Sex Tourism and Male Prostitution: European Women Travel to Africa In Search Of Young African Men For Sex


Reuters published  a very interesting article that caught my attention today, it is about white women traveling to the third world chasing black men for sex. The piece is about old rich European women most likely from the United Kingdom traveling to Africa, Caribbean,  Latin America, in search of big black cock.

It is well known, the racist and sexist stereotype is black men like “rough sex” and this is a sexual thrill for sheltered  middle class white women.

The white women do not “respect” these young black males they just see them as sexual conquests people they can dispose and exploit for their sexual pleasure.

The media are so disingenuous! If  white women want to have sex with black men, then more power to them. However, let’s just be honest about sex tourism it exists for men and women. Sex tourism is not just a category for male tourists.

Notice the double standards in the mainstream media, in relation to sex tourism!

Sex tourism is not just “specific” to just “one gender”, yet the Occidental media has always framed this as a male only domain. We all have watched the documentaries about European or North American men traveling to Asia, Africa, or South America in search of young women for sex. Female sex tourism has gone on for decades yet now the mainstream media is finally focusing on the other side of sex tourism.

Why don’t the European women travel to India, China, South Korea, Japan, Nepal, Iran, Israel, Syria, or Jordan for sex? Why can’t white women date black men freely in the UK? Is interracial sex still a social taboo? It appears to be so!

Why do some white women make a decision to travel thousand of miles south to Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean? What is the difference between Asian men and black men? I don’t read articles about white women traveling to China or Japan searching for Asian young men. What is so special about young African men?

The Reuters article discusses British women vacationing in Kenya in search of the big black penis. Have you heard about this trend? I bet you haven’t? I also believe some “feminists” are probably involved in sex tourism as well because they view it as “female empowerment”. It is the classic white heterosexual female victimhood. It is the classic attempts by some white heterosexual women utilizing their “gender” to downplay their racist and sexist views of young black male sexuality.

So here you have a bunch of hypocritical racist and misandrist feminists that will bash the male gender that engage in heterosexual sex tourism. However, when mainstream feminists engage in sex tourism and exploit young African men they suddenly are silent about their own bigotry and prejudices. It’s like talk about throwing stones in glass houses.

The rich Occidental women have egos as well they want to feel attractive and sexy. Society has consistently bashed European or North American men that engage in sex tourism yet the media let women off the hook? I think its a total double standard. The European women also want to feel “hot” since they cannot “attract” young white men in the UK or Europe they travel to a foreign destination to feel powerful and in control. It’s also well-known in Africa “whiteness” is viewed as a social signifier of power, money, and dominance. The European women feel compelled to travel to Africa in search of young black men because the power dynamics are in their favour.

It’s interesting, because in feminist circles the trend is always about women being the victims of sex tourism and that women are exploited. The feminists act as though women cannot be misandrist, racist, and sexist. The European women travel to Africa for sex are indeed sexist and racist because they view the black men as sex objects for white heterosexual female desire. The black men are not depicted as “equals”.

Also, this isn’t about love this is about bunch of old ladies that want quick and easy sexual gratification while taking advantage of poor young African men in the process. Let’s not dress this up as some kind of romantic tale this is clear and obvious misandry. However, the Reuters article makes it clear that Kenya’s tourism industry is not happy about this new “image of the country” as a sex tourism magnet.

Now European women have joined in seeking young black men in Africa for sex. There is no age limit to how far these western women will go to fulfill their sexual desires. You have to wonder? Aren’t there young white or black European men available for these women? So why the need to travel thousands of miles to Africa for a sexual encounter?

It’s obvious that sex tourism is “easier” for the European women to not only to have the sexual encounters with young African men but also to fulfill their “African sex fantasy”. After the sex, the European women can travel back to Europe or North America and talk to their girlfriends about their “amazing” sexual encounters on the “dark continent”.

I think more research needs to take place in this arena. Why don’t the feminists discuss this perspective? Or do feminists not want to discuss sex tourism from a female perspective because they fear it will “place” white western women in a negative light? Aren’t these poor young black men here being exploited as well?

The American author Terry McMillan, she is most famous black western woman that was involved in sex tourism. McMillan’s so-called “love affair” with her ex husband Jonathan Plummer started out as sex tourism. The western media attempted to make McMillan appear “empowered” that she traveled to Jamaica to “liberate” herself. The truth is Terry McMillan “traveled” to Jamaica in search of the Big Black Foreign Cock. Terry didn’t want to have sex with an African-American man she wanted to have sex with a foreign black man “outside” of the United States.

Let’s be real and honest here, McMillan went on vacation in Jamaica specifically to seek out a young black man for sex. McMillan basically “purchased” a young Jamaican man Jonathan Plummer brought her “product” back to the good old United States. Soon Terry’s husband became her sex slave. I think McMillan and her marketing team were aware of how to “spin” the fairy tale about how she fell in love with her much younger husband.

One of the reasons McMillan married Plummer because she was cognizant of the negative image of the sex tourism factor. The residue of the social stigma of an older woman searching for sex in the Caribbean was probably on her mind and she had books to sell. Jonathan was only in his early twenties when he met McMillan he was young and naive. Of course he jumped at the opportunity to leave poverty behind in Jamaica for a new life in America. Although McMillan attempted to dress up her sex tourism experience as a “love affair” I’m not buying it.

