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The Washington Post Stole my article “idea” about the Mariane Pearl blackface controversy. “Shades Of Blackface” article was published Two WEEKS BEFORE the Washington Post Piece.

marianne_pearl.jpg I will NEVER submit my work to the Washington Post again!!! Last week Saturday, I went to the Washington Post website, ,well what a surprise!!! The Washington Post writer Teresa Wiltz copied my ideas that’s plagiarism!!!

I did take action. I spoke to the Washington Post lawyer James McLaughlin. Mr. McLaughlin, he called me yesterday and he “admitted” that yes indeed my article was submitted to the  Washington Post arts department.  The Arts department at the Washington Post clearly had “time” to lift my ideas. Why lie about it though? I have posted both my article and Wiltz article and you can see the similarities. I find it interesting that my article about the blackface controversy was submitted to the Washington Post and what a surprise a few weeks later Wiltz article was published.

My article “Shades of Blackface” was published TWO WEEKS BEFORE Teresa Wiltz article on Mariane Pearl was published. My piece on Mariane Pearl was published  in the New Zealand Herald on June 9th 2007. I am arguing that the unprofessional arts editor at the Washington Post obviously STOLE MY IDEA and gave it to one of their own fucking writers to write the article in house!!!

Its clear to me that Wiltz coped my article. Wiltz of course denies this according to McLaughlin. Is anyone surprised? Mclaughlin just “admitted” yesterday that I was correct that the arts department had received my submission to the Washington Post a while back.

The big newspapers do this all the fucking time they don’t want to pay a writer for their work so they STEAL the writer’s idea so that they can do the article IN HOUSE. They make a few changes for LEGAL REASONS. But the evidence is in the writing, Teresa Wiltz obviously isn’t a good writer because a good writer doesn’t steal ideas from another writer.

Also, I must point out again my article was published FIRST so the Washington Post had plenty of time to steal my idea and copy my article.

Yet its clear to me the Arts editor at the Washington Post is a liar and a thief!!!

Here is the link to my article “Shades Of Blackface” published the New Zealand Herald June 9th 2007:

Here is the link to Teresa Wiltz article on the same subject and it was published on June 23 rd 2007 exactly two weeks later.

Part I

Part II

Notice when you compare my article to Wiltz piece she discusses many topics in the similar order I did. For instance,  at the beginning of my article  I discuss about blogs, so does Wiltz. I discuss about the minstrel history so does Wiltz. I write about Lena Horne losing the role in Showboat to Ava Gardner. Wiltz writes the exact same phrase just like I did.

I write about the legacy of racism against black women in Hollywood, so does Wiltz. Wiltz makes a few changes talking about Pearl’s memoir but the structure and the flow of ideas is too similar to mine.

I contacted the Washington Post Ombudsman but she’s on vacation and won’t be back until next week.

Its clear to me the Washington Post doesn’t mind stealing the ideas of writers. I want to point out this has happened to me before as well. I am so sick of this shit it makes me think about giving up writing all together.

The thing is the Washington Post did not anticipate that I WOULD get my article on the issue of “Blackface” for the movie “A Mighty Heart” published FIRST. Yet I did!

My article was published a full two weeks BEFORE Wiltz piece was published. And the Washington Post own lawyer ADMITS that the arts department DID receive my article on the issue. So how can the lawyer for the Washington Post say that my article idea wasn’t ripped off? Its all status quo I say.

Update: The Ombudsman at the Washington Post contacted me she DOES NOT deny that the Arts department at the Washington Post received my submission. Yet she claims they did nothing wrong she is full of it! How can people be so dishonest? Where is the professionalism?

It is obvious to me the Ombudsman at the Washington Post must have a policy of stealing writers work since they admit to RECEIVING MY SUBMISSION.

Why lie? The proof is the evidence just read both my article and Teresa Wiltz and you will see the similarities. It is obvious Wiltz is a fraud, and the Washington Post believes in lifting ideas from other writers.

Why does the North American Media only focus on The Middle East and Ignore Africa?

