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Golden Girls Season two: Dorothy and Sophia Tell Blanche Jean Is A Lesbian And She’s In Love With Rose

When I was a kid in the 1980s,I  watched The Golden Girls religiously. I just love this show! Although I didn’t understand all of the adult themes,  I just thought the comedy was hilarious! One of the episodes I have a vivid memory about is the “lesbian” episode in season two. In this episode, Dorothy’s old friend a beautiful woman Jean confides in Dorothy that she’s a lesbian and in love with Rose. Dorothy of course cannot keep the news to herself and in this clip she tells Sophia and eventually Blanche finds out. It is just s so funny when Sophia informs Blanche that Jean is a lesbian and she says “isn’t Danny Thomas one” LOL!!!

One of the things I love about The Golden Girls, is that the joke isn’t about “lesbianism”. The joke is about Blanche’s “ignorance” that she claims to be a “know it all” but she’s really not. Also, I remember this episode is about tolerance and understanding and Jean is not a stereotype of a lesbian. I thought it was refreshing that the show demonstrates that lesbians can be feminine, beautiful, sexy, and also of an advanced age.

I have to stop procrastinating and go purchase the Golden Girls on DVD ASAP!! I am surprised that the prices for the Golden Girls DVD are so high compared to other TV shows. The Golden Girls was the “original” Sex And The City. Although Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, lived in Miami Florida  and not New York City the humor is just amazing. I find that the personalities of the four leads in Golden Girls is also extremely similar to that of Sex And The City.

The Golden Girls was one the best shows ever and the four stars are incredible veteran actresses. The reason the Golden Girls ended was not due to a drop in the ratings it was because Bea Arthur quit the show after the seventh season. The other Golden Girls tried to carry on in a sitcom called “Golden Palace” for one season in the year 1993 but the spark just wasn’t there they needed Bea. Golden Girls will live on forever. The Golden Girls was a great show because it showed that senior citizens can have sex, love, humor, and happiness and just live life like everyone else. I love this show. I can’t seem to find the Golden Girls anywhere on the TV in the Toronto area! I remember the reruns used to be on the Prime channel. I guess I already have one Christmas gift for myself I definitely have to buy!


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