My perspective is, that McMillan and Plummer had an “agreement” about their so called relationship. McMillan wanted a young black man she could “control” and have sex with. Jonathan was basically a sex slave for Terry he had no say. Terry didn’t want Jonathan to have new friends or new experiences. Terry also used Jonathan as her “product” to help sell her “books” and her “brand”. McMillan’s relationship was framed as a new form of “feminism”.

I don’t view someone exploiting someone else as “feminism” yet the feminist community sure did. Oprah had Terry and Jonathan on her show and Terry paraded her husband as though he wasn’t even a person he was just a human vibrator toy she bought in the Caribbean. Terry was much older, more experienced, she had the financial resources and Jonathan all he had been his youth. Terry also made sure they had separate bank accounts. After being married for a while, Jonathan he grew up he wanted new life experiences and now Terry McMillan is “angry” that her much younger husband has left her. Terry was the one that got screwed in the end because she thought she could exploit Jonathan forever. Terry’s just bitter that her younger husband got sick of her. Is it liberating in feminist circles to exploit young black men just for sex?

Plummer wanted an opportunity for “freedom” in America. Plummer and McMillan used each other their relationship was basically a “transaction”. How could McMillan and Plummer just “fall in love” so quickly and she brings Jonathan back to the United States? I do not believe a word Terry says because she got a best selling novel and movie “Stella Got Her Groove Back” out of her sex tourism experience. Terry used her husband to get rich and now she doesn’t want to provide her ex husband with compensation even though he was the fuel to her so-called “best-selling” romance novel.

I also find it interesting the North American media had to present the “May/December love angle” about McMillan and Plummer’s relationship. McMillan and her marketing team knew they had to “frame” the relationship in a positive light to “hook” and “sell” it to her female reading audience. Why couldn’t Terry just be honest with the public? I remember watching SEX TV in Toronto there was an episode on this phenomenon of rich western black and white women travel to the Caribbean in search of the big black penis.

I had a few problems with the Reuters article. I thought it was racist of Reuters to make the assumption that “only” the young black men can have sexually transmitted diseases. The article made it crystal clear some of the European women did not want to use “condoms” they wanted to “feel” the experience of having sex with a black man. Just because the rich European women are “white”, and “senior citizens” doesn’t mean they cannot also have sexually transmitted diseases. Isn’t it possible the European women can also pass on infections to the young black men? I thought this section of the article was very offensive because it frames young African men once again as disease carriers and it places all the blame on them.

Why did Reuters frame the article as if STDs is just one way traffic? I think its obvious once again that the media “lens” to this story is the older European women are “unfortunate victims”. The section about “condoms use” makes it appear as though the European women are “lonely spinsters” that aren’t thinking clearly. The truth is the white females are adults they have agency over their own minds and bodies. When are women ever accountable for their own actions? Nobody forced the European women to travel to Africa they made that choice. The British females made the decision to travel thousands of miles to Africa for sex. The European women know exactly what they are doing. It’s so racist for Reuters to make it appear as though the white women have no say. The fact is the white women have all the power. The white women have the “money” and the young African men “don’t” so they obviously have the “control.” Sex tourism doesn’t just take place in Kenya other hot spots are Gambia, Nigeria, and South Africa as well.

The piece also ignored the “obvious” reasons Western women travel to Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia, or South Africa for sex. Sure, Reuters did explore the “exotic” factor a little bit. The truth is the “dark skin factor” wasn’t explored. Some people are attracted to “darker skinned” African men its a sexual turn on for some Westerners. In the Occidental societies its well-known that darker skinned black men are viewed as more “masculine.”

The Occidental world has a love/hate relationship with black men. Interracial sex between white women and black men is still seen as “taboo” in this world. Despite the hypocrisy the western media frame young black men as being sexually attractive but of course as “tainted.”

The anonymous factor is a major reason rich Western women travel to Africa for sex. No one will “know” the Western women went to Africa in search for sex with young black men. Just to make things clear I am not against sex between consenting adults people have a right to make their own decisions. I am also not against interracial sex. It’s clear the older European women have manifested these sexual desires for young black men but an interracial relationship is considered “wrong” in the UK. The sex with the young black men is framed as “licentious”, “illicit” and “dirty” because if there was nothing “wrong” with the interracial sex why the need for the women to have their names “changed” for the Reuters article? After all, the European women are adults and adults can have sex with other adults if the sex is consensual.

The western women can have their sexual conquest and eat their cake too. Second, sex tourism is “fuelled” by racism. The racist stereotypes about black male sexuality is obvious. The “erotic” factor the Reuters didn’t explore is that some Western people think young African men are naive and easier to exploit since they are poor. Why didn’t the Reuters article explore this angle a bit further?

Why don’t the old British women chase young white males in the UK for sex? I am sure there are plenty of young white men in Scotland, or Wales, or England, or Northern Ireland that are poor too. Why not travel to Spain, Italy, Germany, France, or some where in Europe for these sexual encounters? So why aren’t these white women interested in “younger” white men? Why travel all the way to Africa?

I think the answer is clear some people still believe in the racist, misandrist stereotypes that all African men have enormous “large penises”, “more stamina”, “sexual prowess” and are “better lovers.” Let’s just put the cards on the table here we know what people say privately about black male sexuality. The racist and misandrist stereotypes are also that black men we only think about sex all the time and that’s all we are good for. It is disgusting and incredibly racist that Reuters refused to look at the article from all sides. Why is there this racist and sexist double standard? The Reuters article didn’t explore the sexual stereotypes angle enough. I was very disappointed about that because that’s the “fire” the “impetus” for Western people to travel to Africa for sex. The white women travelled to Africa in search of the mythical Big Black Dick.