Robert Mugabe the dictator of Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe the eighty three year old president of Zimbabwe is an old fossil whose time has passed. It’s only a matter of time before Mugabe expires. Now over 27 years ago Mugabe liberated the former “Rhodesia” from white British rule. And for a while Zimbabwe was doing very well. Zimbabwe was known as the “bread basket” of Southern Africa. However, over time money, greed, and a lust for power has clearly destroyed the respect the world has for Robert Mugabe.

Now not only is Mugabe a serious homophobe he also has an apathetic attitude towards the black people of Zimbabwe. It just goes to show no matter the race of a person when someone gets money and power many times people use their new acquired power for evil.

Mugabe claims he loves black people he loves his country well he sure is demonstrating how much he loves the African people. Mugabe was supposed to be a beacon of light for Zimbabwe he was supposed to become part of a new Africa. Mugabe failed to help his country grow into prosperity, improve education, health care, business. Now all Mugabe cares about is maintaining power.

The inflation rate is soaring in Zimbabwe the people are suffering and it doesn’t seem like the world cares at all. Oops I forgot the majority of the population in Zimbabwe are black so as far as the world is concerned blacks are at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Remember over thirteen years ago the conflict in Eastern Europe with the former Yugoslavia? The European Union, America and the West rushed to that region because white people were involved in conflict. The reason why the West cared about the former Yugoslavia is because its a white nation in Europe. The former Yugoslavia is in the sphere of influence of the United States.

Although Yugoslavia is not a first world nation the whiteness of the nation gave it currency and importance to the Western world. And also remember over a decade ago the genocide and tragedy of Rwanda? Oops I forgot they were black as well so you know the world only gets involved when it’s too late. And people say the Western media is not biased or racist.

All we read about in the media is Iraq, Middle East, and Israel. I didn’t know Israel or the Middle East was the center of the universe? Remember though Israel has a large Jewish population so of course anything referring to the Jews is considered of higher importance for the occidental media. Well to be fair that’s all I ever hear from the American and Canadian media on CBC, CTV, CFTO, CITY TV, Global Television, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS. It becomes a bit tiresome because I know there is more to the world then Israel or Iraq. I think the Canadian media is to blame as well.

All CBC ever does is talk about Israel this, Iraq that, and the Middle East this. If anyone knew better you would think the CBC was based in the Middle East and not Canada. I am so glad there is the INTERNET I am able to read about world news without the focus of some multinational corporation.

Remember the Middle East has oil the Western media is only slowly talking about Africa because the sphere of influence in Africa is increasing.

As you probably already know Nigeria is one of the biggest oil markets in the world. And of course America wants to exploit new territories because the Middle East is becoming a bit precarious for their self interests. However, the Nigerian government isn’t doing enough to help their people. Nigeria is actually a very rich nation the problem is very little of the money is going to the people. Once again black people not helping other black people. We go on and on and complain about whites. Yet what are we as a race doing to each other?

Nigeria has the resources to help their own people yet the Nigerian government are nothing more but a bunch of racist assholes that have no respect for the Nigerian people. And that’s why you read about the desperate actions taking place such as people getting kidnapped and all that bullshit. The Nigerian people are desperate because their government knows desperate people are a defeated people.

And now there are vigilante groups that are sprouting up attacking foreign workers because the people are angry but also because they want to make a political statement.

People wonder why Africa is suffering? Part of the quandary is because of the African dictatators  are apathetic to the concerns of the African people. All these African dictators care about is filling their pockets with cash. Yet so many African dictators have lied to African people and told them promised them that they wouldn’t be like the Europeans.

If the world wanted to make a difference Africa wouldn’t be in the bad shape its in. Of course, the African people have to get involved but there are serious criminals in Africa that use rape, violence, and sabotage to maintain their power over the African people.

Yet sure enough the African dictators many with the support of Europe and America have stolen money that should be going to the African people. France has been heavily involved with their former African colonies and France is a big part of the problem.

And the European Union is a big part of the problem as is the International Monteary Fund. Stephanie Black amazing documentary called “Life and Debt” explores the problems Jamaica was having with the IMF.

The Western World is no saviour for the developing world. The Western World wants to maintain their supremacy they really don’t want Africa out out debt they just want to keep blacks poor. The West want to maintain paternalism foreign Aid is like a band aid it doesn’t solve the crisis it only maintains the status quo.

