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Poem “Dear Langston Hughes” published in Gay Anthology “Seminal” But Wasn’t Consulted That The Poem Was Published!

Today is June 3rd 2007 and I had an interesting week. I found out on Thursday my poem “Dear Langston Hughes” was published in the first Canadian gay male anthology “Seminal” by Arsenal Pulp Press. However, the “Seminal” Anthology was published in April 2007. Why wasn’t I notified that my poem “Dear Langston Hughes” was published? I had to find out on Thursday that the poem was indeed published. I also HAVE NOT receive the required contract that would allow Arsenal Pulp Press to publish the poem. I also have not received the required compensation either. Billeh Nickerson the co editor of Seminal sends me an e-mail saying they can offer me $50 dollars for the poem to be published in an anthology.

I don’t think I have ever been more insulted in my entire life. Nickerson and Arsenal Pulp Press have absolutely no respect for me as a person and as an artist. Arsenal Pulp Press has money. Arsenal Pulp Press is a successful publishing company. However, they think because I am black they can disrespect me as a person and treat me as though I am inferior to a white person.

I am sure the editors of Seminal will be making a nice royalty. I think $50 dollars for a poem is absolutely very cheap and very unfair. I think if an artist completes work the artist should be compensated fairly. I just don’t believe Arsenal Pulp Press was very fair at all!

Now this will definitely be the last anthology that my work will appear in. I just don’t like the fact I wasn’t consulted by Aresnal Pulp Press and that I had to find out that my work had already been published in the gay anthology without my knowledge. I think Arsenal Pulp Press is really unprofessional.

I don’t like being patronized and I feel Nickerson and Barton think they can get away with this BS.


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