These western women are not wallflowers they know “exactly” what they are doing and they aren’t “victims” either. In fact the European women are the “oppressors” they are taking advantage of poor, innocent, young black men for their own sexual gratification. Some of the men these women are having sex with are minors and teenagers. Some of these European female tourists are pedophiles. The reason white females travel down “south” for sex tourism is the same reason white and black western men do it they think obtaining sex is easier with no strings attached. So why is the public’s knowledge about sex tourism so one-sided?

In the Occident young African, Caribbean, and Afro Latino men are viewed as poor, uneducated, and desperate for money. The young black men are easy victims for racist rich women looking to quick sex.The western women have the “money” and the black men have their “youth” and “beauty”. A transaction takes place this form of sex tourism is basically male prostitution. Yet you won’t read about this going on in many feminist journals that’s for sure.

Link to article:;_ylt=Atrnwmh6J7blJ.tzUMQWMamGWo14

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

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  1. MarvalusOne says :

    This was very interesting…I also believe that the Terry McMillan/Jonathan Plummer thing was a facade, a fabricated fairy tale used as a foundation to promote her, her book, the movie…and when it blew up, she was pissed off because she looked like a fool. Well, when you enter a “transaction” (I like the way you phrased that) with a younger man, purely based on what he can do for you and what you can do for him, not based on mutual respect and love, that is what you get.

    This whole idea of European women traveling to Africa and the Islands just to have sex with these exotic dark men is not surprising to me. The fantasy of white women wanting to have sex with a Black man (even though they would never admit it) is still rampant…and you are correct, they know exactly what they are doing…to be the media and portray them any other way than horny white women looking to get their freak on is irresponsible and just plain wrong…

    Excellent post, as usual!

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Hi, MarvalusOne, I agree, there are indeed white women that still have the fantasy of wanting to have sex with a young black man. I think white society is fearful of white women having sex with black men. And some white women won’t admit they want to sleep with black men too. Reuters of course ignored the most important part of sex tourism and that’s the racism and the sexism. The media don’t want to peel beneath the surface and examine the “real” reasons white women travel to Africa, the Caribbean, or Latin America. We all know the racist stereotypes about black male sexuality still exist.Its the same reasons the western men do it. Its all about power, money, and dominance.I think the media should be honest about sex tourism and consistent its big business.

  3. Jeannette Belliveau says :

    Well, you erroneously state that this is an “Associated Press” article when it is actually Reuters. And there are far more benign explanations for relationships between well-to-do Western women and foreign men. Given that black and Asian women also engage in sex tourism — facts I uncovered during six years of research for my book, the only one to date on female sex tourism — and that Western women travel to Oceania, Latin America and Southeast Asia for travel sex, as well as Africa and the Caribbean, we can see that sensational articles on older women in Kenya really, truly miss the boat on what is going on with this incredible phenomenon.

  4. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake the article is indeed from Reuters and not the Associated Press. However, this is no “incredible phenomenon” this is not “female empowerment” this is not “feminism” this is sexism, racism, and misdandry. The older European women are exploiting young African men for sex. Just because the victims are male and black doesn’t mean they are not being exploited. Sex tourism isn’t one way traffic. White women are indeed involved and not just in Africa they also travel to the Caribbean as well in search of the big black penis to screw them.

    The European women are doing the exact same thing white men have done to women of colour for centuries and that’s utilize their whiteness and their wealth to acquire sex. The European women here are treating the young black men as sex objects. Why is there this double standard? Just because the African men may “claim” to be cool with this exploitation doesn’t mean it isn’t exploitation. Its clear and obvious to me the European women are taking advantage of the black men because they are black and poor. The European women couldn’t acquire sex in Europe so they want to feel in control so they travel to Africa to take advantage of poor young black men. In Africa, being white is a signifier of social status and wealth. The European women feel powerful they don’t respect the young black men and they certainly don’t see them as equals. The white women view black men as just big black penises they can exploit to give them sexual gratification. After the sexual encounter the European women can move on the next African man.

  5. aulelia says :

    the image above is from this brilliant film called vers le sud. love that film!

  6. plaintain1 says :

    Hmm interesting! I live somewhere in Africa and me and my Black Brit/African American sisters are always amazed at how our white ‘sisters’ can so easily date the security/cook/domestics/gate men etc. and they would never be embarrassed! It’s all part and parcel of the experience they would say. I don’t know if that’s because we are too busy trying to continue the colonial thing of ‘us’ and ‘them’ where as they have well gotten over that, and therefore have no problems with sleeping with the help.

  7. Stephanie B. says :

    To Orville,

    Thanks for writing the article. The mythology of white female innocence has to die for they have promoted racism/sexism/imperialism for centuries.

    Stephanie B.

  8. says :

    I thought this phenomena was interesting. I didn’t even know this existed, until that article came out a week or two ago.

    But it’s not surprising.

    @ Marvalus One

    “I also believe that the Terry McMillan/Jonathan Plummer thing was a facade, a fabricated fairy tale used as a foundation to promote her, her book, the movie…and when it blew up, she was pissed off because she looked like a fool.”

    That’s an interesting theory. I never considered it. Ain’t no tellin’… it’s quite possible.

