The New Zealand Herald finally pays up

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Well I am surprised it has taken this long to receive payment for my article “Shades of Blackface” from the New Zealand Herald. I cannot believe it has taken this long just to get paid. Yes New Zealand is thousands of miles from Toronto Canada. However, this is the 21st century New Zealand is a first world country. New Zealand mail does have an expresspost mail delivery service

I love to write but I am also a professional writer. When I started writing I learned right away to make sure I got paid on time. I can be reasonable and flexible I just want the truth.

John Gardner the editor at the New Zealand Herald he told me my piece “Shades of Blackface” was worth a certain amount in New Zealand dollars. I cannot believe there was tax on my payment! The payment was decent but I don’t like the whole foreign exchange rate. The New Zealand dollar is worth less then the Canadian dollar so that means I make LESS MONEY. However, the payment was still a good amount it was definitely worth it.

I finally got paid but the New Zealand Herald took too damn long to pay me. All of the bullshit I went through with that newspaper is finally over. Different editors were giving me different stories. I didn’t know what was going on? The attitude of John Gardner really pissed me off! Why couldn’t he just be honest with me from the start? He could of said “Orville it’s going to take a month before you will receive the cheque.” Why didn’t Gardner tell me the truth? If I had known the “truth” from the start I would of been cool. I don’t deserve the run around. I think I have a right to know about payment since I am the one that did all the hard work. I am the one that interviewed all those people and I am the one that wrote the article.

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I am a gay black Canadian male.

2 responses to “The New Zealand Herald finally pays up”

  1. FGRFDD says :

    hi,i like the story

  2. Jane says :

    And you are the one doing all the complaining!

    You talk about New Zealand being a first world country…….

    1. First world countries pay tax
    2. Most first world countries have their own currencies, hence exchange rates
    3. In most first world businesses you were lucky to get paid in 30 days!

    You got paid, you were happy with the amount now stop whining!

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