Is the US OPEN women’s draw fixed? No Surprise Sharapova has a much easier draw then the Williams Sisters and Justine Henin


               I just looked at the US OPEN draw at  and surprise, surprise, Maria Sharapova has the easiest draw ever.  Some will say the draw cannot be fixed because it is done in public. Give me a break. Anyone can cheat and I believe the women’s US OPEN’s draw appears to be fixed. It doesn’t make sense that the top half of the women’s draw is loaded with all the contenders while Maria Sharapova is all alone in the bottom half.

                CBS, USA network, the USTA,  and the WTA  Tour will benefit. They will all be very excited of course because Sharapova  will get lots of night matches and just glide past her lackluster opponents. I don’t expect the USA media to write or discuss about this obviously fixed draw of course.  If a magician can cheat in public so can the USTA. The methodology and the process of selecting the players for the US Open draw looks flawed.

        In Canada we  don’t have the tennis channel and are subjected to the American feed. So for the next few weeks there will be the usual  irritating commentary from USA and CBS networks so called tennis experts. Expect more of the same tennis fans from those  annoying racist commentators. First you got that  weasel sidekick Ted Robinson, next there is the ingrate John McEnroe, after that the termagant trio Tracy Austin, Mary Carillo, Pam Shriver, and the rest  praise the new pinup girl  of women’s tennis Maria Sharapova. 

     As everyone knows in the United States a female athlete talent isn’t the most important thing about her its her looks. Its the reason Sharapova is the highest paid female athlete in the world despite only winning  two grand slam titles.  The former pinups  Gabriela Sabatini and Anna Kournikova were both losers and they  were paid millions because they were considered “pretty”.  Sabatini and Kournikova  failed to deliver the results. Sabatini was a one slam wonder while the other Russian Kournikova won zero WTA tour singles titles. Kournikova didn’t even reach a grand slam final she is a disgrace to women’s tennis because the excessive media attention did not match her results.

             The American companies hope Sharapova is the “right” formula since she is considered a  pretty white girl that has “talent” and they hope she can consistently  produce the grand slam titles. Sharapova has the  “right look” for American consumers and they believe she can sell products.   Sharapova is talented but there are other talented players the WTA tour refuses to market and develop such as Svetlana Kuznetsova or Jelena Jankovic. 

           Just a reminder readers Maria Sharapova isn’t even American but she does exploit the USA for its training facilities, endorsements, and a place to live. Sharapova is a passport Russian.  I find it strange the USA tennis commentators will make a big deal about a player that has no respect for America. Sharapova doesn’t even play for America so if she wins grand slam titles they are for Russia not America.   However, Sharapova is young, white, tall, and blonde and in the USA the cultural production of the Eurocentric beauty standards is paramount to her commerical appeal.  If Sharapova was overweight or if she didn’t have that ” right look”  the white American media would ignore her like they do to Svetlana Kuznetsova. 

                The  mainstream American media ignores the real champions of the WTA and they are  the Williams Sisters and the Belgian Justine Henin.  It just goes to show in America colour means more then nationality. Venus and Serena Williams play for America, they play Federation Cup for their country yet they always seem to get the worst draws at the US OPEN. People say the USTA cannot fix draws and that the draws are random.  This years women’s US OPEN draw looks fixed. 

   Every single year  Maria Sharapova the new “glamour” girl of women’s tennis always has an easy draw. Its just like clockwork the blonde barbie doll of the WTA gets an easy ride to the finals while her rivals have a war on their hands in the top half of the women’s draw.  I am sure Larry Scott the CEO of the WTA tour and the other WTA executives are really happy Sharapova has a cake walk to the women’s finals. I wonder what the other top women think though? Wimbledon was the only grand slam Sharapova had a tough draw and no surprise she lost to Venus Williams in the fourth round. Whenever Sharapova gets a tough draw she  always capitulates.  If Sharapova does not make it to the finals of the US OPEN this year then the joke will be on her.

