It is Official Gloria Steinem Is A Racist Bigot And A Misandrist


Feminist scholar Gloria Steinem’s racist and misandrist opinion piece she wrote on January 8th 2008 for the New York Times speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. I want to vomit right on Gloria Steinem’s face. Steinem makes the inaccurate racist and sexist argument that black men have it easier in society than all women. Steinem states that gender is a more destructive form of discrimination then race.

Steinem refuses to acknowledge her analysis is not only flawed it is also racist and misandrist. White women have social power in the United States due to being white. It is easy for a rich, white,heterosexual, American, feminist such as Gloria Steinem to ignore the social, economic, and political realities of racism. I wish Steinem and I can trade places and she will see how hard black men have it in this racist and sexist anti black male society.

It is obvious that Gloria Steinem doesn’t live in the real world she lives in some delusional alternative universe. Steinem states that black men got the vote before all women in the United States. It is true, that black men were able to vote before women in America. However, Steinem argument is deleterious because she ignores the fact black men we encounter racism and gender discrimination because we are black and male. Steinem’s tactic is to create tension in the black community. Steniem wants black women to support Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton is no sister to black women that’s for sure. When are white feminists going to acknowledge the friction between black women and white women? Just because black men are male, we absolutely do not have more privilege in society than white women.

However, black men are discriminated in many ways in the United States after receiving the right to vote due to gender and race. Black men encounter racism and sexism in terms of employment discrimination, police brutality, racism in the judicial system, housing, access to quality health care, and education. Black men we have been murdered and brutalized just for being black and male for centuries.

Steinem of course ignores the racism of the suffrage movement against black women and other women of colour because this would weaken her argument. White feminists such as Gloria Steinem obviously don’t get it. Black feminists and other feminists of colour have argued for decades that race, gender, sexuality, and class, are inextricably linked. We cannot divorce ourselves and choose one over the other it simply doesn’t work. Black people and other people of colour we encounter discrimination on many different levels.

Steinem is playing the typical game white liberals play very well and it is called the divide and conquer strategy. White liberals such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, along with Gloria Steinem know Barack Obama is a serious threat. Steinem attempts to frame the argument of placing race against gender. The Clintons are using Steinem to acquire more black female votes and trying to create division in the black race.

Black feminists organizations such as the Combahee River Collective have spoken out against the pathetic racist game that some white feminists have played for decades. The Combahee River Collective have stated in their work that black women cannot divorce themselves from the black race. Another black feminist Audre Lorde wrote about the fallacy of the “global sisterhood” in her groundbreaking book “Sister Outsider”. Lorde wrote about the fact some white feminists only want to exploit and use black people and black women when it serves their racist self interests.

Hillary Clinton wants as much support and votes as possible. Since Steinem is considered one of the leaders of the mainstream white female feminist movement, the Clintons are using Steinem to attempt to split the black vote along gender lines. What has the mainstream feminist movement ever done for black women other then to marginalize and patronize black women? It is the reason black feminism was created because black women and people that are black feminists understand mainstream white feminism doesn’t work for us. What has Hillary Clinton ever done for black females? As Janet Jackson said in her hit 1986 song “what have you done for me lately?”

Some white feminists concentrate only on gender discrimination since they have white skin privilege. Some white women refuse to acknowledge the fact that men of colour we also encounter incredible amount of oppression in society due to race and gender. People of colour we have to deal with multiple forms of oppression. We cannot ignore gender but must also not ignore race as well.

Steinem of course ignores the power of white skin privilege because this is what so called white liberal feminists such as Steinem do very well. Steinem wants black women to support Hillary Clinton because she is female. If some black females want to vote for Hillary Clinton this is their choice. However, my argument is Steinem is trying to create a gender battle between black men and black women. Steinem’s perspective is women regardless of race should support Hillary Clinton due to gender. My question is why? What about Hillary Clinton’s politics? Clinton is a classic centralist and a flip flopper. Clinton supported the war in Iraq.

