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Should The World Be Paying More Attention To Pakistan?

84.jpgbhutto_benazir.jpg          Benazir Bhutto the former President of Pakistan survived an assassination attempt in the city of Karachi last night. However 130 innocent people died in deadly bomb blasts. I was so shocked when I watched the carnage on BBC and saw the explosion. Ms. Bhutto is a very courageous woman she is so brave. Ms. Bhutto says she was warned about the potential violence and yet she still went to Pakistan despite the danger.  Can Ms. Bhutto succeed or will the violence hamper her attempts to assist Pakistan? Some cynical pundits have suggested that Ms. Bhutto is also in Pakistan to “repair” her tarnished image in the country but I do believe she loves the Pakistani people and she wants the masses to have better lives.

       Bhutto is not perfect she went into self imposed exile in England eight years ago because of corruption charges.  Ms. Bhutto has returned to Pakistan for the elections but can the election honestly be fair of corruption by General Pervez Musharraf?  Its interesting that the United States media hasn’t been more critical of Pervez Musharraf. The Pakistani people are suffering and some are apathetic to Musharraf. Ms. Bhutto is still loved by some of the people in Pakistan she’s viewed as a symbol of hope that democracy can take place and the people’s lives can improve.

    However, Pervez Musharraf the current leader of Pakistan is no hero to the Pakistani people. Musharraf also has his own enemies. The United States is hoping that Bhutto and Musharraf can put aside their differences to bring democracy to the people of Pakistan. How is this possible when there are terrorists in the country that want to kill both of them? Musharraf wants to maintain good diplomatic relations with the United States and he the corruption charges against Ms. Bhutto have been scrapped.  The Western media has focused too much on Israel, Iran, and on the Middle East. I believe Pakistan is a nation that needs to be examined much more closely.

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