ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson is the one that is “classless and stupid” NOT Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington

Are we living in a dystopian universe? Is the sky falling? Has the world come to an end as we know it? I have not written about the whole Isaiah Washington Vs TR Knight, Isaiah Vs ABC, Isaiah Vs GLAAD, Isaiah Vs the White gay mafia, because I figured it would of ended by now. The Grey’s Anatomy incident was unfortunate but I am shocked and annoyed this is still going on. The white gay mafia pulled their “white gay oppression card” and got Isaiah fired from Grey’s Anatomy but they FAILED in gaining any support from the black gay community. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I believe Shonda Rhimes the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy also is a part of the problem. Rhimes happens to be a black woman and yet even she did not have Isaiah’s back she couldn’t help a brother out. Rhimes just followed ABC and was stupid enough to kill off the best character on Grey’s Anatomy. I enjoyed Isaiah’s performance in the role of Dr. Burke because I felt Dr. Burke was an amazing and complex character. And now that Isaiah is gone from Grey’s Anatomy I will NO LONGER WATCH THE SHOW. I have no need to watch it now that Dr. Burke is gone.

In Hollywood its well known that fights take place ALL THE TIME on Hollywood sets. A few years back there was a lot of drama on the Desperate Housewives set. Desperate Housewives is also on ABC by the way. Why didn’t ABC handle the situation internally? Why didn’t ABC just fire Isaiah on the spot? ABC used and exploited Isaiah because they wanted to make sure they kept their ratings up and not lose advertising revenue.

TR Knight played the classic “white gay oppression card” he went on Ellen Degeneres. The mainstream media REFUSED to examine the story from all angles they just took the viewpoint of the white man over the black man. I lost respect for Knight when I saw him play the victim on Ellen Degeneres. Knight exploited the situation to advance his own pathetic career. Next, Knight is on the cover of the white gay magazine Advocate playing the victim once again. I just don’t believe T.R. Knight is telling the truth and I definitely believe he has a personal vendetta against Isaiah Washington. Knight isn’t as talented as Washington I think that’s obvious.

I think Katherine Heigl and Knight wanted Washington off the show because they just don’t like him. Also, if Isaiah was removed they would get more screentime and move up from being “secondary characters” to “lead characters”. It was reported in the media that Heigl was upset that she wasn’t getting the same salary as Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington but Heigl’s character was never an important character on the show. Everyone knows on Grey’s Anatomy the show really centered around the four leads Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Isaiah Washington and Sandra Oh.

Ellen Degeneres is also a part of the white gay mafia and Knight’s appearance and his public bashing of Washington was not by accident. So for all of white gay America’s crying and bitching about being discriminated against. TR Knight manipulated the situation and used his white skin privilege as his currency. America loves nothing more then to demonize black men and Isaiah Washington was the latest scapegoat.

Why hasn’t this Isaiah story died? Why is it still going? Why can’t the white American gay community let it go? The longer this story goes on the easier it is to prove the bigotry, white skin privilege, hypocrisy, and racism of white gay America. It is not surprising that the venom against Washington continues. Stephen McPherson the ABC president has the NERVE to lash out at Isaiah Washington and say NBC hiring him was “classless and stupid.” The only stupid and classless person here is Stephen McPherson. McPherson has the power to save Isaiah’s job and now he’s just pissed that Isaiah has gained so much press for quickly bouncing back to NBC. EVEN THOUGH he ALREADY has been fired from Grey’s Anatomy is a perfect example of hypocrisy and anti black racism.

Where was McPherson when Rosie O Donnell made her racist anti Asian comments on live TV for millions of viewers? Rosie made her racist comments IN PUBLIC. Why didn’t ABC fire O Donnell on the spot? Why did ABC ignore the concerns of the Asian American community? Why did ABC ignore the controversy surrounding Rosie? It just goes to show ABC indeed has double standards for their white and black employees. Rosie O Donnell may complain and whine about being a lesbian but she also is a white woman. And since Rosie is white she has white skin privilege. ABC humiliated and attempted to dehumanize Isaiah yet they failed. Rosie O Donnell was not condemned by ABC for her pernicious racism.

ABC’s entertainment Stephen McPherson has demonstrated his racist true colours. Isaiah isn’t even on ABC anymore yet ABC has a history of whiteout. The lack of minority characters on the ABC network is a perfect example of what ABC thinks of people of colour. George Lopez show has been axed. Isaiah Washington was the best actor on Grey’s Anatomy and now that he is gone the show will NOT be the same. I will NO LONGER watch Grey’s Anatomy since Isaiah Washington is no LONGER on the program.

White people say Isaiah was using the “race card” when he honestly believes the firing from “Grey’s Anatomy” was racially motivated. I agree with Washington because in this case race was indeed a factor and to deny it is ludicrous. However, no one has questioned the “White Card.” The “white card” is a powerful card some white people use when they attempt to circumvent, eschew, and deny racism is both OVERT and COVERT. The “white card” also tries to downplay racism and pretend it doesn’t exist. Audre Lorde a black feminist wrote in her book “Sister Outsider” that white people have the option of not thinking about race since they are the majority. People of colour we do NOT have that option. Race always matters and race affects us in our lives EVERY SINGLE DAY. The Evon Reid incident is a perfect example of how race affects black people. Isaiah Washington is another example of a black man suffering from employment discrimination. I believe Isaiah should SUE ABC for MILLIONS of dollars because I believe he has a case for wrongful dismissal.

