The Perfect Holiday Flops! Morris Chestnut Is Still A Hunk!!!


Well, I just checked, The Perfect Holiday bombed big time. The movie only made $2, 930,138 at the box office. “The Perfect Holiday” is a flop and I am not surprised. I have to be honest, I am sick of seeing the same black actors in the same genre together. Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut have been typecast in the black romantic comedy genre. I think people just passed this movie because it’s the same recycled cast. I think Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut are good actors but my goodness don’t they realize they are typecast? I think the major issue is Hollywood’s myopic view of black culture. Hollywood thinks blacks can only “make money” in romantic comedies. Why not present another genre to the black film audience? Stop insulting us with this garbage.

Black movie fans want to see more then romantic comedies. Where are the dramatic films with young black actors under the age of thirty five? Where is the diversity, the deep layers, the complexity? I think most black people said “whatever” and just skipped this movie “The Perfect Holiday”. I can’t blame them either.

I wish Gabrielle’s dramatic film Neo Ned can finally be released. Go to or visit You Tube and type Neo Ned in the search engine. It is so frustrating because Neo Ned is an incredible film. My goodness is Neo Ned ever going to be released or what? I have been waiting over two years to see that damn movie! Release Neo Ned damn it! Hollywood needs to realize where is the younger talent? We need newer and younger black actors to shine on the silver screen. Gabrielle needs to realize that if she wants to become a serious actress the time is now. Yes, I understand Gabrielle Union has bills to pay but girlfriend, “The Perfect Holiday” is like another “Honeymooners”. I wish Gabrielle would take more risks in her career like she did with “Neo Ned”? I think “Neo Ned” has got to be the strangest thing going on in Hollywood. How can a film with so much critical acclaim not be released? I mean my goodness release the damn movie!!!

Meanwhile, This Christmas continues to do well grossing over $46, 043,000. This Christmas had the advantage of being released during the very lucrative American Thanksgiving holiday. I think this should be a lesson for Hollywood perhaps?

I think the release date for “The Perfect Holiday” was wrong. I actually think a late December or perhaps a January release would of been better. Why release two black Christmas movies back to back? People are just going to choose one over the other. Oh well, Morris Chestnut is so cute he is still a hunk!!!! I wish he was getting more serious film roles.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

12 responses to “The Perfect Holiday Flops! Morris Chestnut Is Still A Hunk!!!”

  1. says :

    “Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut have been typecast in the black romantic comedy genre. ”

    You’re right, Orville. This is so old.

    “the same recycled cast”

    “myopic view of black culture”

    Orville, I cosign with you. Like you, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of this.

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Yes its so true. It is so derivative what Hollywood is doing here. I wonder if or when Hollywood will finally wake up and stop underestimating the black movie audience? We pay attention to patterns. I like Gabrielle and Morris but I am sick and tired of seeing them recycling the same movies over, and over, and over again. Enough is enough! Again, as I said before when is Neo Ned going to be released? Neo Ned I think can make Gabrielle a star. However, for some bizarre reason there are distribution problems. Gabrielle has branched out a bit in movies such as Constellation and Running With Scissors and Neo Ned. Its just frustrating that there are no dramatic films that feature black actors. We need more diversity here!!!!

    I also believe a problem is those damn gatekeepers in Hollywood the people with the power to greenlight movies. It really angers me because they stereotype black people and think we are just the life of the party. There is so much complexity to the black experience. Where are the black dramas? Why can’t Morris or Gabrielle be in a drama, or a spy movie, or a detective film? I think the directors, producers, screenwriters and movie executives need to wake up! Stop insulting us with this crap!!!

  3. Baby Please says :

    “We need newer and younger black actors to shine on the silver screen”

    I totally agree! Yes. This is true. We need some new blood. This is very true.

    But you know, O, I hold us responsible. Who is supporting Gabby and Chestnut at the box office when their romantic comedy films come out? White audiences? I seriously doubt it. We are supporting it. We are paying for tickets. We are cosigning with this. When the bottom line is affected, I’m guessing we’ll see a change. And not before.

    Acceptance. Acceptance. Acceptance. It’s getting us NOWHERE.

    We need to wake up!

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    You are right, white people aren’t supporting Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut we are. Black people, we are the problem because we support this bullshit. We are the ones to blame here. Hollywood recycles the same shit it is tired, whack, and dry.

    I mean look at Will Smith the guy just had the biggest December opening ever “I Am Legend” made over $76 million at the box office. My question are we in serious trouble now? Will Smith is an amazing actor, but he’s also thirty nine years old.

    Where is the young blood? Why can’t younger black actors under the age of thirty five get these kind of roles that Will Smith gets? Its so frustrating to see all these talented black actors like Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut segregated in the black romantic comedy genre.

    And when Gabrielle and Morris do break out and try different movie roles they are indie films that can’t even get released! Neo Ned has won a lot of critical acclaim I don’t understand why Gabrielle’s controversial film hasn’t been released yet.

    And Hollywood just looks at the box office numbers and continues to be “safe”. Now since This Christmas is a hit Hollywood will continue with about ten more black romantic comedies that are similar.

    You are right we can complain until we are blue in the face. I’m still trying to get my play produced. And I really hope it does happen because I am trying. I am glad I wrote my play because we cannot just complain about Hollywood. We have to take action if we want to see diversity in black films.

