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It Is Official Premier Dalton McGunity Is A Racist He Will Not Fund Black Focus Schools!


Well, it looks like the black community in Toronto needs to keep a close eye on the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGunity. Premier McGuinty says he is against black focus schools and he will not provide funding for black focus schools. According to statistics 40% of black teens in the city of Toronto are dropping out of school! Only 5.2% of the teachers in the greater Toronto area are black even though the largest concentration of blacks in Canada live in Canada’s largest city. At the executive level only 9.6% of the principals and vice principals are black. The people teaching, creating rules and regulations for black students are not of African descent and obviously don’t understand the needs and concerns of the black race. It is clear the anti black racism is entrenched and institutionalized. For far too long black Canadians we just accept Canada’s racism and bigotry and just go with the flow.

It is obvious black children are encountering alienation.People scream the scapegoat about segregation yet ignore the fact segregation already exists. We have done nothing for far too long. I am sick and tired of those black Canadian cowards that are so afraid of rising up against racism. Let the cowards sit while the rest of us speak out about oppression against the black race in Canada. We cannot allow black children to fade away. Black kids are becoming disillusioned by a supremacist racist education system that ignores black contributions to Canada. And please don’t preach to me about black history month there is more to black history in the African Diaspora then the under ground railroad, Martin Luther King, and slavery.

Black kids are becoming depressed, unhappy, having feelings of hopelessness, despair and nobody cares. People wonder why crime is a big issue. Guess what people, when children feel alienated they act out and become a problem to society. The psychological effects of institutionalized racism is so powerful but of course in lame ass Canada we ignore the mental side of oppression.

It is so pathetic that people are trying to compare Afrocentric schools to faith base schools. There are clear differences. The Afrocentric schools will help black children achieve so they can advance in society.Toronto is a racist city everyone knows this fact but Canadians are so pretentious there is always this covert racist attitude to state sponsored bigotry.

It is obvious to the discerning eye that the current education system is flawed and not working for some black children. The question remains why? It is also clear Premier Dalton McGunity, the Liberal Party, and some racist bigots will attempt to use black children as scapegoats to advance their own racist anti black agenda. Canada is a racist country and the pernicious attitude of Premier Dalton McGunity underscores this. It is obvious that Premier McGunity doesn’t care about black children succeeding and advancing in Canadian society.

Now this number of 40% of black teens dropping out of school is horrendous it is absolutely shocking and scary! We are in a crisis here! We want a solution so why is Premier Dalton McGunity trying to stop black progress? Is anyone really surprised with McGunity’s racist anti black attitude? McGuinty is now in his second term as Premier of the province of Ontario. The scare tactics of some media outlets about segregation is not going to work. Black children are already segregated by racist teachers, and racist anti black curriculum. I cannot blame some black kids for being sick and tired of reading about white Canadian history or about European culture. What does European culture got to do with the black race anyway? Why can’t black kids learn about black history beyond black history month?

People need to know Canada is not some multicultural paradise the racist attitudes of the white Canadian majority against black Canadians has been growing for years. What has this man Premier Dalton McGuinty ever done about the education crisis in Toronto? Absolutely nothing! If Premier McGuinty had taken the concerns of the Toronto District School Board and black educators more seriously perhaps the drastic step of opening a black focus school wouldn’t be necessary.

Dalton McGuinty is the Premier of the province of Ontario his racist comments are absolutely abhorrent and disgraceful. Why is Premier McGunity so scared about one black focus school being opened in Toronto to help black children? Could it be because black Canadians we want to uplift our children that suddenly some white Canadians want to hold us back? Should we just go with the flow and watch more black children be disillusioned and drop out of school?

Black Canadians need to be paying close attention to Premier McGunity’s comments because he is exhibiting the blatant racist and pernicious attitudes that are powerful. Racist bigots will read and discern the real underlining message the Premier of Ontario is saying that the black community concerns don’t matter. We are not going to sit and wait any longer for black focus schools!

The current education system in the province of Ontario is flawed doesn’t Premier Dalton McGuinty get it? Or perhaps Premier Dalton McGunity doesn’t care? Black educators and other education experts have sounded the alarm for years there are serious flaws in the Ontario education system. Premier McGunity’s perspective is so sick it makes me want vomit right on his face.

I find Premier Dalton McGuinty’s racist attitude not surprising but also chilling and deleterious. Whenever black Canadians want to improve ourselves some white Canadian people always want to set up a road block or a detour. Some white Canadians want to impede our progress. The racist haters scream about segregation even though black children are already discriminated against with a racist curriculum, racist teachers, and racist hiring standards.

Isn’t this interesting, so Premier McGunity doesn’t mind taxpayers money paying for Catholic schools but a school to help a disadvantaged group he ignores. Why the hell should taxpayers money go to paying for Catholic schools and not one black school? There are thousands of Catholic Schools in the province of Ontario why are we funding them? The uproar is about one black focus school that is going to open in September 2009.