  9. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Terry McMillian’s lie exploded in her face she made a lot of money from this lie the so called “Stella Got Her Groove Back” sex tourism fantasy. Its interesting the double standards when men engage in sex tourism its dirty and wrong. However, when women exploit black men its about “female empowerment” and its a “sexual fantasy”. Its such a hypocritical, sexist, racist, and misandrist double standard. McMillian is the one that looks so foolish because her husband got sick of her and moved on. I guess Jonathan was sick of being her sex slave.

  10. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Jeannette I am not against interracial romance between black men and white women. I do agree, that yes of course African men can fall in love with white women in Africa and Europe. Of course people can fall in love it happens all the time. However, why are you making excuses? There is another side to sex tourism and it is obvious this is male prostitution.Why is there an invisible code about the sexism, misandry and racism? Why do we as a society not admit some women have extremely racist and damaging stereotypes about black male sexuality? I’m not straight but it does bother me that the other side of this story is not being explored. It is obvious this is clearly male prostitution.

    In fact, I have written about the hypocrisy and double standards of society in relation to allowing black men and white women to fall in love in films and pop culture. However, in this instance I do believe there is an undercurrent of racism, misandry, and sexism against black men going on here. The white women have money the power relations are in the white women’s favour. There have also been stories of European women visiting Africa and the Caribbean and having sex with underage black boys. Now do you consider pedophilia love?

  11. Jeannette Belliveau says :

    Respectfully Orville, this can be, in many instances, the opposite of sexism, racism and the other isms you cite. Since the Victorian era, many adventurous women have essentially conferred equality on nonwhite men by finding them preferable as friends, mates and husbands to the guys back home. Others have just had an enjoyable time exploring their fantasies. Let’s remember the fact that one in 30 of these relationships turns into something long term, and that many of the other 29 in 30 involve mutually beneficial pleasure. What’s not to like about a little fun that might turn into love?

  12. Darren says :

    Good article. Well done for calling these women out on their misandry and racism. Funny how when women pay for sex its ‘romantic’, but when men pay for it it’s ‘dirty’. Women love to just demonise men’s sexuality while thinking they can do whatever they like without any judgements.

  13. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Hey Darren thanks for your comment. You are right some women just love to demonize male sexuality yet when women are called out for their own sexism, racism, and prejudices its suddenly female empowerment. Give me a break. Its a total double standard. I’ve visited some feminist boards and I was not surprised at the misandry they just don’t give a damn. Yet they complain about men involved in sex tourism. Yet when the hypocrisy, bigotry and prejudices of women are exposed suddenly some feminists are silent. Talk about double standards they were apathetic to the concerns of the young African men. So just because the African men are black and male they have no feelings, no emotions, cannot experience explotiation? It makes me so angry because it just proves the hypcrisy, racism, and bigotry of some feminists. They scream and yell about men taking advantage of women.
    Yet when women are taking advantage of men they are suddenly silent. Its a total invisible code and I’m not going to sit by and let them get away with it.

  14. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Although, I am not straight I have heard from straight black men about the racist stereotypes white women have about black male sexuality. Its interesting on feminist blogs they never discuss the racism of white women? I wonder why there is this invisible code?
    The penis stereotype and sexual prowess are indeed racist and misandrist stereotypes of black male sexuality.

  15. Darren says :

    I’m white and from the UK. I’ve long suspected that black men get treated as sex objects by white women. I was talking to a black guy the other day and he agreed that it was the case. He says he also experiences more racist attitudes from women than men. He also said that hes often experienced women wanting to sleep with him just because of the stereotype of black men and penis size/sexual prowess.

  16. aulelia says :

    i think on those white feminist blogs that don’t discuss it is because many of those fems believe that racism does not exist!! i hate it when people try and pretend like everyone thinks like friends of the earth. that invisible code perpetuates more racism

  17. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Auleila, are you serious girlfriend about those white feminist blogs? My goodness, I’ve been on some of them surfing and notice the same thing. Thank goodness for black feminism though because black feminism breaks it down.

    I have to thank you girlfriend for introducing me to the word “invisible code” because it is now a part of my vocabulary. And you are right an “invisible code” indeed exists here.

  18. Darren says :

    Well, from what I’ve heard, the white women will want to sleep with black guys purely for the sex. But they are also more reluctant to be seen by their girlfriends to , for example, leave the club with a black guy. So not only do they treat him as a sex object, they are ashamed for their friends to see them with him. Nice, eh?

  19. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    I think that goes across both racial lines. There are definitely white women that want to sleep with black men just for sex and vice versa. I just believe the mainstream media needed to be a bit more honest in their reporting about the underlining issues of male prostitution in Africa. Male prostitution in Africa relates to a lot of racist, sexist, and misandrist stereotypes.

    I am sure there are people that are immature, not well adjusted and really shouldn’t be involved in interracial dating if they don’t respect their partner to be seen in public with that person. However, I think this does occur across the racial lines. I mean there are heterosexual black men that are ashamed of being seen in public with their white girlfriends or white women they are dating or sleeping with too. Also, some white women especially fear the anger of white men in relation to interracial dating or interracial sex. It is well known in white culture for centuries white males have created laws to “prohibit” white women from having sex with black men. I think there is a fear of some white males too about black male sexuality that goes back to the days of slavery.

