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Senator Clinton Still Playing Gender Card At Democratic Party Debate In Las Vegas


             I usually ignore American elections for a variety of reasons. The first obvious reason is I’m not American so American politics is usually not something I focus my attention on. Another reason is the apathy I generally have with American politics. In the past American elections were boring due to the fact it was just a bunch of rich white heterosexual males trying to become the United States President. Since the United States is the world’s only superpower and the neighbour of Canada I realize I should pay closer attention to this election.

 Finally, in the year 2007 I am interested in the American Presidential election race because of Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Its very interesting to me to see a white woman and a black man have a real serious chance of becoming America’s first female or black president.  Society is so often rooted in the status quo that we just accept the fact that white males rule the Western world. Earlier this year Senator John Edwards was on the cover of Esquire Magazine with the dystopian headline “Can A White Man Be Elected President?”. The headline for Esquire magazine was meant to be “shocking” but I found it be so offensive on so many levels. White men have been running America for centuries and finally in the year 2007 when a woman and a man of colour  finally emerges and wants  to crack the glass ceiling the fear sets in of some white men. Will the Democratic party nominate either Senators Clinton or Obama? Only time will tell. 

The Democratic party debate in Las Vegas yesterday was much more interesting then previous debates. I think CNN should of just had the three front runners in the debate. I just don’t see the purpose for  Senators Bill Richardson,  John Biden, Chris Dodd, and Dennis Kucinich to be at the debate.  Nobody cares what they have to say why are these guys even there? Everyone is paying attention to the “real” Democratic party race it seems like a waste of time to have excess waste the debate?

Senators Barack Obama and John Edwards came out firing at Senator Hillary Clinton on the issues such as allowing drivers licenses  to illegal immigrants and universal health care. Yet once again Senator Clinton claims that Obama and Edwards are making the debate “personal.” Its obvious that Senator Clinton is a very shrewd politiican she’s playing the sympathy card to female voters.  Senator Clinton is playing the “victim card” very well.

Even the crowd at the debate in Las Vegas booed Senators Obama and Edwards when they asked Senator Clinton tough questions. I see a bias and a total double standard. Senator Clinton is in the Democratic party race to become the United States President this is politics.  Senators Obama and Edwards have a delicate balance to play they cannot appear to be “too harsh” on Senator Clinton because the feminists will scream “misogyny”, “sexism”, “all boys club”. Yet both Edwards and Obama  have to do their jobs and ask Senator Clinton the tough questions.

Earlier this year the French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the French elections  also had to be calm yet firm with Madame Segolene Royal. Sarkozy could appear to be “too hard” on Madame Royal or the feminists would scream he was “attacking” her because she was a woman. Senator Clinton is a strong woman she is not a wallflower she can handle the tough questions. Madame Royal made a major mistake during the only French debate on television when she did appear “agitated” and “emotional” when Sarkozy asked her tough questions. Madame Royal  lost a lot of support in France because of that. Senator Clinton has to be careful that she does not come across as Madame Royal did earlier this year. So far Senator Clinton has kept her emotions in check.

The word “sexism” should not be  linked to one specific gender yet in North America it appears this is the case. In North America, it seems that only “men” can be sexist as if women cannot also be sexist.  Women can indeed be sexist against men and misandrist as well. Yet society always ignores the sexism of women. It seems like  a double standard to me. If Hillary Clinton wants to be treated as an equal on the political stage then she better expect Obama and Edwards to take her to task. I believe Senator Clinton is definitely playing the “gender card” well she continues to make statements such as ” I’ve just been personally attacked again” or  “I don’t mind taking hits on my record on issues, but when somebody starts throwing mud at least we can hope it’s accurate and not right out of the Republican playbook.”  Once again Senator Clinton is flip flopping she needs to decide are Senators Obama and Edwards allowed to ask her important questions about her views about political issues or not?

 Not once did Senators Obama and Edwards bring up the fact that Hillary Clinton is still married to a legendary womanizer former President Bill Clinton.   If Obama and Edwards had attacked Senator Clinton about her personal life that would be considered a personal attack. Senator Clinton is the front-runner in the Democratic party Presidential race of course Obama, and Edwards are going to place more attention on her.  Obama and Edwards have to also appear as though they are not “weak men” that they are not letting Senator Clinton off easy and not asking her the important questions.

I watched the debate and Obama and Edwards were attacking Senator Clinton on her constant flip flopping on important political issues. Its only fair game its politics. Senator Clinton is known for providing evasive answers and not giving a concrete answer. Senator Clinton claims she’s not playing the “gender card” but she obviously is she because of the statements she makes. Senator Clinton cannot have it both ways. If Senator Barack Obama said  “don’t ask me tough questions because I’m a  black man” the mainstream American media would have a field day and rip him to shreds. Senator Clinton ripped Senator Obama about his views on universal health care. 

 Obama and Edwards sense the urgency that they have to demonstrate to the American public that their viewpoints about a variety of issues because the  primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire are coming up very shortly in January 2008. Also, although Senator Clinton is the front-runner overall in the state of Iowa Clinton, Obama, and Edwards are basically tied.  Its going to be interesting to see who the Democratic Party picks I just hope its not John Edwards because I cannot see this man defeating the Republicans.


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