I think the sinister, racist, and subversive message Premier Dalton McGuinty is sending is that he once again wants to treat black people concerns as the other. Why is all this racist hysteria emerging now? I think the truth of the matter is Premier Dalton McGunity’s attitude isn’t really about opening a black focus school. The racist attitude is that black Canadians we should just accept our fate as being the other and keep our mouths shut. Well we aren’t going to be quiet we are going to rise up!

Does anyone remember May 2007? Well here is a reminder. Black Canadian people need to remember Premier Dalton McGunity is the same man that supported the Jews in May 2007 and blocked a black American speaker from talking to black youth. Black Canadians should be paying close attention to the subliminal destructive messages Premier Dalton McGunity is sending which I believe are abhorrent and racist.

I have a serious problem with the Premier’s statement because obviously Premier McGuinty doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of black children. The reason the Toronto District School Board decided to agree to black focus schools is because a disproportionate amount of black children are dropping out of school. Black children encounter racism and apathy from racist teachers, racist principals, racist education system that creates a pathology and marginalize them.


Can Gabrielle Union Have A Second Breakthrough Or Is It Too Late?


Gabrielle Union has been typecast as the pretty,young, black woman looking for love in most of her movies. I have read other message boards and the consensus is Gabrielle Union is probably battling skin tone racism and sexism. Halle Berry is the top black actress in Hollywood, yet all her recent movies have bombed. Perfect Stranger was pure crap and Catwoman my goodness what was Halle thinking when she chose that role?

What does this say for other black women in Hollywood when even A list superstar multi millionaire Halle Berry is struggling? I think this is really scary. The problem is, Hollywood will use Berry’s lack of recent success as a litmus test and judge other black women. You can just hear a studio executive say “why should we give another black female a leading role when Halle Berry can’t make us money.” It is not fair but this is the kind of attitude Hollywood has. “Dreamgirls” was a huge hit making over $100 million at the domestic box office and that film was centered around black women.

It is not politically correct to say this but I think this kind of myopic thinking does take place in Hollywood. I think this is the reason you hardly ever see any black actress other then Halle Berry or Queen Latifah in leading lady roles in the movies. Berry gets all the leading lady roles not just due to her talent but also because she has crossover appeal. Berry has a Eurocentric appearance and even she hasn’t had much success in the past few years.

Angela Bassett is a superior actress than Berry but she’s considered “too black” and “too dark”. Angela Bassett is also almost fifty years old. Gabrielle Union is still young enough to have a breakthrough. Unfortunately, Gabrielle Union falls into the category she’s not considered “crossover potential” which is a code word for being “too black” and “too dark”.

Gabrielle has been segregated in the black romantic comedy genre for almost a decade. I wish Gabrielle had the opportunity to show her ability she isn’t even given a chance. I think this is the most frustrating part. I mean even Gabrielle must be sick of always hunting for a man in every single movie she has been in. Isn’t there more to the black female experience then seeking romance? What about personal ambition or goals? What about a personal struggle internal or external why can’t that be explored in the movies?

I am sure Gabrielle craves for more tougher roles. I must point out I am not suggesting black romantic comedies are bad. I enjoyed “The Best Man”, “Two Can Play That Game”, “Last Holiday” and other black romantic comedies. Enough is enough there is more to the black experience then romantic films.

All I am suggesting is I want change to take place. I would like to see Gabrielle Union in more serious dramatic films and I am sure she wants this too. Gabrielle is a good actress when given the right material. The problem is Hollywood ignores black women for the big leading lady roles. The screenwriters write most of the scripts for white women. The very few dramatic films made for black women go to Halle Berry or Queen Latifah. Gabrielle Union is lucky at least she is a well known black actress. At least Gabrielle is on the list and gets a shot at an audition.

The dilemma for Gabrielle Union is, when a dramatic piece is created for a black actress usually several other black women are also fighting for the exact same role. The question has to be asked, is the public a part of the problem? Are we to blame the black audience? All Hollywood cares about is box office. If a movie does well they will repeat the formula five million times until the formula no longer works.

I think Gabrielle is at a crossroads in her career she is thirty five years old. In a few years, Gabrielle won’t be getting the romantic comedy roles the studios will pass over her for younger actresses. Gabrielle’s last film “The Perfect Holiday” bombed at the box office last month.

Earlier in 2007, Gabrielle was in the Tyler Perry film “Daddy’s Little Girls”. “Daddy’s Little Girls” was more successful making over $30 million dollars. The Tyler Perry film was the first time Gabrielle was the leading lady in a movie she did a good job.

I am not suggesting Gabrielle isn’t trying to shift genres and add layers to her acting. I remember she was on a ABC television show “Night Stalker” in 2005 I really enjoyed “Night Stalker”. Unfortunately, ABC canceled the show after just six episodes. ABC didn’t even give Gabrielle Union a chance to shine. It was such a shame because the show was just starting to really take off. On the “Night Stalker” show Gabrielle was a crime reporter it was a different role and she was excellent.