    Even in pop culture to this day movies still relate to white male dominance over all women. Notice, there is no outcry or complaint about white men that date or have sex with women of colour? Nobody makes a big deal about it. Don’t you question the reasons why? It is well known in society that some white males have a serious problem with black men and white women hooking up. In America for example, there were laws created to circumvent interracial relationships between black men and white females.Interracial marriage was illegal in some Americans states until 1967 and that was only forty years ago.

    Society has always treated interracial heterosexual sex between black men and white women as the ultimate taboo.And the taboo although it has broken down a lot there is still a stigma that shouldn’t exist but it does.

  20. Darren says :

    I’ve never personally seen or heard any white men expressing dislike for white women dating black men, although it doesn’t surprise me to hear of that.

    I think theres a lot of racism in my country which occurs but which the media – and hence the public – never think of as racism. Racially motivated conflict, for example, between non-white races, and black attacks on whites never gets reported on TV or in newspapers as ‘racism’.

  21. Claudius says :

    I think it is the easiest thing in world to be ‘politically correct’ aabout ‘bad’ people without really considering or stating how are we really to get to know one another.

    This article is also racist in that it infers clearly that no african or person of colour performs exactly the same ‘sex tourist’ acts as do the rich women discussed here. Really! do you actually think no African business man has paid for sex!

    Come off it!!

    No ‘bad’ people and how bad they can be – are not the point at all it is how both people can work through their fear of one another so that they simply be with one another. White and black people will always want to be together in most situations as they are each an ‘edge’ to each other that yearns to be a center and that will also mean sex but also life long friendships.

    BTW the film mentioned is a morality tale which uses sex toruism as a metaphor for imperialism. Eh? How Lazy!! why not make a proper film about what real imperialism is doing in African/non European coutries!

  22. Ann Paul says :

    If sex tourism helps economically backward men its okey, and black men r exotic

  23. michelle says :

    Can you please define sex tourism? do you mean an actual exchange of money for sex and an up-front agreement? or some sort of more subtle exchange?

  24. fuckfemishits says :

    women can hardly exploit men sexually. us men have different sex roles. men would love to pay for sex and here are some lucky men that are paid for it. if only more men had the chance they would quit their
    hard labor
    truck driver
    coal mining
    gas station
    jobs and would love to bang white pussy ad get paid. men are not ‘used’.
    have you heard the saying “it doesnt matter whther the knife falls on the melon or the melon falls on the knife….its the melon that gets cut”

    women and men are not identical.

  25. fuckfemishits says :

    and by the way the big black penis stereotype is actually a compliment for men. bcos if i have a big pensi i will tell women to came and take it. bcos they are gonna get fucked.

    its not like the asian sterotype of tight cheap asian pussy. bcos they are to be penetrated.

  26. Mouhamadou says :

    i am senegalese and i live in Mbour a very attractive tourist site in Senegal. it is a pity to see young black full of talent to sacrifice their youth in sexual intercourse with very old white women.But however they have no choice rof theyn are poor and they think it is the only way out.

  27. mary says :

    Two comments…
    First, the big black penis is a myth… there is just as much variation amongst black men as there are amongst white but it’s a myth that black men like to perpetuate, and use to characterize their exploitation…

    2nd, the pressure on white women and men is phenomenal in West African countries. They are hounded by the second by young men and women offering their bodies for money instead of looking for work or creating their own opportunities. Those who are working in ‘respectable’ jobs are angered by the laziness of the beach bum. It is a tragedy indeed that even when educational opportunities are presented, many opt for what they think is the easy way out. Trash litters the homes and roadways and there is no sense of self-respect… Everyone wants mobile phones, tvs, and cars, not education. Like the rest of the capitalist world, material wealth is prized above all else.

    Of course, we can blame much of this on colonialism but it is time for Africans to stop being victims and take control of their countries and lives as best they can. The money and resources are being poured in so why not hold African governments accountable for a change.

  28. Kumar says :


    I am not denying the factor that the article is reperesnting actual reflection of rich old fairsex, but every society has its own dignity. I do not think european womenfolk are travlling for purpose of sex particularly in the name of tourism. Sex is a wild desire and basic instinct of every humanbeing, where and how it happens, nobody knows. Africa has lot to offer in adventure and wild life tourism as well beach tourism. So european are travelling to african nations. We can not blame here as scientifically large tool does not give optimum satisfication but how the techiques adopted to fulfill the desire. In this context I would like to say in India there are lot of erotic sites like Khajuraho, Ajanta , Ellora, Konark where tourists does not indulged in the sex. So it is not like that. Hope my attitude and reply may not suit but i feel it in diffrent way.

  29. Jenny says :


    Its common knowledge that black men are larger but until I read this article I had never heard anything promoting their sexual prowess. I think you may be bias being a black man and being a male and most males seem to think all you need is a large penis to satisfy a woman. :)

    As a female sex tourist I may be able to offer some insight… Its not about penis size, skin colour, age or anything else, its about affordability. American women fly to the Caribbean, Antipodean women fly to South East Asia and European women fly to Africa (although the Caribbean is a great option for UK women because of the cheap airfares)

    We travel on the cheapest flights to stay in good accommodation for a great price and where the young men will give us attention and show us affection and make us feel good about ourselves again. We aren’t any different from the guys who do the same. we come from broken marriages and loneliness looking for some companionship. The only similarity is male and female sex tourists travel to poor countries.