  5. Kimi says :

    I don’t see the problem with 2 black Christmas movies being released simultaneously – heck white movies are released simultaneously all the time!

    I think if the flick is good, folks will go see both regardless & bottom line, The Perfect Holiday was NOT a good flick & it would not have been good no matter when it was released.

    Thankfully I got the bootleg (what strides we are making in bootlegs LOL – it was just as if we bought it or saw it at the movies – nobody walking to their seat or anything!) I have not seen “This Christmas” yet but planned to (& will pay for that one) because I heard nothing but rave reviews. The Perfect Christmas, while the storyline was good/interesting, sucked overall even with a top notch cast.

    Terrence Howard was used for nothing more than his name, he wasn’t in the movie more than 10 minutes TOPS. So his fans would get robbed if they paid to see him.

    Unfortunately, most of the flicks Hollyweird allows us to churn out are mediocre. They know that we are so starved for something with “us” in it that they can throw us any bones & most of us will bite.

  6. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Kimi shame on you for buying a bootleg DVD lol! Just kidding! You do have a point that the “Perfect Holiday” was derivative and not a good film. You make an excellent point about Hollywood just churing out the recycled cast, the recycled story because they think blacks will just watch “anything” with blacks. Well “The Perfect Holiday” has proven Hollywood wrong. We want to see our black actors in a variety of genres we don’t want to just see them in romantic comedy. The problem with Hollyweird is they are all about formula and all about what they think is “safe” and will sell. I wonder will Hollywood ever make a film with a young black cast that is not a comedy?

    However, I do think because there are so few quality films for black audiences people were going to compare and contrast the two films. I think it was inevitable.

    Terrance Howard does have an Oscar nomination but my personal opinion is he hasn’t proven himself to be a box office draw yet. Howard’s movie Pride bombed earlier this year. He also was in the bomb Awake, and now this new bomb “The Perfect Holiday.” I notice Howard has a lot of films he’s in. I am not sure if he’s choosing his roles carefully or if he’s just trying to make money? Howard now has some leverage in Hollywood. I really think he should use his new power to his advantage and stop doing crap that are below his abilities.

  7. says :

    And that’s another topic we can talk about. Far beyond the amount of roles a given actor has under his or her belt, worth examining is the kind of roles.

    I prolly shouldn’t say this because I haven’t looked into this. But in reasearching a post, I saw that Vivica Fox was in like 70 movies in the last two years — okay, I think it was like 14 — I never heard of them.

  8. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    You are free to speak your mind here so preach it! I have been paying attention to Terrance Howard, Wesley Snipes and Vivica A Fox. I think for Vivica because she’s a black woman and she is over the age of 40 she has to deal with sexism. So for Vivica I can kind of have some sympathy for her choices. I think Vivica has less choice then say Terrance Howard. Howard should be making better choices. Maybe they feel like they have to take “anything” because they just want a steady income to maintain their standard of living? Wesley Snipes has appeared in a lot of straight to DVD films because he wants his money fast. I have heard that when actors reach a certain level and don’t have to “audition” for parts they feel like they have more freedom and just do whatever it takes to make money.

    The thing with acting is some actors like Sanaa Lathan really care about the craft of acting and are very serious about it. Sanaa has a Masters in Acting from Yale university. Sanaa says she will not just do “anything” for the cash.

    Vivica has never denied doing a movie for the money. I think Eddie Murphy even admitted a few years ago he doesn’t care about critical acclaim he cares about making money. Roger Ebert criticized Eddie Murphy a while back for his film choices.Murphy said he didn’t what Roger Ebert had to say because he makes $15 million per movie. Although, I do wonder if they realize the damaging stereotypes that arise from their work?

    I have noticed Vivica has some pretty mediocre movies some straight to DVD. Again, I think maybe she just wants to make money Although, Vivica was on the critically acclaimed cable show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” this season. I hear people really liked Vivica’s performance on the show

  9. Kimi says :

    Hey Orville – I bootleg whenever possible! LOL. Had to do it to Denzel with American Gangster too.

    I have to agree about Terence Howard tho … I like him, but his choice of flicks lately haven’t been on point. & altho I like him, can’t say I’ve seen any of his flicks cuz he starred in it.

    Stick a fork in Wesley … he’s done!

    I love Queen Latifah, but would like to see her her “Flava Unit” production company put out a serious flick, they only churn out slapstick type comedies (The Cookout; Perfect Holiday).

    I don’t watch Curb often … tried to watch it for Vivica’s sake. She was fine on the show. Maybe if she was on it more often I’d pay that show more attention lol.

  10. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Yes its true Queen Latifah has power now she should be producing movies that have substance. Why release another recycled black romantic comedy? I hope Queen learns from this lesson with “The Perfect Holiday” doing so poorly at the box office.
    Ha Ha! Yeah Wesley is done and now he’s saying because of the whole tax evasion thing is drum roll please…..racism. No Wesley you have to pay your taxes just like the rest of us.

  11. johnny wishbone says :

    omg.. neo ned? another story of a white guy getting the black gurl? just as tired as the black guy with the white gurl.. PEOPLE.. WAKE UP!
    PLEASE!.. make our own movies.. our OWN movies.. with hd cameras and a little ingenuity.. we can do it.. ok.. maybe not the huge blockbusters but lets tell SOME of our stories our way.. jebus jumped up..

  12. Miss Hattie says :

    Cuuuuute; like your new design. :)

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