I know this won’t sound politically correct but why does Hollywood always think black people we are the life of the party? I am not going to knock Tyler Perry he has a right to make his movies. My argument is, why aren’t there other young black filmmakers besides Tyler Perry? Where are the black female filmmakers besides Kasi Lemmons?

The only dramatic films Hollywood releases about black people are feel good garbage such as “The Great Debaters”. Notice the film “The Great Debaters” is about heterosexual black men at the center. I am not interested in a history lesson. I want to be challenged when I see a movie and entertained. What about the rest of us? Don’t we matter? Why are the only dramatic films about black people are released at the end of the year? What about other times of the year?

Another question is, where is the diversity in black films? Why do all the films about black people always have to be about black heterosexual men? What about gay black people? Where do we fit in we are so invisible. When was the last time you saw a big budget film about black gays? The answer is never. Why can’t there be films about black gays and lesbians released in theatres? I hear the Noah’s Arc film is going to be released this year. The question is ,will Noah’s Arc have an audience beyond the gay community? Will black people gay and straight bother to watch the Noah’s Arc film? How will the Noah’s Arc film be marketed to reach a black audience?

I am cognizant of the fact Hollywood is a business that has a formula system. Hollywood is always about profit and making money. Why can’t Hollywood realize people want to see black women in other genres besides romantic comedies? Why can’t Gabrielle Union be in an action drama with a black female lead, or a detective movie, or a science fiction film, or a serious dramatic piece?

Twelve years ago “Set It Off” an amazing action drama about black women that were fighting the system. The movie starred Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Vivica A Fox, and Kimberly Elise. “Set It Off” was a hit making over $41 million worldwide despite having only a $9 million dollar budget. You would think Hollywood would take a hint? We want to see black women in other genres. Also, we want to see more then just Halle Berry or Beyonce Knowles.

I crave for more to see talented young black actors in other genres beyond the myopic romantic comedy genre. The quandary is, the romantic comedy sphere is considered a “safe bet” for Hollywood when dealing with blacks. Hollywood tends to make these films at low budgets and even if they bomb there is a low risk. It is so insulting to black film viewers that we don’t have enough choice. Maybe it is our fault? I mean how hard is it to distribute movies? It is clear to me more young black people need to get involved in the film business. We cannot cry and complain about Tyler Perry or bitch and moan about Spike Lee. I want to see new voices from younger black filmmakers. You know people under the age of thirty five!

Black people we are complex three dimensional people just like everyone else. Why is it the dramatic films about blacks always has to be about someone that is noble or perfect? Why can’t dramatic films about blacks demonstrate we have flaws as well we are not perfect. Why can’t a black drama not be a damn message movie! I think this is the reason I cringe when I hear all the hype about “The Great Debaters.” I am sorry to say those kinds of movies bore me they don’t interest or inspire me at all.

I would like too see more black dramatic films where risks are taken, I know black people and other people want to see something different then the garbage the studio system releases to the public.

However, I have noticed Gabrielle has not crossed over into the mainstream. I wonder why? I wonder is this Gabrielle’s choice or not? I hear she’s going to be in an Eddie Murphy movie another comedy this year called “Starship Dave”. I guess I am waiting in vain for Gabrielle Union to breakthrough and get the acclaim she deserves. Gabrielle has attempted to diversify her acting resume, she was in a dramatic film last year called Constellation. It was very unfortunate that once again the black audience ignored a serious dramatic film Constellation and the black media just didn’t provide any publicity for that film.

Another film that I am very excited about is Neo Ned. Neo Ned was screened on the independent film circuit two years ago and has won numerous awards and has fan approval. However, almost three years later Neo Ned not been released. Neo Ned has still not acquired distribution. Go to to read the reviews about this incredible film. It has been over two years yet still no distribution deal. I don’t get it? Neo Ned is clearly Gabrielle Union’s best performance, the film is controversial but it is an independent film. I really hope Gabrielle can find another serious dramatic piece such as Neo Ned she has talent but why won’t anyone give her the opportunity to shine?

It Is Official: Toronto District School Board Agrees To Open Black Focus School In September 2009


In the past, I would of said it is wrong for the Toronto District School Board to open a black focus school. There has been a passionate debate that I believe is a hindrance. The truth is, 40% of black teens are dropping out of school in the Toronto area. Also, only 5.2% of the teachers in the greater Toronto area are black. Only 9.6% of the principals are black.The question is why are a disproportionate number of black kids not completing their education? Let’s be real and honest here, the attitudes of some racists are that black kids are stupid, lazy, and lacking discipline.

It is obvious to me the issues some black children are encountering go deeper and deal with the psychological such as alienation, hopelessness, worthlessness, and despair. Next, people will whisper quietly of course that “the Asians and the white kids are adjusting and not having problems so why are some black kids struggling?” The covert racists will use this rationalization as an excuse to maintain the state sponsored racist curriculum that is detrimental to black youth.

The answer is obvious different groups are treated differently by the system. In the city of Toronto, black Canadians we have consistently been branded as the “out-group” and categorized as “the other”.