    As a female who has payed for sex now on 3 continents I have a preference for the go-go boys in Thailand. Now here are some guys that know how to pleasure a woman! They aren’t nowhere as big as the african men I have paid for but they are definitely better and less selfish sexually both inside and out of the bedroom.

    You have obviously put a lot of thought into your article even though you are a little misguided. I hope I have helped you understand more accurately the reasons a female sex tourist chooses where to travel.

    • Anonymous says :

      I couldn’t have put it bette. i am a black woman, and I know it is very difficult for men to understand the loneliness that women of a certain age can feel., Which woman wouldn’t want to feel wanted by a younger man. I do not think the African men are exploited( I am African), rather, it’s the other way round.

  30. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Jenny you are stereotyping black men and reducing us to our body parts. You obviously didn’t read the article I am NOT promoting sexual prowess in fact I am speaking out AGAINST these racist stereotypes the Occident has about black male sexuality. Perhaps you should take a gender studies course and read a book and figure it out?

    Yes I am male but I am a gay black male. Did you not read the title of my blog? The blog is called “ANGRYGAYBLACKCANADIANMAN” for a reason. I am NOT SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO WOMEN BECAUSE I AM GAY. I am ONLY interested in OTHER MEN. However, I am a black man and I am cognizant of the racist misandrist hypocrisy of some white heterosexual feminists.

  31. denise@li says :

    i can verify that single middle age white cougars go to the islands looking for a little excitement or should i say ‘ big excitement. i just came back from jamaica with 2 recently divorced friends and the way they released themselves of all there pressures was a sight to be seen. middle age soccor type moms geeting a look at some of these things they have never seen before turned them into lustful young women once again. if only there ex’s witnessed some of there exploits in the islands they never would have cheated in the first place. been there done that my self …go back every winter!!

  32. BS says :

    These are absurd generalizations – in both the “article” and the comments. First, the myth that all black men are larger is ridiciulous. The largest man I ever saw was a white guy with blonde hair. Now that I saw that I don’t go running around saying “all white guys with blonde hair are bigger than any other man.” Total retards on this board.

    Women or men who pay for sex can’t be placed into categories and analyzed over the internet by random strangers. Sexual immorality has as many reasons as there are people engaging in such practices.

  33. Do you hear it? says :

    That’s me wailing in sadness – you are so pathetic. “Poor me, I’m black, nobody wants me b/c I’m black.” “Poor me, I’m black, women are using me because I’m black.”

    Good grief. Pick a point to whine on and stick to it.

    How about econmics? Perhaps sexual predators go where people take the money, shut up and give them what they want? Ever think of that?

    Idiotic post.

  34. Afrika - be real ! says :

    Sorry to be a realist and have seen what goes on in most African countries. I just happen to stay in South Africa, love Africa and travel every year to West Africa. Yes, both white women and white men enjoy the sexual pleasures of black men in Africa, however, and its a helluva BIG HOWEVER, black men who indulge in it, MILK the white women and men DRY( money and gifts and……)!!
    The “poor”????? black men usually end up growing wings (definitely not ANGEL wings) and flying out of their African countries to spend the rest of their lives in some European or Amercan city……..what a sad…sad….tale !!!

  35. somedude says :

    I don’t think there is any more a fantasy for white women to have sex with black men then it is with white men. If thats is what they want then do it . But if you are going to do it then get pregnant with them as well. cya.

  36. john martin says :

    I was thinking about this just recently. I remember hearing about this 27 years ago from a fellow student who was from Kenya. it certainly is not anything new. He ( he was south Asian born and bred in Kenya) said it as very common for a European woman to try to pick young fellows like himself.

  37. Darren says :

    Very interesting Article. I suppose it is hypocrisy that when White Men go and look for young girls in Asia then it is considered nasty however when White Women go to Africa for younger men it is considered being Adventurous.

  38. Celebate by Choice says :

    Well, I think anyone who really believes that sex is a way of “empowering” themselves is operating on a serious delusion! Sure men have done this sort of sex tourism thing for years, but in this case what’s good for the gander is NOT good for the goose because it wasn’t really good for the gander in the first place. It still leaves the person feeling empty in the soul. Know why? Because they had sex for all the wrong reasons. Sex is mean to take place in the context of a loving committed marriage relationship only! Anything else is a sin. This is true for both males and females. If you don’t like then, don’t argue with me about it, take it up with God…it’s in the 10 Commandments. Anyway, even if the sex act takes place outside of matrimony…unless the act is based on a mutually censenting act of love and there is a REAL committment and both are faithful, then it is a sham as well as a shame because the two are deceiving themselves and each other…and that is a fact regardless of age, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. The person may think they are “in control” when they are trolling for dates, but in reality they are not. These days, one should be asking themselves “is an orgasm really worth all the pain, suffering and heartbreak that can stay with one for a lifetime?” Pain, suffering and heartbreak in the form of feeling “used”, not being able to truly bond with someone and find real love, ridicule when other find out about your indiscretion, the reputation one gets for being promiscuious, the risk of possible arrrest in certain countries like Dubai, not to mention the various incurable STDs out there…which anyone can contract, not just those with a so-called big black cock! All the people young and old alike who engage in this risky so-called sex tourism would be better off going into counseling to deal with their issues, examining their consciousness and confessing their sin before God, and then start working on having and maintaining a regular monogamous relationship with someone who appropriate for them…and if that’s not possible, then learning how to subliminate themselves into work or get involved with something worthwhile like a cause or get a pet or a hobby or something like that…and don’t tell me it can’t be done. Millions have througout the centuries. No one has ever died of not having sex…but plenty die from AIDS every day.