There is also a history of racism in the mainstream feminist movement against blacks. Steinem like some white liberal feminists ignore the incredible amount of racial discrimination in society against black people. Some white feminists also like to ignore the fact they contribute to racism against black people. Gloria Steinem’s essay in the New York Times is a perfect example of exploiting the public sphere to spread her anti black male bigotry. Feminists of colour for decades have written and spoken up about the hypocrisy and racism of the mainstream feminist movement.

Although Hillary Clinton is a female she is still white and a part of the white American majority. Senator Clinton still has the power of white skin privilege to assist her and help her. Gloria Steinem fails too acknowledge this fact. Last time I checked the majority of the American population are white Americans. Whiteness has a lot of currency in the United States and to ignore the social and political power of whiteness is to ignore the power of race and racism.

Steinem knows that some black women will be voting for Senator Obama and not all black women or black people will be voting for Senator Clinton. Steinem can support Hillary Clinton if she wants to that’s her choice. However, I resent the racist subversive message Steinem is saying that black men got it easier then white women in society. I find Steinem’s analysis is full of bigotry and prejudice.

Why doesn’t Gloria Steinem complain about white female celebrities such as Barbra Streisand supporting Hillary Clinton? Why doesn’t Steinem focus on the NOW Organization? There are plenty of white women in the United States that are going to support Hillary Clinton just because she is a white female. Why doesn’t Steinem focus on this side of the argument? The so called white liberals in the United States have a fear of Senator Obama but that’s their problem and not his. I also question why black Americans would even bother supporting Hillary Clinton in the first place? What the hell has Hillary Clinton done for black people? Black Americans and other people of colour in the United States are in a unique position their votes can actually influence this election. I suggest black people and other people of colour pay close attention to the dirty politics of Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

Next, Hillary and Bill Clinton have the old black civil rights guard trying to tear down Senator Obama. Once again the divide and conquer strategy the Clintons and their supporters are attempting to use again this time in blackface. I believe the old black civil rights guard time has passed. There is a new black generation that wants change . Just because Andrew Young and the old black civil rights guard are also black people doesn’t mean other black people have to agree with them. We agree to disagree I don’t trust the Clintons. The Clintons are ignorant about the concerns of the younger black generation and Senator Obama is indeed cognizant of the issues young blacks are worried about. Young black people aren’t going to worry about the old goats such as Andrew Young. The Clintons have the old black civil rights leaders doing their dirty work for them. Andrew Young and the other culprits have made bullshit statements that the Clintons are more black then Obama. Give me a break.

Some white feminists also have the racist and sexist attitude that only women encounter discrimination due to gender. White women benefit from affirmative action more then black males. Black men we encounter so much racism and sexism in society and that’s a fact.

The United States also has a history of anti black male racism and sexism. Black men have been lynched in the American South for decades prior to the civil rights movement. Black men we still encounter racism and sexism in the year 2008. We must not ignore history. The racist American Jim Crow system created proscriptions to demonize, humiliate, and emasculate, black men and black male sexuality. Thousands of innocent black men were brutally murdered for just being black and male. Next, racist police officers and the racist anti black judicial system also has incarcerated innocent black men. Why doesn’t Gloria Steinem discuss this issue?

White female sexuality for centuries since the days of slavery has been placed on a pedestal as being pristine and true womanhood. Interracial relationships between white women and black men are still considered taboo in North America. Thousands of black men were unfairly discriminated against accused of daring to look at or talk to white women and were lynched. The racism and sexism against black men continues. Black male sexuality is still a taboo in society.

Does anyone remember Emmett Till? Emmett Till was a young black teenager in the year 1955 was accused of whistling at a white woman. Black men have had to live for decades in fear of being murdered for false allegations of daring to speak at, talk to, or even look at a white woman. Next, racist white men dragged Emmett Till out of his mother’s house and he was brutally and savagely killed. I wonder if Gloria Steinem thinks Emmett Till had it easier in society due to being black and male? There is also a history of white Americans gathering at the lynchings of thousands of black men as though it was a festive party and a form of entertainment.