Toronto has a racial hierarchy, and in this racist hierarchy blacks are demonized consistently in the Canadian media and society compared to Asians. The editors, managing editors, editor in chiefs of Canadian newspapers are whites and Asians.

Pick up a Canadian newspaper you will notice no black people in high power media positions. I don’t think this is just a coincidence either. The racism is institutionalized. If more blacks were in power positions in the Canadian media the Canadian media would be run very differently then the lax journalism that currently takes place.

The Canadian media has a propensity to publishing in print or broadcasting on television and radio racist anti black pieces in order to create a pathology about us. Also, notice there are Asians that work in top media positions in Canada but blacks are excluded. Do you even have to wonder why? Race is socially constructed, and when a group of people are bashed consistently it can have a negative psychological effect on some members of a community.

Black lesbian Canadian feminist Dionne Brand, wrote a book about the racist attitudes of the Canadian media in her groundbreaking 2001 book “A Map To The Door Of No Return”. Please, I urge you go to the public library and read Ms. Brand’s excellent book about the ways in which the Canadian media and culture pathologize and demonize black folks. Also, read Dr. Joseph Mensah’s wonderful book “Black Canadians” Dr. Mensah provides statistical evidence with a strong polemical message about the entrenched racism against black Canadians. Both books are available at your local public library.I am sure since its black history month both books will be on “display”.

Dionne Brand and Joseph Mensah’s books didn’t receive a lot of ink in the Canadian press because Canada has this pretentious image of being less racist then America. The truth is, Americans are more real about racism then Canadians. Canada is a place where covert racism thrives and grows like a cancer. Some of these kids may even be depressed they don’t feel the material they are studying is engaging or interesting. When kids are interested in something the passion will emerge and they will try. When children have teachers that are anti racist that actually care about black kids they can achieve. However, the Toronto District School Board has a history of being racist against the Toronto black community and this is a fact.

However, I know from personal experience with the Toronto District School Board the course work is boring and anti black. Black kids are being alienated by racist teachers, racist principals, a system that is a form of systematic racism. I don’t understand the eruption of anger here there is only going to be one black focus school opening in the city in September 2009.

My question is where the hell does the segregation argument emerge from? The term “segregation” is an explosive word. However, aren’t black kids being segregated and alienated anyway by a racist Toronto education system that is anti black? Why is there such an imbalance in the number of black teachers teaching in the greater Toronto area? Teachers also have their own racist prejudices and biases against the black community. I remember when I was a kid back in the early 1990s. I had several battles with the racist teachers that wanted to hold me back because I am black.

Also, another important issue the media ignores is about the racist teachers that keep on discriminating against black kids. It is well known in Toronto that black students are treated differently then the whites and the Asians. In the 1990s, in the city of Brampton, which is a suburb of Toronto there was a teacher that was fired in the year 1993 he was a part of the Ku Klux Klan. Isn’t that scary the Peel District School Board didn’t even do a background check? The Peel District School Board allowed a member of the Ku Klux Klan to teach impressionable children.

However, I now understand this new school for black students that will open in September 2009 is so important. The bottom line is some black children are simply slipping through the cracks and it has taken the Toronto Board of Education this long to realize something needs to be done. I think one school is not the solution but a step in the right direction. It is obvious to me that the hiring practices of the Toronto District School Board needs to change they need to hire more black teachers.

The curriculum also needs to change immediately! Why should black children be forced and subjected to reading racist anti black books such as Harper Lee’s garbage white savior novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” or study just European history? Why can’t black kids learn about the history of the African Diaspora? There needs to be more diversity in the course material to engage and interest black kids.

Some people are getting all emotional but this is only one school so the vast majority of black children in the greater Toronto area still will have to attend regular school. I just hope the Toronto District School Board wakes up and realizes this is just a band aid solution. The real culprit is their apathetic attitude to the concerns of the black community. Why should black kids be subjected to reading Shakespeare? Who cares about Shakespeare? Why can’t black kids read about Canadian writers of colour such as Makeda Silvera or Evelyn Lau?

My poetry was published In The January 2008 Issue Of The Wilderness House Literary Review

I should of mentioned this earlier but this month my poetry was published in the United States. The Wilderness House Literary Review is an online poetry journal based in Littleton Massachusetts. My poetry was published in the January 2008 issue of the Wilderness House Literary Review.

Although, I was not paid for my work it is a nice that somebody out there likes my poetry. Poetry can be very subjective its all about whether the editors like your work or not. Six poems were published in the current issue of the Wilderness House Literary Review. It feels good that the poetry editor likes my poetry. I notice my poetry is an acquired taste I guess. It gives me confidence that people actually like my work because I sometimes have difficulty with self doubt. I am introducing myself to new audiences. I think these new poems are better and demonstrate my growth as a poet and an artist.

Here is the link to the Wilderness House Literary Review:

I Miss Karyn White She Should Make A Comeback!