Another thing I find annoying is when the media give so much praise to these tacky celebs who clearly are not altruistic. Now that rock star Bono from U2 he is such a hypocrite. For starters, Bono did not want to pay taxes in Ireland on a percentage of his income and he transfers his money to a tax shelter in the Netherlands.

The Western media just reported the story earlier this year but certainly ignored it. I cannot take Bono seriously when he is a multi millionaire and yet he doesn’t want to pay taxes. Anyone who thinks Bono cares about helping Africa and not advancing his only public image doesn’t know better. As for Mugabe I have a feeling that old goat is going to get the boot and the sooner the better.


John Howard the Prime Minister of Australia is a Racist SOB Trying to use racist laws to demonize the Aboriginies in Australia!!!!!

John Howard The Racist Prime Minister of AustraliaFirst off does the Aboriginies community in Australia’s Northern Territory have serious problems? The answer is YES.  Does something need to be done YES. I am not denying this it appears child abuse is a serious problem in the Northern Territory.  Let me be clear child abuse a very serious issue and YES something does need to be done. It also appears to me the Australian government is clearly trying to take away hard won land rights of the Aboriginies.

  However, John Howard the current Prime Minister of Australia is a racist. Howard’s racism come out again and again. Howard’s bigotry is no longer under the surface it is present for the WORLD TO SEE.   Now I wonder what the United Nations is going to say? Or will the UN just ignore this as usual? Or I wonder what Canada, USA, or the European Union will say? Or will they turn a blind eye to this obvious bigotry of Prime Minister John Howard?

  Why doesn’t Howard impose a ban on the WHITE population of Australia? Oops I forgot social problems ONLY occur with the Aboriginies and not the white Australians. I guess White Australians are perfect and do not have problems with substance abuse, alcohol abuse or child abuse?

 Yet Howard is exploiting the issue of race here he is clearly playing the “race card”  to not only demonize the Aboriginies. Howard is using race as an EXCUSE to push a WHITE SUPREMACIST AGENDA AGAINST THE ABORIGINIES.  I cannot be more blunt then this. Now remember this is the same John Howard that made a disturbing comment about Senator Barrack Obama because Obama is against the war in Iraq a few months ago.

  I personally believe that Howard just wants to treat the Aboriginies in Australia as though they are “wild animals” that need the paternalistic “support” of the white man. The Aboriginies in Australia have serious problems but banning porn and alcohol will NOT SOLVE the problem and Howard knows this! I say read the article and take ACTION. Do not allow Howard to get away with this racist bullshit!!!!! I also DO NOT believe Howards gives a fuck about the Aborigines in Austalia or about their problems. The LACK of  cultural insensitivity and the racism of Howard here is abhorrent! 

Anyone that believes in human rights for ALL PEOPLE will take a stand. I have included the phone number and contact link to the Prime Minister John Howard in Australia. I have also provided links to some Australian politicians and the  address of Amnesty International below. Howard just proves again he’s not just a racist I really am starting to think Howard is a white supremacist. 



Contact Amnesty International USA:

Amnesty International USA
5 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001
phone: (212) 807-8400
fax: (212) 627-1451

Western Offices
Los Angeles Office
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Amnesty International
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Telephone: (613) 744-7667 OR 1-800-AMNESTY (266-3789)
Fax: (613) 746-2411

Toronto Office

Amnesty International
14 Dundonald Street
Toronto, ON
M4Y 1K2

Telephone: (416) 363-9933
Fax: (416) 363-3103

Pacific Regional Office

Amnesty International – Pacific Regional Office
#430 – 319 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
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Telephone – General inquiries: (604) 294-5160
Telephone – Refugee caseworker:(604) 294-9450
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BC/Yukon regional website:

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Amnesty International Australia

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Postal address:
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Legislative Council

Phone (02) 9230 2319
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Postal address:
NSW Legislative Council
Parliament House
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

“Is white the new black?” article published in the Vancouver alternative newspaper “The Georgia Straight”

Angelina Jolie in blackface role for film A Mighty Heart My new article about “A Mighty Heart” fiasco “Is White The New Black?” was published in the Vancouver alternative newspaper “The Georgia Straight.” I am just glad I was able to get my thoughts across about my perspective on the issue.