Fast forward to the year 2006 Michael Sandy a young black gay man was lured online by four white men for a sexual encounter. Sandy did not know he was going to be attacked due to being black and male. Sandy was savagely beaten by the four young white men and as Sandy ran for his life he was struck by a car and he died five days later. Where was the mainstream American media when Michael Sandy died? Why wasn’t Sandy discussed on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC? Why was the mainstream silent?

Why didn’t anyone care? When the white gay male Matthew Shepard died ten years ago it was front page news. When Michael Sandy died in October 2006 his death was considered an afterthought and irrelevant due to the fact he was black and male. The white gay press ignored Sandy’s death it was proof of the intersection of violence against black men and that race, gender, and sexuality affects black males. The blood of a black person is considered inferior to the blood of a white person in North America. Oops I forgot Sandy was a young gay black man. The mainstream USA press and white American gay media outlets were apathetic to Sandy’s death. If Sandy was white they would care but because Sandy was black they ignored his death.

The word sexism is not a female only domain and some feminists act as though they also cannot be racist and sexist. Black men we have also been discriminated against in terms of our gender. Black men we also encounter sexism in society that is misandrist and anti black male. Some feminists act as though just because black men are males we have it so much easier then women and this is total illogical argument. I guess that’s the reason why millions of black men encounter violence from the police force in major and small North American cities. I also guess the reason there is a disproportionate amount of racism in the judicial system against black men that we don’t face sexism either.

Steinem is a typical white feminist racist bigot. Steinem says Barack Obama doesn’t have the political experience to be the President of the United States. Why doesn’t Steinem just be honest she doesn’t want a black man to challenge Hillary Clinton. Some white feminists use the code of “experience” to conceal their racist anti black male prejudices. What experience does Hillary Clinton have other then being Bill Clinton’s sidekick?

When will it ever be right for Senator Obama to run for the United States presidency? Should Senator Obama wait two, five, ten, or twenty years to run? When will it ever be the right time? For some white liberals and feminists such as Gloria Steinem the real honest answer is never. Some white Democrats resent Senator Obama because he actually is acquiring a lot of support and they believe he is taking away votes from Clinton.

The Democratic party also has racist bigots that don’t mind black people being “behind” whites but don’t want “blacks” in leadership roles. Black people are tired of being in the back row and want to engage in the political process. The Clintons racist tactics proves they are no friends of the black community. Steinem, The Clintons, and their supporters are trying to do everything in their power to destroy Senator Obama.

Next time Gloria Steinem wants to discuss and compare the discrimination white women and black men encounter perhaps she should look at all sides of the argument. The divide and conquer strategy white liberals such as Steinem are attempting to play will not work this time.

Link to Combahee River Collective Statement:

Link about Emmett Till death:

Link about Michael Sandy’s brutal death:

NPR Link about Michael Sandy Violent Death:

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

16 responses to “It is Official Gloria Steinem Is A Racist Bigot And A Misandrist”

  1. Marvalus says :

    O – Trying to make race the primary issue in this election is a signal of desperation…it is a sign that Obama is a serious threat and that they (the powers that be) (HRC and Bill) must bring him down somehow…

    Pointing out his race and making it a bigger issue than the war, than healthcare, than the economy, is a ploy…it is my hope that people are able to see past it…

    The people in SC spoke loud and clear that this race sh** is not going to be the deciding factor and quite frankly, that they do not appreciate the underhanded tactics that HRC and her campaign are using…

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Marvalus you definitely got a point the Clintons are trying to remind America that Obama is a black man and everyone knows you are supposed to be “afraid” of the black male. However, the Clintons scare tactics did not work in South Carolina. John Edwards he was born in South Carolina and his own state rejected him he came in third place. I think its good that black people are seeing the Clintons for exactly the kind of race baiters that they are. Bill and Hillary Clinton will do anything to win and they were rejected by the people of South Carolina. African Americans and white Americans in South Carolina rejected HRC.