I was just listening  to Karyn White’s music and girlfriend is an amazing singer, danger, and artist. I love the song ” Hungah”. Karyn White exploded on the R&B pop music scene in the late 198os and early 1990s with hit songs such as “Secret Rendezvous”, “The Way You Love Me”, “Superwoman”, “Romantic” and “Hungah”. Before Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna, there was Karyn White. Karyn’s last album was released in 1994 in North America. I hope Karyn can make a comeback I miss her!

It is Official Gloria Steinem Is A Racist Bigot And A Misandrist


Feminist scholar Gloria Steinem’s racist and misandrist opinion piece she wrote on January 8th 2008 for the New York Times speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. I want to vomit right on Gloria Steinem’s face. Steinem makes the inaccurate racist and sexist argument that black men have it easier in society than all women. Steinem states that gender is a more destructive form of discrimination then race.

Steinem refuses to acknowledge her analysis is not only flawed it is also racist and misandrist. White women have social power in the United States due to being white. It is easy for a rich, white,heterosexual, American, feminist such as Gloria Steinem to ignore the social, economic, and political realities of racism. I wish Steinem and I can trade places and she will see how hard black men have it in this racist and sexist anti black male society.

It is obvious that Gloria Steinem doesn’t live in the real world she lives in some delusional alternative universe. Steinem states that black men got the vote before all women in the United States. It is true, that black men were able to vote before women in America. However, Steinem argument is deleterious because she ignores the fact black men we encounter racism and gender discrimination because we are black and male. Steinem’s tactic is to create tension in the black community. Steniem wants black women to support Hillary Clinton but Hillary Clinton is no sister to black women that’s for sure. When are white feminists going to acknowledge the friction between black women and white women? Just because black men are male, we absolutely do not have more privilege in society than white women.

However, black men are discriminated in many ways in the United States after receiving the right to vote due to gender and race. Black men encounter racism and sexism in terms of employment discrimination, police brutality, racism in the judicial system, housing, access to quality health care, and education. Black men we have been murdered and brutalized just for being black and male for centuries.

Steinem of course ignores the racism of the suffrage movement against black women and other women of colour because this would weaken her argument. White feminists such as Gloria Steinem obviously don’t get it. Black feminists and other feminists of colour have argued for decades that race, gender, sexuality, and class, are inextricably linked. We cannot divorce ourselves and choose one over the other it simply doesn’t work. Black people and other people of colour we encounter discrimination on many different levels.

Steinem is playing the typical game white liberals play very well and it is called the divide and conquer strategy. White liberals such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, along with Gloria Steinem know Barack Obama is a serious threat. Steinem attempts to frame the argument of placing race against gender. The Clintons are using Steinem to acquire more black female votes and trying to create division in the black race.

Black feminists organizations such as the Combahee River Collective have spoken out against the pathetic racist game that some white feminists have played for decades. The Combahee River Collective have stated in their work that black women cannot divorce themselves from the black race. Another black feminist Audre Lorde wrote about the fallacy of the “global sisterhood” in her groundbreaking book “Sister Outsider”. Lorde wrote about the fact some white feminists only want to exploit and use black people and black women when it serves their racist self interests.

Hillary Clinton wants as much support and votes as possible. Since Steinem is considered one of the leaders of the mainstream white female feminist movement, the Clintons are using Steinem to attempt to split the black vote along gender lines. What has the mainstream feminist movement ever done for black women other then to marginalize and patronize black women? It is the reason black feminism was created because black women and people that are black feminists understand mainstream white feminism doesn’t work for us. What has Hillary Clinton ever done for black females? As Janet Jackson said in her hit 1986 song “what have you done for me lately?”

Some white feminists concentrate only on gender discrimination since they have white skin privilege. Some white women refuse to acknowledge the fact that men of colour we also encounter incredible amount of oppression in society due to race and gender. People of colour we have to deal with multiple forms of oppression. We cannot ignore gender but must also not ignore race as well.

Steinem of course ignores the power of white skin privilege because this is what so called white liberal feminists such as Steinem do very well. Steinem wants black women to support Hillary Clinton because she is female. If some black females want to vote for Hillary Clinton this is their choice. However, my argument is Steinem is trying to create a gender battle between black men and black women. Steinem’s perspective is women regardless of race should support Hillary Clinton due to gender. My question is why? What about Hillary Clinton’s politics? Clinton is a classic centralist and a flip flopper. Clinton supported the war in Iraq.

There is also a history of racism in the mainstream feminist movement against blacks. Steinem like some white liberal feminists ignore the incredible amount of racial discrimination in society against black people. Some white feminists also like to ignore the fact they contribute to racism against black people. Gloria Steinem’s essay in the New York Times is a perfect example of exploiting the public sphere to spread her anti black male bigotry. Feminists of colour for decades have written and spoken up about the hypocrisy and racism of the mainstream feminist movement.

Although Hillary Clinton is a female she is still white and a part of the white American majority. Senator Clinton still has the power of white skin privilege to assist her and help her. Gloria Steinem fails too acknowledge this fact. Last time I checked the majority of the American population are white Americans. Whiteness has a lot of currency in the United States and to ignore the social and political power of whiteness is to ignore the power of race and racism.