As you already know from reading this blog another version of this article was published in the New Zealand Herald. I am very proud that my article was first published in New Zealand because the New Zealand Herald is a major newspaper in New Zealand its has the largest circulation in that country. Also a lot of Australians and other people from the South Pacific and Pacific Rim read the New Zealand Herald.

However, I am very pleased that I was able to bring my thoughts on “A Mighty Heart” to a Canadian audience. One of my fears was that people in Canada most likely don’t read the New Zealand Herald. I decided to try again and I was able to get an alternative version of the article published in Canada. I know the Georgia Straight is a very popular newspaper not just in Vancouver but also in British Columbia and Western Canada.

  Here is the link to my new article “Is White The New Black?”


Its interesting today the weather is not that bad. Its kind of windy and hot but that’s okay.

The New Zealand Herald

I had no idea my article “Shades of blackface” was going to still be posted on the New Zealand Herald website even though its been published well over a week ago. I hope people in New Zealand and across the world were able to read it. The article was published almost two weeks ago so if you want to read it again here it is.

For a so called “small press” Arsenal Pulp Press sure is very successful Kramer & Barnard’s Books have sold over 110,000 copies

nickerson.jpg    The photo on the left is of Billeh Nickerson he is one of the editors of the homosexual Canadian anthology Seminal. Nickerson  e-mailed  me yet again today providing the typical sob story that Arsenal Pulp Press is a small press and doesn’t have money.  I guess Arsenal Pulp Press is really trying to get Nickerson to work me overtime.

Yet isn’t Arsenal Pulp Press tacky? I mean not a response from the publisher or the other people behind the company. Nickerson is just the coeditor it is Arsenal Pulp Press that is  behind the whack $50 dollar contract. Well I just went to the Arsenal Pulp Press website for  such  a “small press” they sure are successful.   Take a look for yourself at their best seller list. 

   Go to  and you will see what I am talking about. Just click on the no.1 book on their best seller list and you will learn all about “poor” Arsenal Pulp Press. On the best sellers list for Arsenal Pulp Press  Sarah Kramer’s two books have been incredibly successful. For example, Kramer’s books  How It All Vegan! and The Garden of Vegan, co-authored with Tanya Barnard, have sold well over 110,000 copies! Now 110,000 copies sold is a shit load of books sold! Now according to Nickerson Arsenal Pulp Press is just a  “small” publisher.

Well for a “small” publisher to sell over 110,000 copies  is simply incredible regardless of whether its a major publisher or not. Arsenal Pulp Press  is thriving and doing very well.  Any book publisher that can sell over 110,000 of just two books AND have the book in third printing is making money and doing very well. So please child spare me the bullshit!!

The success of Ms. Kramer’s books just pokes holes into Nickerson’s pathetic argument.  Any publisher would be very happy and over the moon if their writers could sell over 110,000 copies for just books. The proof is all there on Arsenal Pulp Press website. The profits made of this book are incredible and exactly the kind of sales that the big book publishers would want. So the Arsenal Pulp Press is broke is a total sob story. 

And also think of it this way the retail price for Kramer’s books are $22. 95 and $24.95 now multiply that by 110,000 copies sold and you will see the profit revenue before taxes are taken off of course is well over $2.5 million dollars. The amount of reveune generated by these two books are $2.5 millon DOLLARS gross revenue.   WOW Arsenal Pulp Press sure is a very “small” publisher to be making that kind of cash. They must be so broke so broke in fact that they have over 135 books in print and are constantly publishing new books and making money as I type this.

And think about it a publisher that can sell over 110,000 copies of just two books is not a small publisher. And let’s not forget the other shit load of books Arsenal Pulp Press  have sold. Arsenal Pulp Press wants me to sign away my world rights for just $50 dollars but is never going to happen. It is this reason why I will NEVER submit my work to an anthology the anger and the grief isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth it to deal with such a duplicitious publisher trying to strong arm me to sign a whack contract so they can cheat me out of my rights.  Talk about unfair, cruel, and just plain disgusting  bullshit.

