handle pressure very well.

Now to be fair Davenport is a three time grand slam champion and former world number one. However,Lindsay Davenport is not the best American female tennis player of her generation. Venus and Serena are superior to Davenport. Austin obviously doesn’t like this but the results are the facts.

Davenport is a solid player but Austin’s comments about Davenport have zero objectivity. Tennis fans also need to know Davenport and Austin shared a former coach Robert Landsorf. Austin’s reticence about the weaknesses in Davenport’s game are a complete joke and ruin her credibility.

For instance, during the 2008 Australian Open the media hyped the Davenport and Sharapova second round match. I picked Sharapova to win and she blasted Davenport off the court 6-1 6-3. Austin will comment about Davenport having hard hitting groundstrokes but Davenport lacks the variety, speed, and mental toughness of Sharapova, Williams Sisters, and Justine Henin. Davenport has also lost every single grand slam final she’s competed against the Williams Sisters. Venus and Serena have a combined 4-0 record against Davenport in the grand slam finals. Davenport is 1-5 against Sharapova as well. Justine Henin has blasted Davenport off the court multiple times in the last few years.

Austin attacked Serena’s fitness at the 2007 US Open John McEnroe defended Serena against Tracy Austin’s bitter, idiotic, acidic, immature outbursts. Tracy Austin of course will never admit the truth she is completely unprofessional and has a lack of class. Venus and Serena have brought tennis to a wider audience across the globe.

After the Williams Sisters retire they will be remembered as great female tennis champions. Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe opened the door for blacks in tennis. The Williams Sisters kicked the door down. Venus and Serena know they are good and this irks some people. In terms of pop culture the Williams Sisters have a bit more cultural resonance as well. The Williams Sisters proved you don’t need to be white, rich, play junior tennis to become tennis champions. Only hardcore tennis fans will remember Lindsay Davenport.

DVD Review: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle


In the summer of 2004, John Cho and Kal penn finally made their first major breakthrough in Hollywood. Cho and Kal Penn have been working diligently for years often in secondary roles . Cho was most famous for his role in the WB sitcom “Off Centre” and “American Pie”. Kal Penn was known for his role in the teen comedy “Van Wilder.” Finally, John Cho and Kal Penn were given the opportunity to shine in the leading roles of Harold Lee and Kumar Patel in the stoner comedy “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”.

Although “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle ” made $18 million at the box office the movie gained cult status due to DVD sales. Since the DVD sales for the first movie were huge a sequel will be released on April 25th 2008. There is more pressure on Cho and Penn because MTV wants the movie to be at least a moderate box office hit. Hollywood is slowly making progress realizing there is an audience that desires to see Asian American men as leading men in the movies. Cho and Penn certainly have the sex appeal and the talent to cross racial boundaries.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” has received a lot of press because the leads are two young Asian American male actors. John Cho is Korean American and Kal Penn is Indian American. Harold and Kumar are also not nerds they are two intelligent, ambitious, and attractive young men. Cho and Penn definitely are eye candy and have the potential to become Hollywood superstars.

The plot is simple Harold and Kumar are two young Asian American men that are restless, sexually frustrated, and also craving some weed. Harold Lee is a junior analyst at a business firm he is hardworking but also lonely and depressed because he has no love life . Harold is an attractive man, yet he has no self esteem he doesn’t believe he is worthy of true love.

The only woman that showers Harold with attention is a young Asian American female Cindy Kim. Cindy is a student at Princeton University she is also the president of the East Asian club. Cindy is attracted to Harold and she is stereotyped in the movie as a nerd. Harold is nice to Cindy they talk a lot but he’s not interested in Cindy he fears he will have to date an Asian American woman. Harold even says Cindy calls him a “twinkie” yellow on the outside and white in the middle. I do have a problem with the Cindy Kim character why is an Asian American woman stereotyped as just a nerd?

I kind of wish the movie explored Harold’s fascination with Maria a bit more. Maria is depicted in the film as Latina but she clearly is a white hispanic. The writers of Harold &  Kumar are white males and they are promoting the racist stereotype that men of colour have an insatiable desire for just white women.  Why was Harold so against dating an Asian American woman? What was so wrong with Cindy Kim? Cindy’s kind of cute I didn’t understand what was wrong with Cindy? Is Harold interested in Maria more because she’s from a different culture?