Steinem knows that some black women will be voting for Senator Obama and not all black women or black people will be voting for Senator Clinton. Steinem can support Hillary Clinton if she wants to that’s her choice. However, I resent the racist subversive message Steinem is saying that black men got it easier then white women in society. I find Steinem’s analysis is full of bigotry and prejudice.

Why doesn’t Gloria Steinem complain about white female celebrities such as Barbra Streisand supporting Hillary Clinton? Why doesn’t Steinem focus on the NOW Organization? There are plenty of white women in the United States that are going to support Hillary Clinton just because she is a white female. Why doesn’t Steinem focus on this side of the argument? The so called white liberals in the United States have a fear of Senator Obama but that’s their problem and not his. I also question why black Americans would even bother supporting Hillary Clinton in the first place? What the hell has Hillary Clinton done for black people? Black Americans and other people of colour in the United States are in a unique position their votes can actually influence this election. I suggest black people and other people of colour pay close attention to the dirty politics of Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

Next, Hillary and Bill Clinton have the old black civil rights guard trying to tear down Senator Obama. Once again the divide and conquer strategy the Clintons and their supporters are attempting to use again this time in blackface. I believe the old black civil rights guard time has passed. There is a new black generation that wants change . Just because Andrew Young and the old black civil rights guard are also black people doesn’t mean other black people have to agree with them. We agree to disagree I don’t trust the Clintons. The Clintons are ignorant about the concerns of the younger black generation and Senator Obama is indeed cognizant of the issues young blacks are worried about. Young black people aren’t going to worry about the old goats such as Andrew Young. The Clintons have the old black civil rights leaders doing their dirty work for them. Andrew Young and the other culprits have made bullshit statements that the Clintons are more black then Obama. Give me a break.

Some white feminists also have the racist and sexist attitude that only women encounter discrimination due to gender. White women benefit from affirmative action more then black males. Black men we encounter so much racism and sexism in society and that’s a fact.

The United States also has a history of anti black male racism and sexism. Black men have been lynched in the American South for decades prior to the civil rights movement. Black men we still encounter racism and sexism in the year 2008. We must not ignore history. The racist American Jim Crow system created proscriptions to demonize, humiliate, and emasculate, black men and black male sexuality. Thousands of innocent black men were brutally murdered for just being black and male. Next, racist police officers and the racist anti black judicial system also has incarcerated innocent black men. Why doesn’t Gloria Steinem discuss this issue?

White female sexuality for centuries since the days of slavery has been placed on a pedestal as being pristine and true womanhood. Interracial relationships between white women and black men are still considered taboo in North America. Thousands of black men were unfairly discriminated against accused of daring to look at or talk to white women and were lynched. The racism and sexism against black men continues. Black male sexuality is still a taboo in society.

Does anyone remember Emmett Till? Emmett Till was a young black teenager in the year 1955 was accused of whistling at a white woman. Black men have had to live for decades in fear of being murdered for false allegations of daring to speak at, talk to, or even look at a white woman. Next, racist white men dragged Emmett Till out of his mother’s house and he was brutally and savagely killed. I wonder if Gloria Steinem thinks Emmett Till had it easier in society due to being black and male? There is also a history of white Americans gathering at the lynchings of thousands of black men as though it was a festive party and a form of entertainment.

Fast forward to the year 2006 Michael Sandy a young black gay man was lured online by four white men for a sexual encounter. Sandy did not know he was going to be attacked due to being black and male. Sandy was savagely beaten by the four young white men and as Sandy ran for his life he was struck by a car and he died five days later. Where was the mainstream American media when Michael Sandy died? Why wasn’t Sandy discussed on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC? Why was the mainstream silent?

Why didn’t anyone care? When the white gay male Matthew Shepard died ten years ago it was front page news. When Michael Sandy died in October 2006 his death was considered an afterthought and irrelevant due to the fact he was black and male. The white gay press ignored Sandy’s death it was proof of the intersection of violence against black men and that race, gender, and sexuality affects black males. The blood of a black person is considered inferior to the blood of a white person in North America. Oops I forgot Sandy was a young gay black man. The mainstream USA press and white American gay media outlets were apathetic to Sandy’s death. If Sandy was white they would care but because Sandy was black they ignored his death.

The word sexism is not a female only domain and some feminists act as though they also cannot be racist and sexist. Black men we have also been discriminated against in terms of our gender. Black men we also encounter sexism in society that is misandrist and anti black male. Some feminists act as though just because black men are males we have it so much easier then women and this is total illogical argument. I guess that’s the reason why millions of black men encounter violence from the police force in major and small North American cities. I also guess the reason there is a disproportionate amount of racism in the judicial system against black men that we don’t face sexism either.

Steinem is a typical white feminist racist bigot. Steinem says Barack Obama doesn’t have the political experience to be the President of the United States. Why doesn’t Steinem just be honest she doesn’t want a black man to challenge Hillary Clinton. Some white feminists use the code of “experience” to conceal their racist anti black male prejudices. What experience does Hillary Clinton have other then being Bill Clinton’s sidekick?

