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Jon Wertheim the no.1 Williams Sisters Hater In The USA Sports Media

wertheimljon.gif    If you  want your weekly dose of anti Williams Sisters poison  feel free to pop over to the Sports Illustrated tennis page. You will get your weekly supplement of feces  from American tennis writer Jon Wertheim.   You should be careful though because Wertheim’s constant attacks on the Williams Sisters may induce laughter, shock, vomiting,  due to the undercurrent of bigotry from this querulous man.Wertheim is one of the most pernicious, hypocritical, and vociferous critics of the Williams Sisters. Wertheim has made a career out of bashing the Williams Sisters.

                      Jon Wertheim definitely has an ornery disposition he is a coward and obviously a very deleterious, duplicitous, and  bitter man that has made a cottage industry out  of bashing the Williams Sisters.  Bud Collins is also an American tennis journalist and Bud has been around for a long time but he’s fair and balanced not Jon Wertheim. Wertheim’s acidic articles become more corrosive every single week.

          Wertheim has  a bizarre egregious obsession with Venus Williams.  Wertheim can’t stop talking about Venus.He even wrote a book called “Venus Envy” using tennis goddess Venus Williams image of course on the cover to sell his book.  Wertheim resents the Williams Sisters yet he doesn’t mind making money off of them though. At the US OPEN this year USA network hired Wertheim and of course just like clockwork  offered his daily garbage rants about the Williams Sisters. Now that the Williams Sisters are playing tennis full time and are winning Wertheim  hasn’t had much to complain about so he creates controversy. 

          Wertheim is the same person that said after the 2001 racist incident at the Indian Wells event that when the all white country club crowd booed Serena Williams that it wasn’t “racism.” Well what is it then?  Well lets see you have one black American girl playing tennis and the white American crowd are against the black American  rooting solidly for the white girl Kim Clijsters a foreigner from Belgium. Every single shot Serena hit in that match the white American country club set clapped at her mistakes, hissed, and booed her.  It was shades of a public lynching all over again for the Williams Sisters.  Serena is a  great champion she went on to win the Indian Wells event anyway in 2001.

        However, the Williams Sisters have boycotted the Indian Wells event since. The Williams Sisters are the most influential players in pro tennis. Venus and Serena’s star power and refusal to play Indian Wells destroyed the event’s prestige  and it is now just a tier II event. Most of the other  top women players  skip the Indian Wells event in favor of the event in Miami.

                Well obviously anyone with enough intelligence can discern the attitude of the all white Indian Wells crowd was indeed racism. I watched the match and I remember it well it was just disgusting.  Venus and Serena are Americans but as far as the Indian Wells tennis fans and organizers were concerned they weren’t the right colour. 

          You see dear readers Venus and Serena are actually winning this year. No the Williams Sisters are not the no.1 or no.2 ranked players in the world at the moment. But so what? Venus and Serena have been there and done that. Justine Henin is no.1 at the moment and credit to her she deserves it she’s played well but Henin has the most boring personality ever maybe its all lost in translation?

          Yet Serena and Venus proved this year as they proved in the year 2005 rankings mean nothing in terms of winning slams. Serena was ranked no. 81 in the world when she soared to the Australian Open women’s title and January destroying Maria Sharapova in the final in about an hour 6-1 6-2. Venus came back at Wimbledon ranked no.31 in the world and she blasted Sharapova in the fourth round 6-1 6-3 and swept in and won the Wimbledon title with ease. 

             Sharapova has the nerve to use her “shoulder injury” as an excuse all year for the beatings she’s been given on the tennis court. It may be true that Sharapova has a shoulder injury but why hasn’t the press criticized her for going to the well so often with this excuse?   I guess in Wertheim’s mind since Maria Sharapova is a white woman she get a free pass while black women like the Williams Sisters get scorned. If the USA media can bash Serena for not “giving” credit to opponents when she is beaten. Why does Sharapova get a free pass for her “shoulder injury” excuse? Serena and Venus destroyed Sharapova this year at the grand slams with ease and of course the USA media were silent about those results. Where was Wertheim? Oops I forgot when Venus and Serena win grand slams Jon Wertheim has nothing negative to write about he can’t say anything. There is nowhere Wertheim can turn to.

