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For a so called “small press” Arsenal Pulp Press sure is very successful Kramer & Barnard’s Books have sold over 110,000 copies

nickerson.jpg    The photo on the left is of Billeh Nickerson he is one of the editors of the homosexual Canadian anthology Seminal. Nickerson  e-mailed  me yet again today providing the typical sob story that Arsenal Pulp Press is a small press and doesn’t have money.  I guess Arsenal Pulp Press is really trying to get Nickerson to work me overtime.

Yet isn’t Arsenal Pulp Press tacky? I mean not a response from the publisher or the other people behind the company. Nickerson is just the coeditor it is Arsenal Pulp Press that is  behind the whack $50 dollar contract. Well I just went to the Arsenal Pulp Press website for  such  a “small press” they sure are successful.   Take a look for yourself at their best seller list. 

   Go to  and you will see what I am talking about. Just click on the no.1 book on their best seller list and you will learn all about “poor” Arsenal Pulp Press. On the best sellers list for Arsenal Pulp Press  Sarah Kramer’s two books have been incredibly successful. For example, Kramer’s books  How It All Vegan! and The Garden of Vegan, co-authored with Tanya Barnard, have sold well over 110,000 copies! Now 110,000 copies sold is a shit load of books sold! Now according to Nickerson Arsenal Pulp Press is just a  “small” publisher.

Well for a “small” publisher to sell over 110,000 copies  is simply incredible regardless of whether its a major publisher or not. Arsenal Pulp Press  is thriving and doing very well.  Any book publisher that can sell over 110,000 of just two books AND have the book in third printing is making money and doing very well. So please child spare me the bullshit!!

The success of Ms. Kramer’s books just pokes holes into Nickerson’s pathetic argument.  Any publisher would be very happy and over the moon if their writers could sell over 110,000 copies for just books. The proof is all there on Arsenal Pulp Press website. The profits made of this book are incredible and exactly the kind of sales that the big book publishers would want. So the Arsenal Pulp Press is broke is a total sob story. 

And also think of it this way the retail price for Kramer’s books are $22. 95 and $24.95 now multiply that by 110,000 copies sold and you will see the profit revenue before taxes are taken off of course is well over $2.5 million dollars. The amount of reveune generated by these two books are $2.5 millon DOLLARS gross revenue.   WOW Arsenal Pulp Press sure is a very “small” publisher to be making that kind of cash. They must be so broke so broke in fact that they have over 135 books in print and are constantly publishing new books and making money as I type this.

And think about it a publisher that can sell over 110,000 copies of just two books is not a small publisher. And let’s not forget the other shit load of books Arsenal Pulp Press  have sold. Arsenal Pulp Press wants me to sign away my world rights for just $50 dollars but is never going to happen. It is this reason why I will NEVER submit my work to an anthology the anger and the grief isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth it to deal with such a duplicitious publisher trying to strong arm me to sign a whack contract so they can cheat me out of my rights.  Talk about unfair, cruel, and just plain disgusting  bullshit.

Writer’s Union Of Canada’s View On Granting World Rights To publishers

According to the Writer’s Union of Canada’s booklet “Anthology and Contract Rates” on page six it clearly states “THE LARGER THE MARKET THE HIGHER YOUR FEE”

The Writer’s Union of Canada also warns on page six “It is very important to state clearly in your anthology agreement that the fee applies to an edition published for a particular market or territory-OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF HAVING BEEN PAID A SMALL AMOUNT.”

Also on page six of the Writer’s Union of Canada Anthology booklet guide says a publisher should pay “twice the amount for North American rights and THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT FOR WORLD RIGHTS.” Oh it gets even better those assholes at Arsenal Pulp Press they also want world rights. They want my  permission to REPUBLISH my work  WITHOUT PAYING ME each time the poem is republished in additonal editons.  And here is the quandary that’s total bullshit and that’s where Arsenal Pulp Press is being very shady and whack. Only a moron would agree to such shit. And I most certainly will not. I will NOT ACCEPT THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!

Now since my poem “Dear Langston Hughes” is a two page contribution to the Seminal anthology the payment should not be cheap. 