When will it ever be right for Senator Obama to run for the United States presidency? Should Senator Obama wait two, five, ten, or twenty years to run? When will it ever be the right time? For some white liberals and feminists such as Gloria Steinem the real honest answer is never. Some white Democrats resent Senator Obama because he actually is acquiring a lot of support and they believe he is taking away votes from Clinton.

The Democratic party also has racist bigots that don’t mind black people being “behind” whites but don’t want “blacks” in leadership roles. Black people are tired of being in the back row and want to engage in the political process. The Clintons racist tactics proves they are no friends of the black community. Steinem, The Clintons, and their supporters are trying to do everything in their power to destroy Senator Obama.

Next time Gloria Steinem wants to discuss and compare the discrimination white women and black men encounter perhaps she should look at all sides of the argument. The divide and conquer strategy white liberals such as Steinem are attempting to play will not work this time.

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Ana Ivanovic Is Overrated Still Not A Champion


I watched the Australian Open women’s final and Maria Sharapova played well. I cringed when the ESPN commentator Dick Enberg got all horny about Ivanovic and Sharapova’s so called “appearances.” Yes, this dirty old man Dick Enberg doesn’t view women tennis players as athletes just objects for his sexual gratification and masturbation fantasies. I guess in the western culture Maria Sharapova is considered attractive I disagree. I think Ana Ivanovic is clearly more beautiful then Sharapova. When I think about it why does the media place so much emphasis on Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic’s looks? People on the internet called the final “the battle of the beauties”. Can’t women tennis players just be professional athletes? Why the emphasis on physical appearance? When Roger Federer or Andy Roddick plays tennis matches nobody makes a big deal about their looks so why are women tennis players treated differently?

Aren’t Sharapova and Ivanovic athletes? Or are women supposed to be beautiful while they are sweating on a tennis court and never sweat? Naomi Wolf wrote in her book “The Beauty Myth” over eighteen years ago that women are judged based on appearance in society first. Next,other characteristics such as intelligence, personality are considered secondary. I do think it was kind of sexist of Dick Enberg to go over on and on about how pretty Sharapova and Ivanovic are. I also was tired of the ESPN commentators repeating the same story about Ana Ivanovic’s tough childhood in Belgrade Serbia. We have all heard the story ten million times. Why can’t the commentators concentrate on the tennis and be quiet between the points? The BBC tennis commentators and the Tennis Channel tennis commentators are much more professional then ESPN television that’s for sure.

However, Ivanovic started to connect with the ball when she down 4-2 in the first set won the next three games to get it to 5-4 0-30 on Sharapova’s serve. Next, Ivanovic choked and the match was over. Sharapova swept right past Ivanovic winning the match.

The second set was easy Maria won the match 7-5 6-3. I was impressed with Maria Sharapova’s serve and nerve despite getting a bit tight losing the 4-2 lead in the first set. Maria fought back hard. In the second set Sharapova served well and Ivanovic just didn’t have a plan B. I was disappointed in Ivanovic she didn’t have the conviction and she choked under the pressure. Also, I can see Ivanovic has game but she needs to add more variety to her game why did she continue to slug it out with Sharapova when her forehand was off? Ivanovic has skills but she needs to get tougher mentally or else she’s not going to reach the top of the women’s game.

One of my complaints about tennis is there is too much ball bashing and not enough thought process in constructing points. Why didn’t Ana use some slice backhands low to Sharapova’s forehand or backhand? Why didn’t Ana moon ball Sharapova a bit? Change the pace? Sharapova won the match fair and square. I am no fan of Maria but she did an excellent job winning all seven matches at the Australian Open and destroying Lindsay Davenport and Justine Henin easily.

Maria Sharapova is for real nobody can say she’s not anymore. Maria is a multiple slam champion she has now won three out of the four grand slams. Maria is only twenty and she already has three grand slam singles titles. Unlike former “glamour girls” such as Gabriela Sabatini or Anna Kournikova they just didn’t have the mental toughness or the drive that Maria Sharapova has. Maria wants to be a champion and now she has elevated herself to the next level. I can see Maria Sharapova winning more grand slams. I don’t understand the WTA computer though. According to the WTA Ana Ivanovic is going to be number two in the world next week. In my mind, the four elite players on the WTA are the Williams Sisters, Justine Henin, and Maria Sharapova they are the ones winning the slams.

The Serbs Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic are solid players but I still do not consider either Serbian women as real grand slam contenders yet. Jankovic shocked Serena Williams in the quarterfinals and then played poorly against Sharapova in the semifinals. It looks like Jankovic can’t seem to get past a grand slam semifinal. Ivanovic played better in the Australian Open final compared to the 2007 French Open final against Justine Henin. However, where is the mental toughness from Ana Ivanovic? I just am not impressed with her mental frailty at the moment.

