The Washington Post Stole my article “idea” about the Mariane Pearl blackface controversy. “Shades Of Blackface” article was published Two WEEKS BEFORE the Washington Post Piece.

marianne_pearl.jpg I will NEVER submit my work to the Washington Post again!!! Last week Saturday, I went to the Washington Post website, ,well what a surprise!!! The Washington Post writer Teresa Wiltz copied my ideas that’s plagiarism!!!

I did take action. I spoke to the Washington Post lawyer James McLaughlin. Mr. McLaughlin, he called me yesterday and he “admitted” that yes indeed my article was submitted to the  Washington Post arts department.  The Arts department at the Washington Post clearly had “time” to lift my ideas. Why lie about it though? I have posted both my article and Wiltz article and you can see the similarities. I find it interesting that my article about the blackface controversy was submitted to the Washington Post and what a surprise a few weeks later Wiltz article was published.

My article “Shades of Blackface” was published TWO WEEKS BEFORE Teresa Wiltz article on Mariane Pearl was published. My piece on Mariane Pearl was published  in the New Zealand Herald on June 9th 2007. I am arguing that the unprofessional arts editor at the Washington Post obviously STOLE MY IDEA and gave it to one of their own fucking writers to write the article in house!!!

Its clear to me that Wiltz coped my article. Wiltz of course denies this according to McLaughlin. Is anyone surprised? Mclaughlin just “admitted” yesterday that I was correct that the arts department had received my submission to the Washington Post a while back.

The big newspapers do this all the fucking time they don’t want to pay a writer for their work so they STEAL the writer’s idea so that they can do the article IN HOUSE. They make a few changes for LEGAL REASONS. But the evidence is in the writing, Teresa Wiltz obviously isn’t a good writer because a good writer doesn’t steal ideas from another writer.

Also, I must point out again my article was published FIRST so the Washington Post had plenty of time to steal my idea and copy my article.

Yet its clear to me the Arts editor at the Washington Post is a liar and a thief!!!

Here is the link to my article “Shades Of Blackface” published the New Zealand Herald June 9th 2007:

Here is the link to Teresa Wiltz article on the same subject and it was published on June 23 rd 2007 exactly two weeks later.

Part I

Part II

Notice when you compare my article to Wiltz piece she discusses many topics in the similar order I did. For instance,  at the beginning of my article  I discuss about blogs, so does Wiltz. I discuss about the minstrel history so does Wiltz. I write about Lena Horne losing the role in Showboat to Ava Gardner. Wiltz writes the exact same phrase just like I did.

I write about the legacy of racism against black women in Hollywood, so does Wiltz. Wiltz makes a few changes talking about Pearl’s memoir but the structure and the flow of ideas is too similar to mine.

I contacted the Washington Post Ombudsman but she’s on vacation and won’t be back until next week.

Its clear to me the Washington Post doesn’t mind stealing the ideas of writers. I want to point out this has happened to me before as well. I am so sick of this shit it makes me think about giving up writing all together.

The thing is the Washington Post did not anticipate that I WOULD get my article on the issue of “Blackface” for the movie “A Mighty Heart” published FIRST. Yet I did!

My article was published a full two weeks BEFORE Wiltz piece was published. And the Washington Post own lawyer ADMITS that the arts department DID receive my article on the issue. So how can the lawyer for the Washington Post say that my article idea wasn’t ripped off? Its all status quo I say.

Update: The Ombudsman at the Washington Post contacted me she DOES NOT deny that the Arts department at the Washington Post received my submission. Yet she claims they did nothing wrong she is full of it! How can people be so dishonest? Where is the professionalism?

It is obvious to me the Ombudsman at the Washington Post must have a policy of stealing writers work since they admit to RECEIVING MY SUBMISSION.

Why lie? The proof is the evidence just read both my article and Teresa Wiltz and you will see the similarities. It is obvious Wiltz is a fraud, and the Washington Post believes in lifting ideas from other writers.

About orvillelloyddouglas

I am a gay black Canadian male.

8 responses to “The Washington Post Stole my article “idea” about the Mariane Pearl blackface controversy. “Shades Of Blackface” article was published Two WEEKS BEFORE the Washington Post Piece.”

  1. aulelia says :

    damn! that is so unfair. i really liked your article that is how i found ur blog cos u were linked on wikipedia. i hear editors do this all the time. do you think you could sue for plagiarism? you are talented so keep your head up. the best way i think to get the Washington Post is buy writing more articles for other publications.

  2. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Hello thanks for the kind words. I did call the Washington Post and I spoke to their lawyer James McLaughlin just a few days ago on Friday. And of course he gave me the typical story. I wasn’t surprised with McLaughlin’s comments he works for the Washington Post and he has their best interests. And of course McLaughlin is going to say whatever is in the the best of the Washington Post. And I want to point out that McLaughlin admitted that the arts department at the Washington Post did indeed receive my article submission. McLaughlin admitted that to me on the phone on Friday.

  3. aulelia says :

    i like your site. it’s cool. i have linked you to mine and i was recently tagged about 8 random facts about me from a fellow blogger so i have tagged you too! check it out on my site + reply on your site if you can. thanks.

  4. Shahsem says :

    Hey All ! ! !
    Successful people say “Time is money”,
    go Clock ,
    and make sure that …

  5. Caroline says :

    I really like the way you think and write. I suppose, being an angry person myself.
    Wanted to email you but since you have no email ad posted, I’m writing here and hope you can email me back.
    I hardly know anyone with such fire and passion and I like someone who says it like it is!
    I like your thoughts on covert racism, patronization, and most everything.
    As they say and as I think so, passion is the fire of life that separates a truly living person from the living dead. Its always nice to know a kindred soul who stands out from the crowd and speaks up with fire.
    Please write me back, there are lots of ideas, stuff I would love to talk with you on about.
    Thanks and More power!

  6. Adrienne says :

    This is not the first bad thing this writer has done. She published an article claiming she is the great great grandaughter of my Great Great Grandfather Louis A Wiltz of Louisiana. I am caucasion and she is black. She clao claims that this is a result of a “legacy of RAPE” I wrote her and asked her to retract her story written years ago an still appearing on the WEB. I also asked her prove these liable/slanderous remarks. She has not responded.

  7. orvillelloyddouglas says :

    Wow Adrienne thanks for letting me know this writer Tersa Wiltz. Wiltz appears to be a loser and an unprofessional flake. It is interesting that a top newspaper such as the Washington Post allows their writers to lift ideas from other writers. Don’t people know the internet has links to articles? If people read my article and Wiltz article on Mariane Pearl you can clearly see Wiltz copied my ideas.

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