  3. aulelia says :

    What I am finding so interesting about the US election is how much press it is receiving overseas. You would not believe how much digital and print ink national newspapers are giving it. I think the British politicos are watching avidly, wondering whether a person of colour would be Prime Minister here (…which I would watch avidly). I think Steinen is trying to ignore race with all the same boring fucking maxims we hear over and over again such as “we are all human”, “it is a sexist world”. I am a feminist and proud of it. I truly believe that women are oppressed. However, my race is extremely important in my gender identity. So important, because both are viewed into who I am. So for Steinem to claim that gender overrides race, it is a fallacy.

    Steinem also needs to be aware that there are bare U.S Presidents who don’t have any political experience that matters. Look at George Bush II!! So that part of her argument is redundant.

    Your Emmett Till argument is very good. Good post

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I think the excitement stems from the fact two candidates Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are the Democratic party frontrunners and they are not white males. Despite what Gloria Steinem says race always matters always has and always will. It is easy for a rich white feminist that lives in a bubble such as Steinem to ignore race. Black feminism has called out the bigotry and prejudice of white feminists such as Gloria Steinem for decades. Some white feminists just focus on gender due to white skin privilege and always ignore race and class. We cannot ignore race because it is the reality in the real world. We cannot ignore gender. The game Steinem is trying to play the classic white liberal divide and conquer strategy isn’t going to work. Black people can discern Steinem is no friend of the black community. Steinem’s garbage talk about Obama not having “experience” is a smoke screen for some white liberals Obama will never have enough experience because they don’t want to see a black person win.

  5. apollo says :

    The entrenched political power and perpetual public funding achieved by Steinam and co. is the real achievement of 1970s feminism, which has managed to install hard-line feminist values into American mainstream media.

    If Steinam’s brand of feminism was and is about uplifting all people, it has had the political and financial influence to make good on this for decades. Yet despite statistical evidence that black men (and in many areas, particularly education, even white men) have declined, while white women have benefited more than any other group from education reform and affirmative action, institutional feminism has never shifted to a more inclusive agenda. Quite the opposite, actually, as it has militantly aligned against “interests” supposedly antagonistic to, first and foremost, white women. You’ll notice mention of male or minority issues is branded sexist at worst, off-topic at best – such as in the case of race-intersecting-gender issues. This is the classic victim-envy tactic of Steinam’s feminism gone mainstream. In fact, institutional feminism has always worked to reduce the range of “acceptable” roles for men in American society, while insistently claiming to be about the opposite (the “doth protest too much” idea weakens the veracity of this claim). Obviously, black men have the least institutional buffer to withstand a transcendental anti-male agenda.

    One less obvious, insidious point of Steinam’s recent op-ed is this: white male supporters of Sen. Obama are effectively marginalized as “sexist”. In lock-step with the Clinton campaign message over the last two weeks, Steinam uses the levers of institutional feminism to discredit non-black male support for Obama, marginalizing him as The Black Candidate, but even more so The Patriarch Candidate. When Steinam’s woman is seriously flawed, her femi-flex silences serious debate about Hillary’s documented legal, moral and political liabilities.

    In other words, “No woman is illegal!” Not exactly footing from which to build an inclusive coalition.

  6. Lauren Armstrong says :

    I find your argument to be quite compelling and very interesting. I view Gloria Steinem to be an extremely important part of American history with her role in Second wave feminism. I agree that her argument was one sided and short sided. i do believe that it brought some awareness to an issue in american culture that is so easily brushed away, which is the acceptance of gender discrimination. I agree when you point out that sexism and racism are intrinsically tied together. Of course they are. Of course white women have white privilege , but does that then overshadow real issues of disenfranchisement? Within your argument, then don’t gay black women have it “the worst”? Why do we have to compete on my discrimination is worse than yous? Wouldn’t it be more productive to recognize the intricacies and interweaving’s of the various “isms” and therefore start working towards actual equality. You mention white women being prized for their sexual purity. Why do women have to be prized for sex? Don’t you see that within that socio-perception women are being valued for their sex, whether they are being perceived as the virgin or the whore. A woman is always one or the other. But no matter what, we are defined by our sexuality. It is interesting when you say that the only “experience” Hillary Clinton has is being Bill’s sidekick. By that you are clearly implying that she has gotten her political experience by having sex with Bill. Regardless of who you support, recognize that she has a significant political resume including her recent 2 terms as a NY senator. If you attack her supporters for hiding racism behind her “experience” then what are you saying when you say her she has no “real” experience?
    I appreciate the passion of your post. I appreciate many of its arguments. But I feel that it is very one sided as well.