Now clearly Arsenal Pulp Press is unprofessional here. I know people that have been published by Arsenal Pulp Press and they weren’t offered only a mere cheap $50 dollars for World Rights. Arsenal Pulp Press wants to offer a crappy $50 dollars for WORLD RIGHTS. Sorry I don’t consider a cheap and unprofessional publisher’s crappy contract to be acceptable. The Writer’s Union of Canada booklet is very important. Again I strongly suggest anyone ever getting into writing or publishing find out more about your rights. Go to WWW.WRITERUNION.CA  

Also, I don’t want Arsenal Pulp Press to EVER republish my work again in any other editions. According to the Writer’s Union of Canada I am WELL within my rights to DEMAND THIS stipulation. I have a RIGHT as an aritst to LIMIT the publisher from  republishing my work because I OWN the copyright to my work its MY WORK. And since Arsenal Pulp Press has been so deleterious I don’t want anything more to do with them.

Noah’s Arc the only black gay TV show ever to air on television season two DVD available today!!!!

The Cast of Noah’s ArcWell its been a long wait but the second season of  Noah’s Arc the only black gay TV show to ever air on American television is now available! I will race down to buy it at the HMV ASAP!!!! Noah’s Arc is a very important show its the first and ONLY black gay TV show ever to broadcast on television. Now to be fair MTV LOGO in the United States is such a small network that had a small audience.  MTV LOGO is the gay channel in the United States and its such a specialty network the demographic is too small. The problem with Noah’s Arc is the show should of been on a bigger network in order to reach a larger audience. Another dilemma for the show I think is that MTV LOGO simply wasn’t supporting the show enough and we all know why don’t we.

Its interesting a positive show about four young black gay men that are proud to be black and gay and yet MTV LOGO cancels the program. I doubt very much if MTV LOGO was about four white boys they would cancel the show. Noah’s Arc gave a face to black gay America and to young black gay men. Although I am not American I am indeed black and I was so happy to finally be visible. In the so called “gay” community which is really a white racist enviroment black gay men we are invisible due to white supremacy and white  gay male cultural domination.  Noah’s Arc also taked about issues in the black community such as homophobia in the black church, black gay culture, the black family and the daily struggles just being black and gay. The show was a voice for us. And its like MTV LOGO snatched that voice away. I really hope another bigger network takes on  Noah’s Arc. The show deserves more press and more promotion. Again the reason the show never caught on was due to racism of the mainstream American media but also the so called “white” gay community. Noah’s Arc of course was never on the cover of those so called gay publications which really are just for white gays. Its good though in America two new black gay magazines have emerged and thank god for that!

Unlike other certain gay shows that shall remain nameless Noah’s Arc had class. On Noah’s Arc scatalogical language was not used nor was there any nudity nor was the show dirty. Noah’s Arc was like a gay sex in the city it had more in common with that show. Also, Noah’s Arc had four gay black men that were so diverse. First you had Noah the screenwriter and star of the show. Second, there was Ricky his sexy friend that owned a boutique on Melrose Avenue. After Ricky there was the bitchy but loveable STD counsellor Alex. And finally Chance was the mama bear of the group the older gay black man he was a professor.

I liked the show a lot because I finally got to see people that were black and gay just like for a change. I already bought the first season of Noah’s Arc. Its such a shame the show did not reach a larger black audience. And yes I already contacted BET. Now of course BET refused to return my e-mails. BET is too homophobic anc conservative. Even though BET is owned by the same company Viacom just like MTV LOGO. Why couldn’t Noah’s Arc be on the regular MTV dial its a lot better then those tacky rich white kid shows like the Hills? Why couldn’t MTV or some other Viacom network give Noah’s Arc a chance? Noah’s Arc was only 22 minutes and it only had eight episodes. Again now this goes down to the cheapness of MTV LOGO and their lack of support for the black gay TV show. The story is that Noah’s Arc didn’t have enough money to continue producing the program. I honestly believe MTV LOGO was not the best fit for the show. And this is the dilemma that Noah’s Arc had you got a wonderful program about a group of intelligent, smart, and attractive black gay men written from a black gay point of view. And this part is very important. I am tired of the racist stereotypes that white gay men consistently placed on black gay men on those other gay TV shows. I am tired of black men being stereotyped as sexual savages and whores. Noah’s Arc finally fought off the white cultural domination and white supremacy. The show had substance  and allowed black gay men to be three dimensional characters. It was so refreshing also to see that the show had black on black romance. Its about damn time I say. There has been a fear in movies and TV to show black gay men in loving relationships with each other. Noah’s Arc is more then just a TV show its a political statement. And although I hear a movie is being  made for next year I consider that a tacky cop out. How many people know about Noah’s Arc? And that’s the problem the show wasn’t promoted right by MTV LOGO and we all know why.


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