It is easy to understand why Harold would be sexually attracted to Maria she is svelte, sexy, curves in all the right places. I wasn’t sure what to think of the character Maria? Maria hardly has any lines and she appears to just be a sex object for Harold’s sexual desires. By contrast, Cindy Kim is stereotyped as an aggressive, desperate, unattractive, nerdy, Asian student. Is the movie trying to say ambitious women are not appealing to heterosexual men? Why was Cindy Kim such a caricature? I think if Cindy Kim was less of a caricature perhaps this would have been more interesting?

Kumar Patel he is an aspiring medical student he’s a bit more outgoing than Harold and kind of is the leader. One evening after Harold returns from work he and Kumar decide to instead of eating KFC or take out they crave White Castle hamburgers. Kumar appears to be in love with no one except his desire and craving for weed. There is even a funny sequence when Kumar marries a bag of weed although I did cringe when Kumar uses scatological language to describe his “wife”.

Harold and Kumar definitely has some funny moments for instance Neil Patrick Harris plays an extreme role of himself as a womanizing heterosexual drug user. According to media reports Harris was hesitant of taking the role because he first thought the movie was going to make fun of him. The screenwriters actually wrote a role specifically for Harris. Another funny scene is Chris Meloni’s cameo “Freakshow”. “Freakshow” is a Christian man that looks like a grotesque monster out of an old Halloween movie.

Some women may not like “Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle” because the female characters really have no purpose other than being sex objects . There is also female nudity in the movie this might be a turn off for some women as well. I have read in the sequel there will be more balance there will definitely be male nudity so that’s fair. There is also some jokes in the film that may be interpreted by some as homophobia. I didn’t think the movie was homophobic at all. I think the movie was trying to demonstrate that Harold and Kumar have an intense platonic friendship some people may interpret as homoeroticism. There is a really cool scene the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is a male nurse. After operating on a patient Reynold’s character starts hitting on Kumar telling him he likes his “chocolate lips”. There is also another scene where Kumar is licking Harold’s face after he passes out.

I think this is perhaps the main weakness in the film. In one scene two female English foreign exchange students talk to Kumar at Princeton and tell him they wouldn’t mind smoking a joint with him. Kumar tells Harold in an explicit manner what he thinks of the two English students. Perhaps Harold and Kumar is a way to peek into the minds of heterosexual men? Harold and Kumar isn’t meant to be a serious film it is a comedy. A part of me felt conflicted watching the film some feminists will not enjoy the crude humor. The sections of the movie I did enjoy is when the film explored the issue of race, racial profiling, becoming independent, and living your own dreams.

Kal Penn, John Cho, and Neil Patrick Harris all say the movie changed their lives and careers. Harris credits the movie for launching his comeback on to television on the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother”. Kal Penn desperately wanted to audition for the male lead in Mira Nair’s “The Namesake”. Cho told Penn about “The Namesake” while filming “Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle”. Penn and Cho attempted to buy the rights to “The Namesake” but learned they were too late. Penn started an aggressive campaign to obtain Nair’s attention but this proved futile. The reason Kal Penn got an audition for “The Namesake” is because Nair’s teen son was a fan of “Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle”. John Cho credits the film for giving him the opportunity to be one of the stars in the new Star Trek film.

Harold and Kumar isn’t rocket science the chemistry between Cho and Penn makes the movie endearing. You sense that Cho and Penn genuinely like each other and get along well. The magic to the film is the fact you are rooting for Harold and Kumar not just to reach White Castle but to gain independence and start to live their lives on their own terms.

Swiss Tennis God Roger Federer rolls In Second Round Match Victory In Miami


After last week’s earth shattering upset loss to American Mardy Fish Swiss tennis god Roger Federer returned to top form last night in Miami. Mardy proved he wasn’t able to maintain the same intensity he lost in the first round of the Miami masters. Roger got off to a solid start blasting Frenchman Gael Monfils in straight sets 6-3 6-4.

Has Madonna Gone Back To Black?


The year 1994 for the first time in Madonna’s career she was in a slump. Madonna’s controversial coffee table book “Sex” had tarnished her career. The feminist community was upset with Madonna due to the sexually explicit photos in “Sex”. The mainstream media branded the pop legend as a washed up whore. Madonna was pushing the boundaries of sexuality exploring her sexual fantasies such as S&M, role playing, and lesbianism. Madonna was fighting the negativity and the misogyny.

It is interesting that Madonna will return to hip hop and R&B on her new album “Hard Candy”. Fans need to know this isn’t the first time Madonna has explored R&B music. Although Madonna’s record sales are still very strong internationally in North America her sales have dropped dramatically since the 1998 hit album “Ray Of Light”. Madonna desperately wants to obtain the interest of the youth music market so she is going back to R&B in an attempt to jack up her record sales.