  39. ny cl says :

    You idiots, these white women are the dried up old hags nobody wants to date here. INCUDING BLACK AMERICAN MEN! I say, enjoy my brothers. Enjoy!!! The sadder thing is that you morons are bragging about it….HAHAHA.

  40. Sammi says :

    I guess it’s just how life is…f’d up. It’s f’d up that the privileged white male and female ho’s go to poor countries to purchase sex. People only seem to think with their genitals.

  41. ug says :

    Hey i m black from Uganda my be white women & black men just find each other attractive , this talk is fueled by haters, why is it seen economically?there is desire from white women to sleep with black men nd vicevers

  42. Morena says :

    Excellent article. This really cuts through the crap from white female sex tourists and their apologists about how what they do somehow “isn’t sex tourism” or that they are being “liberated” in travelling half way across the world searching out poorer, young black men to have sex with.

    As always, the complicity of the press in covering up female sex tourism by white women from North America and Europe is a staggering double standard. White female sex tourists make up a considerable element of the tourists to the Caribbean; yet how many people are aware of this or how often is this discussed?

  43. RLO says :

    black male sexuality is total myth!!!

    the only thing black men have over white men is AIDS.
    having said that, i believe women should be free to express their sexuality. i do not ,however, agree with prostitution.

  44. Enysk says :

    Your article has incorrect information that should be duly noted. Asia and the Middle East/North Africa are indeed destinations for female sex tourists: India, Lebanon, Egypt, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, to name a few. In any case, female sex tourism just like male sex tourism, is exploitation.

    • mace says :

      now that’s racist of you.i agree that these men are not victims,but you do not need to called them ugly or other you know alot are ugly or not,you have not seen them.

  45. chris says :

    wow, these poor victims. Ugly stinky stupid negroes that get paid for dicking down white women with their big black dicks. this just breaks my heart. The jungle bunny well always view itself as the victim. Even when getting paid to fuck.

  46. mace says :

    chris you are a racist.

  47. mace says :

    I AGREE THESE mny of these guys are not victims,but i do you know if they are ugly or not,you have not seen many of them,so please kept you racism and incorrect thoughts to yourself.

  48. yilikal says :

    i don’t think it racism it the mater of satisfaction
    i was travel in many African country with group of tourist i am Ethiopian tour guide and group lieder in the travel company. from my experience some of European when they come to Africa they think all the people they don’t have enough money ,food ….
    the problem is they don’t respect the culture especial we Ethiopian we have def rent culture from other Africa and the rest world strongly religious in christian and Muslim. so some traveler they want to use this advantage to have sex with African young ,hot and sexy and they will satisfy then she will go with out saying thank u or bay . in this time around the coast of Kenya in Mombasa all the young beach boy dream to have old European traveler and have sex then going to Europe i have one friend he is from the village 26 years old he have 52 years old Germany wife. i ask him u don’t want to have child u r digging unfertilized land no fruit he answer me the only thing i want to use that old mama take me germane then change imagine what she is doing come for holiday stay in the hotel have good tow weeks sex then back to Germany then she gave him some amount of money then she money. it painful the problem is in African young generation. pliz u have to change ur attitude and European tourist pliz yu have to respect the couture. next time i will write u more what i have seen in my life in my guiding experience. yilikal from Mombasa

  49. yilikal says :

    i have answer for mace u have to look my pic u can see how African young man handsome we r naturaly not like European to use chemical u know most of turist they want to have this natural chocolate skin ahahah hahha ur so ugly monkey ahahah u have to see my pic from face book

  50. Addisu says :

    What is the problem

    A male do it why don’t womens can’t do it . They are equal. First of all I live Bahir Dar Ethiopia I am black in my nature i lick a white womens becouse they are transparent and lovely.I am a 35 age young energitic man I want communicate a white women in any age. through this period of time i am not make sex with a white womens. I want to make love with them. I am not asking a money, i am a worker and have an income. I want fuck any willing white women come. Any white women any age If you come at Bahir Dar Ethiopia Please contact me via email or you can use my mobile number to call and Face book address and email email address Phon 251918180606


  51. eshowoman says :

    I don’t agree with your assessment of Terry Mc Millian. Don’t put African American women in the same category as white women! Successful black women are overworked, overstressed and a anathema to a large proportion of black men who are now marrying non-black women at a ridiculous rate. If she could get dick at home why go else where? Black women are single at an alarming rate and few have the money for sex tourism. Mc Millian is African American and knew little about Caribbean culture or rent a dreds. She thought she had found a partner, but got a bisexual man who was dying to get of JA because if he slept with who really wanted to he would be killed.
    White women have always had more social & economic than black women the fact that you link us together in the oppression of black men is ridiculous.

