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Roger Federer Is Still Number One Despite Shock Loss At Australian Open



My goodness reading the articles on the internet you would think the world has ended and the sky is falling? Is this a dystopian era or something? Yes Roger lost in the Australian Open semifinals but he also has been suffering from a stomach virus. Roger is human even the great champions such as Roger Federer lose tennis matches.  Roger is too nice a champion to make excuses but it is clear to me Roger is ill he just wasn’t feeling well. Novak played well but Roger clearly wasn’t 110% on the court. We are so used to Roger being so perfect on the tennis court any loss is shocking and surprising.

Roger Federer is still the supreme number one male tennis player and he is the one to beat on the ATP Tour. Roger will bounce back like he always does. Roger had an incredible streak he reached ten consecutive grand slam finals in a row the longest ever in men’s tennis history.

On the page the always pathetic Patrick McEnroe of course is talking nonsense about Roger’s loss claiming it is significant. The only significant thing I notice is the futility of the American male tennis players. Why doesn’t McEnroe focus on that for a change? Patrick McEnroe once again continued his homoerotic obsession with Andy Roddick yet Roddick has proven his time has passed. Roddick once again lost early at a grand slam event. Roddick is on the same boat as Hewitt and Safin he is on his way out. Jo Wilfred Tsonga is for real and soon Andy Murray will also vault right past Roddick in the ATP Tour rankings.

I strongly disagree with Patrick McEnroe’s analysis because I know he has a vendetta against Roger Federer. It is well known the American men are just not as talented as the young European generation of male tennis players. It is well known that American male tennis reporters such as Bud Collins and Patrick McEnroe resent Roger Federer for his supreme domination of men’s tennis. The Americans are like spoiled children they are used to winning and they resent Europeans such as Roger Federer’s iron fist dedication and hard work. Roger has been smashing the competition for four long years and he will continue to destroy the competition. Roger has been more dominant then Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Williams Sisters, Ivan Lendl, Mats Wilander, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors, and of course Pete Sampras. I have never seen anyone dominate tennis for so long like Roger Federer has.

Roger is also only twenty six years old so the public should expect to see Roger resume the dominating shortly. Roger will begin the winning sequence once again. Yes, Novak Djokovic the young Serbian star beat Roger Federer but I am not convinced Novak can beat Roger consistently. Djokovic will have a lot of points to defend in 2008 why don’t the media wait and see if he can handle the intense pressure?

Rafael Nadal is the player the media should be focusing on. Nadal has proven he’s another Hewitt he is a counter-puncher that can run around the tennis court like a chicken but doesn’t use his abilities to win matches. Nadal expends too much energy the guy is six foot one yet he plays like he is five foot nine. Nadal is so physically strong and imposing yet he refuses to develop his game further. Nadal had the easiest draw in grand slam history and he still could not reach a hard court grand slam final. Nadal’s serve is garbage. How can such a big strong muscular man like Rafael Nadal have such a garbage serve? Nadal’s serve works on clay because the court is slower but on hard courts it just sits up to be attacked. The only thing Nadal’s got going for him is his large muscles. I just think Nadal is going to be passed by Djokovic very shortly. I also believe Nadal is very overrated.

If you take close attention to Rafael Nadal’s record since last year’s French Open he only won one event in Germany and that was also on clay. Nadal has been blown off the hard courts by Roger Federer, David Nalbandian, Novak Djokovic, and numerous other players since last year’s French Open. I think the media got it all wrong Roger Federer is here to stay and Rafael Nadal could be on his way out. As for Andy Roddick and James Blake these two clowns are just not real contenders they are consistent pretenders. Maybe Patrick McEnroe should focus on the long grand slam singles  drought for the American men and leave Roger Federer alone.


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