Madonna’s last album “Confessions On A Dance Floor” was a moderate success selling 1 million copies sold in America. The sales are a disturbing trend for Madonna she’s losing the youth audience and market. However, Madonna’s 2003 album “American Life” was a flop by her standards the album only went gold. Madonna realizes she isn’t connecting with young music fans and on “Hard Candy” she hopes to reproduce the success of “Bedtime Stories”. So does Madonna only go black when her career is in a slump in North America?

Although the 1992 disc “Erotica” sold 2 million copies the North American media bashed Madonna and called her a washed up pop singer. In 1994 Madonna always the shrewd businesswoman decided to change her image, sound, and go back to black music. Bedtime Stories is an R&B album it was a deliberate attempt by Madonna to crossover and obtain the R&B audience.

Madonna’s risk paid off her music “Bedtime Stories” sold 3 million copies in the United States. Madonna also reached black radio stations and acquired a new demographic.One of the best songs on the CD is “I rather be your lover” a funky duet between Madonna and Meshell N’degeocello. I love this song!

In 1994 Madonna had an infamous interview with David Letterman and she was very vulgar and petulant. Madonna says the media was picking on her because she is a confident woman expressing her sexuality. The song “Human Nature” explores Madonna’s feelings about sexism in society. Madonna hired the best black producers she could find she enlisted the help of superstars Dallas Austin, Dave Hall, and Babyface. Babyface wrote the biggest hit song of Madonna’s career the duet “Take A Bow”. “Take A Bow” was number one on the Billboard charts for seven weeks. Madonna’s image changed once again she decided to be more vulnerable and more gentle. “Secret” was also a hit reaching number three on the Billboard singles charts.

I like Bedtime Stories because it proves Madonna is a versatile singer. Of course Madonna isn’t Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, or Whitney Houston she doesn’t have the mega pipes. Madonna does have a way of conveying emotion with her voice though. I believe Madonna is a decent singer she’s not the best but she’s not the worst either. On the sleeve for Bedtime Stories you see Madonna on a bed she appears fragile and delicate her makeup is a light shade of blue. Bedtime Stories gave Madonna a lot of credibility with the public and music critics.

Don Lemon Is A Solid Reporter And A Hunk!


The media go on and on about Anderson Copper but I just don’t think Copper is attractive at all. Cooper looks like a young man trying to be sophisticated, yet fails miserably. I think Cooper is obviously a good journalist, but this talk about Cooper having sex appeal. It’s like give me a break. Anderson Cooper is just not that appealing to me at all.

The man is only forty years old yet he looks ten years older. Why does Cooper have gray hair anyway? Lately, I have been watching CNN for Don Lemon this guy has warmth, talent, and the sex appeal. I wonder if he’s married?  I am sure Don has a girlfriend, he is just so smart and gorgeous. Something to think about perhaps?

Tennis Goddess Venus Williams Advances Novak Djokovic loses Cool And Match In Miami


Tennis goddesses Venus and Serena Williams both won their second round matches in straight sets at the Miami Masters Series women’s event. Serena destroyed her opponent Edina Gallovitis 6-1 6-2 in less then an hour. Serena looked sharp, focused, and very determined. Serena has an incredible record at the event she is also the defending champion. Serena has already won Miami four times and Venus has won Miami three times.

In the evening match Venus was inconsistent but still prevailed in straight sets defeating Marta Domachowska 6-4 6-3. Venus had a 5-1 lead in the first set and almost let the lead slip. Venus does have a tendency to lose her concentration during the early rounds. Venus regained her concentration and closed out the match. The danger for Venus opponents is in the later rounds if she can gain some consistency and strike the ball well she becomes very dangerous.

The problem for Venus is she can be erratic early in tennis events and this is when she is most vulnerable. By contrast, Serena tends to rarely ever lose early only if she’s injured. Serena tends to be much more consistent because Serena has a superior serve and forehand.  Venus has worked very hard on her forehand she’s hitting it much better these days. Venus knows the other women on the WTA always attack her forehand side because it is the weaker groundstroke. Why doesn’t Venus learn from her younger sister? Serena also does pull back if she’s making a ton of unforced errors in her matches. Serena knows when she’s not playing well she needs to take her time in her matches to gain some consistency.

