I Hate The Toronto Theatre Scene!!!


Is the Toronto theatre scene boring? The answer is yes. Is the Toronto theatre scene racist and anti black male the answer is a resounding yes.  I hate when I receive e-mail rejections and there isn’t even an explanation there is all this politically correct bullshit. Nobody wants to be rejected of course, but I prefer an explanation. I prefer an honest answer, I don’t like it when people lie to me.  I will have to look over my play again to see where the miscommunication or disconnect is?

I think there is a fear about my play because it is extremely explosive and controversial!  My play tells the truth to the world about how racist, sexist, misandrist, and homophobic the city of Toronto really is!!!

I just hate when I receive responses such as you know what I’m talking about “there were a lot of submissions this year” or I love this line “it was really difficult to choose.” I am not giving up on my play and I definitely want to improve it. I was really psyched up and excited about a people of colour play festival in Toronto. However, I doubt any black gay men will be included in this so called fucking Toronto theatre festival!!!!

I just received a rejection via e-mail this afternoon. I am crushed. I hate receiving e-mail rejections I find that so impersonal.  If you’ve going to reject me give me a fucking reason damn it!!!  Yes, I am going to bitch right now because I feel like it so let me bitch for a moment and burn off some steam here!!!!!

What can I do? I guess all I can do is try to improve my play. Earlier this year, another Toronto play festival claimed my play was “excellent” and “made the short list”. I immediately asked for advice because obviously words mean nothing if my play isn’t on the stage for the world to see.

Next, the woman claimed they had a “very tough” decision.”  Yet when I look at the Toronto theatre scene all I see is bullshit. Where are the plays specifically about the young black gay Canadian male experience? Yeah, the black lesbians in Canada are actually a part of the theatre scene here but that’s  got nothing to do with me.  Young black gay Canadian men we are invisible in the Canadian arts.There are black gay Canadian male artists here but some of those guys are such cowards they hide in the closet. I’m not hiding in the closet but I am also no wallflower either. I speak up for myself and what I believe in.

Is it possible my play was a bit too political and not politically correct? I guess for some Toronto theatre festivals they can’t  handle strong language and powerful art. I guess my play should have been written differently you know I could have written a lie and claim the city of Toronto is a utopia paradise and is perfect with racial harmony? Or should I tell the truth that beneath the surface. I believe there is an “invisible code” to the pernicious, deleterious, and horrible anti black racism that takes place right here in Toronto. Why are people so fake here?

I swear I hate this country! I honestly think I am in the wrong place?  I’m going to leave this shit hole of a country.  Canada is too limiting and too politically correct. I think its time to look into getting a visa and just leaving this shit hole of a country. Everyone is so fake and pretentious here.

Take a look at the Toronto theatre scene especially the black Toronto theatre scene it is so derivative, pathetic, and lacking in details. How many times can a play about a black inventor, or about slavery or the fucking Underground Railroad be produced? How many times?  I am serious. Don’t worry during black history month next year there will be a whole bunch of slave plays to choose from for you’re viewing pleasure.

Yes, I am venting now and I am going to vent!!!! Thank goodness, I have enough brains to send my play to the United States. Why do I have this feeling that my play is going to get produced first outside of Canada? Canadians are so fucking fake and phony!!!!

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

6 responses to “I Hate The Toronto Theatre Scene!!!”

  1. aulelia says :

    Keep your chin up Orville and make that play made! We all know it is going to be straight up FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those people don’t know jack shit. Keep writing!

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Hi Aulelia thank you for the support. The thing is I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t agree with me. The thing is this there are some controversial issues that I discuss in my play that I know won’t be considered “politically correct” by certain people in Toronto. Isn’t that what a play is supposed to be about to challenge people to get people to think? I think that’s what theatre should be about? The artist is meant to disturb. I don’t follow the status quo and I am definitely looking elsewhere in fact I might send my play to the UK too.

  3. Miss Hattie says :

    Awwwwwwwh, Orville, I wanna give you a big fat hug.

    I’m not worried.

    I’m not worried because not only do you have a play, but a play that I might add, has received positive feedback.

    You have passion and perseverance.

    I’m confident your play will be produced.

    And I don’t think you’ll have it any other way.

    I understand where you’re coming from. I’m sorry you are feeling bummed about this. It will pass and you will continue.

    I know. Shit ain’t always fair or just.

    For Goddssakes, whatever you do, don’t water it down. Your play is what it is. You just gotta keep looking for an outlet for it.

    It’s kinda like a job interview. We continue with that because we HAVE to. But with other pursuits, sometimes we opt out (like I did with my script). But it’s like a job interview and math and shit. That is, even if there are 50 Nos, or 100 or 1000, the probabilities say that eventually there will be a yes.

    As for rejection without an explanation; yes, it sucks but I figure you should get used to it, Orville.

    I was in a fantasy world about my script and my book. I thought the hardest part would be creating those two things. I was wrong. The hardest part is marketing it. That’s why I didn’t market my book. All I wanna do is write. I hate the other part, quite frankly. LOL.

    Keep your head up, Orville.

    Just continue to believe (even if no one else does) that your greatness awaits you.

    I damn sure believe that for me.

  4. Miss Hattie says :

    Oops. I read that and am reminded about the problem of written communication, so let me clarify.

    Er, when I said “get used to rejection” I didn’t mean you should get used to it cuz you’re work sucks and you should expect rejection…

    What I meant is that as a writer submitting stuff, rejection is to be expected.

    I hope I cleaned that up. LOL

  5. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Hi Miss Hattie I totally understand and you’re right rejection is part of the game in the arts. The important thing is that I am not giving up. I once again submitted my play to another theatre.Also, another theatre has my play and the artistic director said he would give me feedback. And that’s what I am looking for feedback. I know as a writer rejection is just part of the game everyone goes through it. I guess yesterday the e-mail I received I just felt the lady was really pretentious with her reply. I don’t like that. I just wanted the truth. But I am feeling better today. I think that’s why I like my blog I can let off some steam LOL!!!

  6. invisiblewoman says :

    Cathy Hughes, one of my idols, who owns Radio One and TV One—a huge conglomerate, frequently tells how she was rejected in the beginning with her proposal 32, yes, 32 times before the 33rd person believed in her. And she had already been in radio for years! Keep the faith.

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