            Yet at the recent US OPEN when Serena Williams lost Wertheim was the first one to criticize her. So Serena cannot lose a tennis match? Geesh. The impossible and ludicrous standards the USA media have created for the Williams Sisters is not only deleterious it also illustrates their racist bias against them. Tennis players lose matches even great tennis players like Serena and Venus Williams. It happens. Even Steffi Graf lost tennis matches nobody wins everything all the time. Serena had a thumb injury prior to the US OPEN and she was unable to hit her two handed backhand properly that’s why she did not play summer events. Why should Serena risk further injury just to please her critics like Wertheim?

        Wertheim has a column on the sports illustrated tennis page where tennis fans can write in questions and he answers. I don’t know why people bother writing in to Wertheim anyway? Wertheim has a long history of attacking Venus. Recently, Wertheim has been  complaining  about Venus Williams decision to play some WTA events in Asia.

        First off, Wertheim was the one that slammed the Williams Sisters for taking the fall off after the US OPEN. Yet this year both Venus and Serena are playing in the fall. Venus and Serena are the best players of their generation and they are the only Americans winning grand slams. The Williams Sisters managed to win two out of the four grand slams this year. Last time I checked Andy Roddick and James Blake are winning nothing and are consistent losers. Wertheim had the audacity to slam Venus for playing in “Asia” for money. Last time I checked the prize money for the tier III and tier IV events Venus is playing is actually quite low. Top tennis players get paid appearance fees all the time and that includes Andy Roddick, James Blake, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Why doesn’t Wertheim complain about them? Why single out Venus Williams? Venus is playing tennis and I think that’s good enough. Venus doesn’t owe Jon Wertheim anything she’s worked hard for her success and she can play whenever wants.

           The WTA wants top players to play in Asia because the top players like Venus Williams attract fans to watch tennis its a way to promote the sport. Venus won the Korean Open title last week and this week was supposed to be her week off. However, the WTA asked Venus to play the Japan Open and she did. Yet in his latest column Wertheim has to find some way to try to bash Venus. Wertheim’s logic is not only immature, illogical, and pathetic it also demonstrates the undercurrent of racism of American tennis reporters. Wertheim didn’t slam Andy Roddick for playing the Washington DC event even though that’s a minor event Roddick was the only top 10 tennis player in the field. Roddick and James Blake have made a career out of playing minor events because they get paid an apperance fee.  Wertheim didn’t slam Rafael Nadal for playing in Germany the week after Wimbledon even though he was the only top player in that smaller event either. Yet anything in relation to the Williams Sisters Wertheim has to find a way to criticize them.

          Why can’t Jon Wertheim just be honest? Wertheim is a covert racist bigot that’s has a propensity to attack the Williams  Sisters any chance he gets.  Wertheim is like a blood  sucking vampire he waits in the darkness to strike trying to dig, and dig, and hope he can find “anything” negative about the Williams Sisters and then his mouth gets all frothy and he unleashes his bigotry in solid bold black print.

          Thank goodness some tennis fans wrote into Wertheim taking him to task for his covert racism. Wertheim will never have the “class” to just be honest and admit he’s a racist though he’s smarter then Don Imus. Its just perplexing and shocking the amount of bigotry that’s acceptable in the USA in relation to the Williams Sisters. Despite the USA media trying to pump up the blonde bimbo of the WTA Maria Sharapova Venus and Serena are the biggest stars in women’s tennis ever.

        Across the globe everybody knows Venus and Serena and event organizers want them to play their events. So what if Venus decides to play in Asia while the other top 10 women are playing other events? Its Venus choice and its Venus life and Wetheim has no right to judge. Didn’t the haters complain the Willians Sisters weren’t playing enough tennis? And now that they are playing, they have to find something new to complain about? Its times like these where I wish someone in the mainstream USA media would take a stand and call out these covert racist bigots like Jon Wertheim. The silence to this bigotry by the sports editors, deputy sports editors, managing editors, USA broadcast sports media speaks volumes about the ways in which tennis legends like Venus and Serena are treated by their own country.

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