  7. Stephanie B. says :

    My question for Steinem and other white feminist. Where were you when Black women go missing and murdered? When Black men get jail time for no reason at all other than they were at the wrong place, wrong time? When Imus called Black women hateful language? When Blacks of both genders are victims of hate crimes?

    Steinem and her ilk is concerned about upper middle class white womanhood, to heck with others(Black men, other men of Color, Women of Color). Last time I checked, white women benefitted from Affirmative Action, Marriage Market, Being married or related to powerful and wealthy white men. They have the highest standard of living, they live longer than others, are connected to their fathers, sons, brothers and husbands. They benefited from legacies, hence the old girls’ network.

    So, for these feminists putting men of Color in the category of oppresor doesn’t compute with me at all. I’m sorry, I’m not with their racist/sexist/classist program.

    Stephanie B.

  8. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I cosign with Stephanie B. Steinem suddenly wants the support of black women. And white women have indeed gotten into the White House as First Ladies. Hell will freeze over before a white man married to a black woman becomes president of the United States. When has Gloria Steinem ever supported black women before? Suddenly, because Hillary Clinton needs votes Steinem’s writes a desperate plea in her NY TIMES opinion piece that black women should join their “white sisters” and support Hillary Clinton. So many black feminists have written about the fact they cannot chose race over gender. Gloria Steinem doesn’t care about black women and black people she just wants to use and exploit us to advance her own agenda. Gloria Steinem has failed in her pathetic racist and sexist attempts to attack the black community.

  9. aulelia says :

    Lauren Armstrong’s argument is interesting to me in how unifying it is. I think that in an ideal world, it would be fantastic if we could fight disenfranchisement all together. However, this concept of a rainbow nation will NEVER appear in racist nations like the United Kingdom, the US and other Occidental empires pure and simple because the patriarchy is racist and sexist. Refusing to acknowledge the racist nature of patriarchal governments like Britain’s for example to me is akin to fighting discrimination by allowing false eyelash glue to blur your vision.

    Stephanie B said it best when she said “So, for these feminists putting men of Color in the category of oppresor doesn’t compute with me at all. I’m sorry, I’m not with their racist/sexist/classist program.” Stephanie B is also right when she said that white women have benefited from marriage to white men etc. This point is as true as the sun rising.

  10. aulelia says :

    @Lauren, And actually, even though both parts of our identity (race/gender) collide, I don’t think sexuality is the ULTIMATE part. I am a black woman. I can’t take away the black part and just say I am a woman because being black of who I am as a woman. Gender might be the most important part for some white feminists, but black feminists have race too.

  11. Stephanie B. says :

    One other thing, Aulelia, mainstream media and white feminists do not care about Black women, let alone Black men. Hence, the Missing Pretty White Woman Syndrone mythology supported by the patriarchal media and white feminists. Here’s is my essay on violence Against Black women at:

    White feminists don’t care because their allegence is to their race and their racial bretheren.

    I’ll write more about this later.

    Stephanie B.

  12. Jae says :

    Excellent passion in this article. I commend you because you touched on a lot of the anger I felt on hearing a rich, privileged white woman decide that racism is not so big a problem. How dishonest she is: the first thing she does is flip gender roles and say a female Obama would not be in this position. How about flipping the racial role and asking if a black Hillary would be in this position. You and I both know the answer to that: ‘Hell, no!’ First off, since there’s never been a black president, she would have to be married to a white guy and the only person who’s pulled that off is Condi Rice. And, you did your research. Audre Lourde is who I immediately think of when I think of the women’s movement. Lourde was intellectually honest in saying that it was a white movement.