The obvious answer is because Isaiah Washington is a black man and as far as the mainstream white media is concerned they feel the need to attempt to demonize Isaiah. Isaiah has now been branded as the stereotypical “angry black man.” Well I am here to say the mainstream white American media are a bunch of hypocritical racists.

Yet no one has bothered to question the actions of the white American gay community? Also, notice in the white American press you do not read any articles criticizing ABC for the firing of Washington or the actions of the white American media. The white American gay community simply used TR Knight as a “puppet” to push their own anti black agenda. Anyone that has been paying attention on white gay websites such as or Andy Towle’s website Towleroad will view with their own eyes the disgusting anti black racist comments white gay American men have posted on the forums. The internet is a perfect tool to examine how racism does not only exist but how it is fostered and grows. The moderators of Towelroad or or any of the other numerous white gay websites don’t moderate when the white gays use the N word or other crude racist comments. Where are the articles talking about the racism of the white gay community?

The white American gay community complain and whined about Isaiah still EVEN THOUGH Isaiah has been fired from Grey’s Anatomy. Enough is enough! Is Isaiah NEVER supposed to work again in Hollywood? It appears to me that the white American gay community are attempting to have Isaiah blacklisted from the business. And this is where the element of racism comes in.

Yet why hasn’t the white gay community spoken out against Charles Knipp a white gay man that performs in gay white gay bars in blackface as Shirley Q Liquor? Knipp not only performs in blackface he also makes the most disgusting and racist anti black remarks about black women and the black community. White gays across America have laughed up a storm at Knipp’s racist jokes. The white gay media in the United States barely acknowledge Knipp’s racism yet they also condone it. I don’t see the Advocate, Out Magazine, or the rest of the white gay media denouncing this racism. So why should black gay people take white gays seriously? Anyone with enough intelligence should know by now the white gay community only wants the support of black gay people when it serves their own interests. Yet when black gay people SPEAK OUT about racism we are now rocking the boat. Well I say lets rock the fucking boat. I will NOT stand by and not SPEAK OUT against the pernicious racism Isaiah Washington is still dealing with. I honestly believe if Isaiah Washington was WHITE the white gay mafia would of moved on by now. The so called “outage” against Isaiah is racially motivated. The white gay media such as have also been a tool in fostering this deleterious anti black racism. The white gay media have been careful to be covert with their anti black racism but anyone can read between the lines and see their racism. The editor Michael Jensen is careful not to use the N word yet his covert racism speaks volumes. Ditto for Kevin Naff the editor at the Washington Blade in April 2007 Naff defended Don Imus yet you know if Imus had said something about white gay men he would screaming at the top of his lungs.

Knipp is also known to do private performances for those racists that are too embarrassed to laugh at anti black jokes in white gay bars across America. Ru Paul the ludicrous drag queen is often cited by white gays for supporting Knipp. Yet anyone in the black gay community knows Ru Paul is a loser that only wants white gay America’ s money since he makes a lot of his income performing in white gay bars. Ru Paul isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds him. Ru Paul also does not speak for the black community that’s for sure and neither do I. I am simply one black gay man giving my opinion.

White American gays have attempted to compare Isaiah Washington to Don Imus. First off, Don Imus was a certified racist that made racist comments about black men and women on his radio program for years. Imus made his bigotry known on the public airwaves for millions of listeners. Isaiah had a PRIVATE disagreement with a fellow co star. Interestingly, Isaiah’s non white co stars on Grey’s Anatomy Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh supported him. However, some of Washington’s former white co stars such as Katherine Heigl and the rest of the whites openly bashed Isaiah in the press. It just goes to show which actors on Grey’s Anatomy have real class and which ones don’t. Katherine Heigl is a perfect example of a hypocrite she bashes Isaiah yet stars in the homophobic comedy “Knocked up”. Shonda Rhimes the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy is a black woman yet even she could not save Isaiah job.

I am glad Isaiah has found a new job on NBC on the new show “The Bionic Woman” and Isaiah is only going to be a guest star for a few episodes he has also filmed an independent movie.

However, I find it interesting that Stephen McPherson the entertainment president of ABC is saying it was “classless and stupid” for NBC to hire Isaiah Washington. First off, it was stupid for ABC to fire Isaiah Washington in the first place. Isaiah had an argument in private with a fellow coworker. Washington has bounced back and I believe he will continue to have a successful career because he is a talented actor. Isaiah is a star and a star will always shine. Stephen McPherson at ABC is obviously pissed he let an amazing actor go. I just hope black people have critical media literacy and notice the social constructions of race and gender taking place here.

The white American media have been fostering and presenting this myopic and racist images of black manhood. I commend Isaiah for going on Larry King Live presenting his side of the story and moving on. Isaiah also has a development deal with NBC he will have a career. However, I believe this incident is a perfect example why I do not TRUST the white gay community. I just cannot take them very SERIOUSLY when they claim to campaign against discrimination. GLAAD and the rest of the white gay mafia have illustrated their true racist anti black colours. I am glad black people have supported Washington and I will continue to support Isaiah with his career. I just hope the black gay community sees the incident against Isaiah was racially motivated. Black gays need to wake up white gays are only concerned about “white gay rights” we got to support Isaiah and I will continue to do so. Isaiah Washington is a good black man that made an unfortunate mistake. However, I do not believe Isaiah deserves to be crucified for the rest of his life because I resent the hypocrisy and entrenched racism of the mainstream media.

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