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Disgraced Track Star Marion Jones Sentenced To Six Months In Prison


Well the hard times for disgraced track and field star Marion Jones are not over. After Jones admitted to lying she not only has been stripped of her medals. I agree that Jones should be punished but isn’t this a bit extreme? Jones the mother of two young children is now sentenced to six months in prison. My goodness I think that’s kind of harsh. Hasn’t Jones had enough humiliation? However, Jones lied under oath and this is the price she is going to pay. It looks like the USA judicial system really wants to make an example of Ms. Jones.

I wonder will the USA sports media turn up the heat on golden boy of USA cycling Lance Armstrong? I am guessing now Lance Armstrong is always going to claim his innocence. I just do not believe a human can have the super human results Lance Armstrong had in cycling without doping. I don’t think it is possible for a guy coming back from testicular cancer to win the Tour De France seven times in a row. Lance’s friend Floyd Landis was stripped of his 2006 title. Landis and Armstrong are friends. Landis and Armstrong pledged their allegiance to each other in the media. Suddenly, Armstrong is distancing himself from Landis. I wonder when will Floyd Landis  spill the dirt on Armstrong? I think Landis knows a lot about Armstrong and I think time will tell how much longer Landis will be loyal to his so called friend Lance Armstrong.

The one thing about Marion Jones that kind of makes me have less sympathy for her is that she was so adamant that she wasn’t taking steroids. My mother says you cannot be “wrong and strong”. Marion knew she was wrong nobody forced her to cheat she made that choice and now she must face the consequences for her actions. I remember watching the press conferences and seeing a defiant Jones insist she wasn’t cheating. I knew back then she was lying but my family and friends told me I was wrong. Now this isn’t about what is wrong this is about the system. I saw Roger Clemens on 60 Minutes and I just don’t believe him. I wonder if the USA media will go after Armstrong and Clemens with the same intensity they went after Ms. Jones?


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