  13. ticked says :

    Good article. Black men have never had it easier than white women. Gloria Steinem is the typical narrow minded feminist she also “forgets” that white men were given the best jobs and to support their families. Here a white woman benefits dramatically as she is not even working but gets a piece of the pie. Then these women want to continue getting support AND a good place ahead of men for jobs.

  14. Jan says :

    Women have been oppressed and one could even argue “enslaved” for far longer than the black race. Even though I have respect for black experience and the horrors suffered, I do believe women have had it much worse – cruelty and disrespect towards us is more pervasive in nature, in culture, religion and society.

    For instance, the religion of our culture – and many cultures – tells us that women in marriage have to be “subjected in all things” In judaism and christianity it tells us that from the beginning something Eve did makes men “rule over us.” Some religions control every aspect of women’s lives down to forcing us to wear certain clothes (in mine it was skirts and long dresses) to controlling our thoughts (our mothers as wives need to be “subjected in all things” to taking away all authority from us (“women do not usurp authority over any man”) To terrorizing us (“women fear thy husbands”) then tell us to shut up about it all “women be silent.” Our own religion is very explicit in these things and this religion is the dominant religion in our culture and in much of the world, has a huge and powerful influence politically and socially. Can you imagine a religion that spoke such disrespect of blacks being of such influence in the world? Just imagine it – preached from pulpits – blacks must be “subject in all things” to whites, and that because of some ancient sin they must be “ruled over” and never to “usurp authority over any white” and “blacks be silent.” What utter offense would that be? Why is it we accept this for women and would never for a certain race? I believe we teach our sons patterns of dominion over women and our daughters patterns of submission – that many of us have been participating – including some black culture, btw. All respect and love, but black culture is not always totally sexist and racist free either – maybe none of us are.

    Plus, it must be said that many women are unseen by our mainstream culture and brain brutalized with propaganda until we can’t sort it out anymore. Then we sexualize these patterns of insults and violence like pavlov’s dogs. Learning to drool over our own destruction. And i don’t buy that it’s “play” sexuality that our culture tries to tell is is all it is – I think it effects many women’s whole lives, our daily reality – way beyond little sex games. Women end up dead every year in the world because of it – much like lynchings were for blacks, sexual violence is for women and it’s a common thing as most of us know – we accept it for the same reason whites accepted common everyday emotional and physical violence towards blacks – an unwillingness to really confront, and admit, our own citizens participation in the culture of cruelty. Oh, another woman was raped and killed – another common lynching for us. It’s just more news for us. And men police us all the time, from pulpits, from government agencies, from all kinds of organizations, while their own regular violence and greed goes unchecked. Every man is our potential cop.

    What we do to ourselves as women is cruel by choosing to do nothing or keeping silent, by being so-called “sexually liberated” playing S&M games and selling that image to other women (I fell for this, like it’s so brand new and liberating – yeah that’s real radical alright – do the same thing that’s been done forever but out in the open. It’s just humiliating and stupid and agonizingly painful, that’s been my experience anyway.) I also learned that traditional culture infantilizes, degrades and teaches us to self-inflict harm on ourselves to varying degrees and those patterns will rear themselves at the most horrible moments – and they’re trying to sell us pride about it! Patriarchy is powerful that way – in every race.

    So… In any argument between sexism and racism, racism will take precedence in the culture as being more legitimate because sexism is common to most races. Women have been ruled over by patriarchal men much longer than blacks and still suffer as much, if not more, harm at the hands of the powerful in every race. I don’t even believe that there are that many privileged women as of yet – a rich white woman could be as likely to be beaten and killed by her husband as a poor, struggling one. And there are plenty of poor, struggling white women too, by the way. And as women ourselves many of us participate either through ignorance, fear or just flowing with a culture that harms us so regularly we no longer even have any instincts to protect ourselves or each other anymore. I don’t say these things as an insult to black experience, but in defense of legitimate concerns that Gloria Steinem has raised. I love black culture and I rejoiced over Barack Obama’s election in some ways, but I equally love Gloria, what she says needs to be said.

  15. Alfred J. says :

    I enjoy reading your blog post. Thank you very much for provide good information.

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