Who Will Reach Masters Finals In Shanghai? Twenty Guys Fighting For Just Three More Spots


The real top players Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Nikolay Davydenko have already qualified for the Masters event in Shanghai China. The new kid on the block Novak Djokovic also booked his spot for the final tournament of the year. The ATP Masters event is a big money event but also a lot of points are on the line as well. Technically speaking there are three spots left to be decided for the Masters event.

I just wonder if TSN television schedule is going to be good or will it be unremarkable just like last year? I understand Shanghai is a different time zone but I am so sick and tired of tennis not receiving the priority it deserves in Canada. Why is everything on the premier sports channel in Canada always about hockey? I find hockey so boring there is just nothing exciting about it. I wish the Tennis Channel was available in Canada? Also have you actually looked at some of these hockey players its like yuck! Some of these hockey players have crooked noses, or have scars, scratches on their faces some don’t even have a full set of teeth. There is nothing sexy or appealing about hockey players.

Some people say tennis isn’t a real sport because its not considered as “aggressive” as other sports but tennis is a gentleman’s game. Tennis is a sport where glamour and sophistication does co exist. Look at Roger Federer he brings excitement, beauty, glamour, sophistication, and class to to tennis.

Whenever Roger plays you never know what he will wear on the court. Roger is the only male tennis player that understands the importance of fashion. Its not just about how you play the game its also how you look as well. A tennis player isn’t just an athlete a tennis player is also an entertainer. The tennis players jobs are to look hot, wear tight clothing and run around on the tennis court for us fans. Ditto for Basketball I can’t wait until the NBA season starts in November.

The ATP Masters is in Shanghai China again this year. Twenty players have a mathematical chance to qualify for the two remaining spots. Only the top eight players in the world are allowed to compete at the Masters. Spaniard David Ferrer is in sixth spot Ferrer is actually a much better player then he looks. Ferrer defeated Nadal at the US OPEN this summer he also won a title in Japan recently. I think Ferrer will get the number six spot. The last two spots for the Masters championships are wide open.

The Paris Masters is the final event on the ATP Tour next week. Usually the top men such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal skip the event. However, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal want to acquire more ranking ppints and they are competing in the event. Will Novak Djokovic play the Paris Masters to gain points? Djokovic has a real chance to pass Nadal as the number two ranked player in the world this year. It is possible.

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