I know Ivanovic will become a champion but I am tired of the media hyping up players that have not had the breakthrough. Maria Sharapova is the only young female tennis player that is a multiple grand slam champion. Jelena Jankovic, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Ana Ivanovic, have all failed to deliver. The WTA rankings may say Jankovic is number four next week and Kuzentsova will be ranked number three. In my mind I know the elite tennis players are simply better then the rest. Maria Sharapova is not number five in the world but the WTA computer rankings will say she is number five on Monday. Maria is better then number five and the Williams Sisters are also better then their rankings. Venus Williams had two slams at the age of twenty, Serena had won one by age twenty, Maria has three, Martina Hingis won five grand slams by age twenty. Ana Ivanovic has zero.

Roger Federer Is Still Number One Despite Shock Loss At Australian Open



My goodness reading the articles on the internet you would think the world has ended and the sky is falling? Is this a dystopian era or something? Yes Roger lost in the Australian Open semifinals but he also has been suffering from a stomach virus. Roger is human even the great champions such as Roger Federer lose tennis matches.  Roger is too nice a champion to make excuses but it is clear to me Roger is ill he just wasn’t feeling well. Novak played well but Roger clearly wasn’t 110% on the court. We are so used to Roger being so perfect on the tennis court any loss is shocking and surprising.

Roger Federer is still the supreme number one male tennis player and he is the one to beat on the ATP Tour. Roger will bounce back like he always does. Roger had an incredible streak he reached ten consecutive grand slam finals in a row the longest ever in men’s tennis history.

On the page the always pathetic Patrick McEnroe of course is talking nonsense about Roger’s loss claiming it is significant. The only significant thing I notice is the futility of the American male tennis players. Why doesn’t McEnroe focus on that for a change? Patrick McEnroe once again continued his homoerotic obsession with Andy Roddick yet Roddick has proven his time has passed. Roddick once again lost early at a grand slam event. Roddick is on the same boat as Hewitt and Safin he is on his way out. Jo Wilfred Tsonga is for real and soon Andy Murray will also vault right past Roddick in the ATP Tour rankings.

I strongly disagree with Patrick McEnroe’s analysis because I know he has a vendetta against Roger Federer. It is well known the American men are just not as talented as the young European generation of male tennis players. It is well known that American male tennis reporters such as Bud Collins and Patrick McEnroe resent Roger Federer for his supreme domination of men’s tennis. The Americans are like spoiled children they are used to winning and they resent Europeans such as Roger Federer’s iron fist dedication and hard work. Roger has been smashing the competition for four long years and he will continue to destroy the competition. Roger has been more dominant then Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Williams Sisters, Ivan Lendl, Mats Wilander, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors, and of course Pete Sampras. I have never seen anyone dominate tennis for so long like Roger Federer has.

Roger is also only twenty six years old so the public should expect to see Roger resume the dominating shortly. Roger will begin the winning sequence once again. Yes, Novak Djokovic the young Serbian star beat Roger Federer but I am not convinced Novak can beat Roger consistently. Djokovic will have a lot of points to defend in 2008 why don’t the media wait and see if he can handle the intense pressure?

Rafael Nadal is the player the media should be focusing on. Nadal has proven he’s another Hewitt he is a counter-puncher that can run around the tennis court like a chicken but doesn’t use his abilities to win matches. Nadal expends too much energy the guy is six foot one yet he plays like he is five foot nine. Nadal is so physically strong and imposing yet he refuses to develop his game further. Nadal had the easiest draw in grand slam history and he still could not reach a hard court grand slam final. Nadal’s serve is garbage. How can such a big strong muscular man like Rafael Nadal have such a garbage serve? Nadal’s serve works on clay because the court is slower but on hard courts it just sits up to be attacked. The only thing Nadal’s got going for him is his large muscles. I just think Nadal is going to be passed by Djokovic very shortly. I also believe Nadal is very overrated.

If you take close attention to Rafael Nadal’s record since last year’s French Open he only won one event in Germany and that was also on clay. Nadal has been blown off the hard courts by Roger Federer, David Nalbandian, Novak Djokovic, and numerous other players since last year’s French Open. I think the media got it all wrong Roger Federer is here to stay and Rafael Nadal could be on his way out. As for Andy Roddick and James Blake these two clowns are just not real contenders they are consistent pretenders. Maybe Patrick McEnroe should focus on the long grand slam singles  drought for the American men and leave Roger Federer alone.

Anyone Know Any Good Entertainment Lawyers Based In Toronto?

Does anyone know any good entertainment lawyers based in the Toronto area? I am conducting research because it looks like I am going to need one ASAP. I have been informed that TSAR is still making money off of my book “You Don’t Know Me”. Copies of “You Don’t Know Me” are still being distributed and TSAR this  is a clear violation of the termination agreement. The July 13th 2005 termination agreement clearly states the remaining copies of the book must be pulped at TSAR expense. According to Baker and Taylor Distribution in November 2007 they were still distributing the book. If you know of any good entertainment lawyers based in the Toronto area let me know ASAP.


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