Venus also had seven double faults in her match and that’s too many free points given away to an opponent. It is very typical of Venus in the early rounds of an event to be inconsistent. I wish Venus would pull back a bit on her serve instead of going for the big bombs why doesn’t she just try to get an effective serve into the court? Why not be a bit more cautious and go for the big serve only when necessary? Perhaps if Venus pulled back a bit she would give away less points?

The third seed on the men’s side defending champion Novak Djokovic lost in a stunning upset to South African Kevin Anderson 7-6 3-6 6-4. Djokovic is very talented but needs to improve his consistency if he wants to be number one. Novak was perturbed by the chair umpire warning him about bouncing the ball too many times before serving. Anyone that watches tennis knows Novak has a habit of bouncing the ball numerous times prior to hitting his serve. The chair umpire told Novak to speed up his service delivery and Novak became upset. The Miami crowd got into it and Novak became flustered and upset he lost his concentration and the match.

I still believe Novak will become the number one player in the world. Nadal might reach number one first but I don’t believe Nadal has the weapons to maintain the top spot for long. Nadal plays too defensively on the faster surfaces. Despite being six foot one, a muscular body, strong firm legs, Nadal has a cotton candy serve he just spins it in. Nadal has one of the weakest serves I have ever seen for a male tennis player ever.

In fact, some players on the WTA have faster and more powerful games then Rafael Nadal. Lindsay Davenport has a better return of serve and a bigger serve then Nadal. Even Justine Henin can fire her serve over 120 miles per hour and that’s faster then Nadal’s serve. Novak Djokovic is also more talented then Rafael Nadal he has a superb return of serve, a huge serve, he’s a bigger stronger man. Nadal is a one surface player he’s great on clay and that’s it. Nadal has maintained his number two ranking for so long because he is a clay court champion. However, Novak Djokovic has arrived the pressure is on Nadal this year he can be passed in the rankings if his game doesn’t improve dramatically.

Transgender Man Is Pregnant With His First Child


I just read an interesting story in the newspaper today about a transgender man he is pregnant. Mr. Beattie was born female, his birth name was Tracy Lagondino. Mr. Beattie is legally married to his female partner. Since Mr. Beatie’s female partner had a hysterectomy she can’t  have a child. Mr. Beattie decided to become pregnant. Mr. Beattie still has his female reproductive organs but he also has taken the male hormone testosterone. The baby is due in July this year.

Is Israel The Center Of The Universe?


If you turn on the Canadian news, listen to the radio, or read the newspapers you would swear Israel is the center of the universe. The public needs to utilize critical media literacy and ask why is the international news so myopic? Thank goodness for the internet. I don’t subscribe to what the mainstream press reports. Judaism is not a race it is just a religion.

Yes, I’ve read about the suicide bombers but I’ve also learned about the Israeli government shooting and murdering innocent Palestinians. After all Palestinian lives aren’t that important and rarely grace the front pages of western newspapers. Don’t people wonder why this occurs?

What is so special about Israel anyway besides the obvious political reasons? The occidental media make it appear as though there is this urgency to reporting about Israel as though Israel is the only hot spot with tension on the entire planet. I think I”m having Middle East fatigue. I want to know more beneath the surface besides the information the occidental media wants the public to believe. The public is supposed to believe the white Jews in Israel are perfect and the Palestinians are bad people but life isn’t always so clear cut.

It is also interesting that the white Jews in Israel and the white North American Jews conveniently play with the issue of race. The white Jews utilize their whiteness and white skin privilege to their advantage when they need to. For instance, in North America the white Jews like to play the victim with a facade of invisible minority status. Its like give me a break. The white Jews in Israel and North America have white majority status they are not victims they are the oppressors.

The American and Canadian governments obviously believe Israel is in their sphere of influence. However, what about the internal politics in Israel? I doubt CBC television or the Canadian newspapers report much about the pernicious racism against the black Jews and Palestinians in Israel. Israel is similar to South Africa during the apartheid era the Palestinians have to cross check points and provide identification cards. Israel is no paradise for people that aren’t white Jews that’s for sure. Why doesn’t the media report about the racism inside Israel? Why is there this invisible code to racism? The Occident acts as though the white Israelis do not discriminate and they are perpetuating this total double standard.

You see in the Occidental world media anyone that dares to challenge the Israeli government about their state sanctioned racism is called an Anti Semite. And what about the white Israelis being anti black? I guess you won’t read articles about that in the newspapers or on the news. Of course, the media never challenges the Israeli white majority about their pernicious anti Arab and anti black racism. I doubt you would hear about this on the six o clock news.


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