         Sharapova draw is not loaded at all in fact the only player that can really trouble her has been suffering with her confidence. Svetlana Kuznetsova the 2004 US OPEN champion  hasn’t been playing well this year and she is  seeded number 4 and could face Sharapova in the semifinals. I doubt Svetlana will make it all the way that far. Maria could face another blonde teenager the media’s been hyping eighteen year old Czech player Nicole Vaidisova she is seeded number thirteen. I don’t think Vaidisova she can beat Sharapova if they do meet in the fourth round.  Next, there is another young Russian Anna Chakvetadze is seeded number 6 she could face Sharapova in the quarterfinals but of course Anna has never beaten Maria before so that’s easy. Sharapova’s draw is filled with lightweights she will have no problems defeating.

         However, I am really shocked at the top half of the women’s draw. All the other contenders for the US OPEN women’s title are in the top half and I am suspicious. I am sure the Williams Sisters and Justine Henin weren’t thrilled when they looked at their draw either.  The USTA is known to cheat they have a history of it. Just remember readers in the year 1996 the USTA changed the seedings to benefit Andre Agassi and some other Americans.  Yvegeny Kafelnikov removed himself from the 1996 US OPEN draw in protest and he was correct. The USTA does a lot of dirty work for the players they favour. If there is a rain delay the USTA will make sure the players they favour play first such as Sharapova. If a certain player the USTA does not like that’s a top player they will throw that player on an outside court and not get a match in the main stadium. Last year Roger Federer the world number one had to play on Louis Armstrong Stadium twice while inferior players James Blake and Andy Roddick had their matches on center court. The USTA is known to disrespect foreign players they don’t like.

Its so unfair that the three grand slam champions and the best players on the WTA tour this decade are on the same side of the draw. Serena won the Australian Open in January, Justine Henin won the French in June, and Venus won Wimbledon last month.  Serena, Venus, and Justine are clearly the best players on the WTA they have won 19 grand slam titles this decade the most out of all other active players. 

       Venus, Serena, Justine Henin, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic are all on the top half of the women’s draw. Serena has a thumb injury and she could face Justine Henin in the quarterfinals once again. Henin bounced Serena at both the French Open and Wimbledon this year. Henin just  won the Canadian Open in Toronto last week.  Anyone that’s been paying attention to women’s tennis this year knows that these are the players Maria Sharapova fears. Sharapova was blasted off the court at the French Open in the semifinals by Ana Ivanovic the young Serb is a very good player. Another Serb Jelena Jankovic is no walkover either she has beaten both Williams Sisters before.   Serena for the third slam in a row could face world number one Justine Henin in  the quarterfinals. Venus is seeded number 12 she is scheduled to face Ivanovic in the fourth round and potentially Jankovic the number three seed in the quarterfinals.

If you want to voice your concerns with the USTA about the lack of balance in the women’s draw here is the link.

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4 responses to “Is the US OPEN women’s draw fixed? No Surprise Sharapova has a much easier draw then the Williams Sisters and Justine Henin”

  1. MeSir says :

    A rigged draw for Sharapova if there ever was one.

  2. helaena says :

    yeah, you are damn so right man…very very riduculous draw…completely absurd!

    another masha cake walk to the finals…and the other top half will fight so hard for the finals slot….which i bet will totally exhaust them mentally and physically…

  3. Joe says :

    Tennis is a joke with its draws anyway. Only sport where 1 doesnt play 4, seeds 8 and 9 play each other in every other sport, so why is a 5 seed playing a 9 seed in the 4th round??? just a dumb system. seed the top 32 and draw the rest would make sense. Your comments about race are wrong as it concerns the American media and the Williams sisters. There are tons of advertising for athletes of all races in the USA. The media wants people who are “likable” though to as wide an audience as possible – its called good business. The Williams sisters alienated themselves from both media and fans through their words and actions. Regardless of what you think of them or their actions, it was enough to turn off the public and if you expect advertisers or the media to embrace them when the public does not, you need a reality check. Sharapova is not just white or a good tennis player, she has done what is necessary to make herself “likable” to the public and media.

  4. Hahaha says :

    Boohoo, cry me a river Cannuck. It’s funny how Canadians think this sort of thing is just subject to the United States simply because there’s a cute little line there on the map. Hate to break it to you but you’re just another American, just with a leaf on your flag. Maybe once Canadians learn the concept of self criticism and stop obsessing with us then maybe, just maybe, we’ll start taking you guys seriously.

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