  52. plaintain1 says :

    Just saying……
    A few months ago I got together with my book group to review a book. The book in question was written by Gaye Shortland, an Irish academic who wrote about her adventures in the Northern part of Nigeria. Let me just say that my book group is a women’s only group, a mix of black and white, academic and non, diplomats and secretaries, and our focus is on African and Caribbean literature. When I read this book, I was taken aback. Because the author does not look at Nigeria, its problems etc but instead focus on an unlikely relationship between the academic and an illiterate security gate man, and pages upon pages about sex with this man. You may say I’m a prude or Victorian but I consider myself reasonably well read, and have read all types of books but never have I come across a book that sees itself as a piece of literature but is all about sex. What was interesting (or disturbing) in the discussion was that all the white women were unanimous that the protagonist had an ‘opportunity’ and therefore took advantage. As far as they were concerned, they did not see anything wrong in a white academic woman who sought sexual pleasures from a man who was illiterate, much younger, married with a family and desperately poor. For us, the black woman, what was interesting was that we were also undivided in our judgments. We felt that the protag was oversexed, overhyped and overthere! They are not like us. The expression sex tourism has just recently been coined. Noel coward used to frequently go to Jamaica and happily ‘flog’ black men for his own sexual gratification. So this is nothing new. We shouldn’t be surprised by this.

  53. elisabeth waage says :

    wow, so many feelings and experiences , so many wishes, hopes and feelings,and feelings
    of beeing disdappointed and not respected too.
    Respect, attention and understanding for and of the very special situation I’m living in, tenderness, this very special tender feeling we have for our friends….we know all their mistakes, all their pr0blems, still loving them…
    these european women who are going to Africa to have sex…:
    Africans really believe they ‘re going to Africa to have sex?
    Maybe, really don’t know. Only to say one thing in this situation: African man are as good or as bad in making love as european man….hey, we all are human beeings, so only to talk about the dick of men, sorry think this, only this is if european women are doing it or african men are doing it, they’re wrong, they’re raccist….. Respect, understanding ……


  54. me black traveler says :

    Here in Senegal, prostitution is on the rise. Many senegalese (men and women) are just waiting for white tourists to come and sleep with them, and marry them! Many trap the tourists with vodoo (fixed by the marabou) in order to get a green card from the tourist and go to Europe or the United States.
    this is not love or sexual curiosity ((for the african) Its not love, it’s strictly business. And after they get their residence papers, most of them take their money and dump the white provider, Many also dream to save the African race by having mixed kids,,,,

    this is a country that is all about money and fake kindness to get your money — if you have no money to give, you are nothing to them- they’ll even curse you in wolof! Even children (talibe) are placed on the treets to beg and bring money to the marabous, if they dont bring money at the end of the day, they are bitten and will not eat!!!!! their parents abandonned them to the marabous….who are like pimps

    i c this everyday. if you dont believe me, come c it 4 yourself!!! tourists are also victims everyday because of their money…no one is innocent in this place — the country is all about trading. trading black anscestors into slavery , trading sex to touritst, trading anything for money!!! pedophiles r happy here…..

  55. rahul says :

    i wanna make unsatisfied girls or female happy ny 1 interested for having ny kind of sex can mail me i will be in dubai from next month onward ….

    females pls don’t hesitate

  56. henry.uba says :

    i love your story and would love to read more,but what about black african men that travel to eruope in search of better life,in order to achieve there goal they marry the white ladys and later abounded them and come black home and marry african girl,and those black men that use white woman to push there drugs or the ones that trade black woman to white man for sex,e.g in italy e.t.c. Which among this all is fair from your story.

    • Anonymous says :

      Yep. Same thing.
      No one is innocent. White women get sex. Black men get sex, money, green card and sometimes he gets kids that he does not take care of….

  57. Black Interracial Sex says :

    Amazing things here. I’m very happy to see your article. Thank you a lot and I am having a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  58. mercy says :

    hi read the artical but its not always like that. am married to an israeli man and am from kenya we met in a club and fell in love. african men love white women as white men would love black women so white women you are welcome to explore our men. nowadays everybody is equal a woman can pay for sex just as man would its not such a big deal .and oh i would pay to have sex with a white man problem is am already married to one.

  59. Anonymous says :

    get on a plane and hit up any place…greece, bali, thailand, morocco, algeria, turkey, spain, cuba, and women are scoring the local pool of boys there too. different women different tastes in men

  60. Happy Tours Africa says :

    Yes male and female prostitution popularly called Sex Tourism is rampant worldwide that
    In the process nobody of the two parties loose, neither the women nor the the men- each one benefits, both enjoy the sex and achieve satisfaction while money exchanges hands.So what is wrong with that? Its a matter of willing buyer and willing seller. Regardless of your race, age or sex when you go for it you are ready for it and willing to suffer or enjoy the consequencies. Any benefit is for the couple not for any third party. Please let the old white women and young boys enjoy their thing. Those old white women you refer to as old are investors! encourages Sex Tourism because nobody can stop it.



    • brucemajors says :

      I am gay and live in Washington D.C. I have actually met older men who go to Thailand on what I imagine are sex tourism junkets. But generally I don’t think white (or black) men in North America who want to have sex with a man of a different race need to travel abroad or pay to do so. I think interracial gay sex happens constantly and is easy to find among consenting adults on the internet or at sex parties, if not just among co-workers or school friends. I am white and for a long time my best gay (platonic) friend was a black guy I went to school with (who had moved from Jamaica at age 4 to the US). We did use to discuss how rarely you saw a black and white man socializing together. Our hypothesis was that when you see these rare couplings they either are on the same sports team, political campaign, go to the same church, or they’re lovers. Maybe there are more options now.

  62. brucemajors says :

    I went to Negril, Jamaica in 2001 or so and this was really obvious. But you seem very anti-sex and anti-sex worker. Isn’t the real problem that these countries are so poor that there are few other job opportunities?

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