Writer’s Union Of Canada’s View On Granting World Rights To publishers

According to the Writer’s Union of Canada’s booklet “Anthology and Contract Rates” on page six it clearly states “THE LARGER THE MARKET THE HIGHER YOUR FEE”

The Writer’s Union of Canada also warns on page six “It is very important to state clearly in your anthology agreement that the fee applies to an edition published for a particular market or territory-OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF HAVING BEEN PAID A SMALL AMOUNT.”

Also on page six of the Writer’s Union of Canada Anthology booklet guide says a publisher should pay “twice the amount for North American rights and THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT FOR WORLD RIGHTS.” Oh it gets even better those assholes at Arsenal Pulp Press they also want world rights. They want my  permission to REPUBLISH my work  WITHOUT PAYING ME each time the poem is republished in additonal editons.  And here is the quandary that’s total bullshit and that’s where Arsenal Pulp Press is being very shady and whack. Only a moron would agree to such shit. And I most certainly will not. I will NOT ACCEPT THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!

Now since my poem “Dear Langston Hughes” is a two page contribution to the Seminal anthology the payment should not be cheap. 

Now clearly Arsenal Pulp Press is unprofessional here. I know people that have been published by Arsenal Pulp Press and they weren’t offered only a mere cheap $50 dollars for World Rights. Arsenal Pulp Press wants to offer a crappy $50 dollars for WORLD RIGHTS. Sorry I don’t consider a cheap and unprofessional publisher’s crappy contract to be acceptable. The Writer’s Union of Canada booklet is very important. Again I strongly suggest anyone ever getting into writing or publishing find out more about your rights. Go to WWW.WRITERUNION.CA  

Also, I don’t want Arsenal Pulp Press to EVER republish my work again in any other editions. According to the Writer’s Union of Canada I am WELL within my rights to DEMAND THIS stipulation. I have a RIGHT as an aritst to LIMIT the publisher from  republishing my work because I OWN the copyright to my work its MY WORK. And since Arsenal Pulp Press has been so deleterious I don’t want anything more to do with them.

Noah’s Arc the only black gay TV show ever to air on television season two DVD available today!!!!

The Cast of Noah’s ArcWell its been a long wait but the second season of  Noah’s Arc the only black gay TV show to ever air on American television is now available! I will race down to buy it at the HMV ASAP!!!! Noah’s Arc is a very important show its the first and ONLY black gay TV show ever to broadcast on television. Now to be fair MTV LOGO in the United States is such a small network that had a small audience.  MTV LOGO is the gay channel in the United States and its such a specialty network the demographic is too small. The problem with Noah’s Arc is the show should of been on a bigger network in order to reach a larger audience. Another dilemma for the show I think is that MTV LOGO simply wasn’t supporting the show enough and we all know why don’t we.

Its interesting a positive show about four young black gay men that are proud to be black and gay and yet MTV LOGO cancels the program. I doubt very much if MTV LOGO was about four white boys they would cancel the show. Noah’s Arc gave a face to black gay America and to young black gay men. Although I am not American I am indeed black and I was so happy to finally be visible. In the so called “gay” community which is really a white racist enviroment black gay men we are invisible due to white supremacy and white  gay male cultural domination.  Noah’s Arc also taked about issues in the black community such as homophobia in the black church, black gay culture, the black family and the daily struggles just being black and gay. The show was a voice for us. And its like MTV LOGO snatched that voice away. I really hope another bigger network takes on  Noah’s Arc. The show deserves more press and more promotion. Again the reason the show never caught on was due to racism of the mainstream American media but also the so called “white” gay community. Noah’s Arc of course was never on the cover of those so called gay publications which really are just for white gays. Its good though in America two new black gay magazines have emerged and thank god for that!

Unlike other certain gay shows that shall remain nameless Noah’s Arc had class. On Noah’s Arc scatalogical language was not used nor was there any nudity nor was the show dirty. Noah’s Arc was like a gay sex in the city it had more in common with that show. Also, Noah’s Arc had four gay black men that were so diverse. First you had Noah the screenwriter and star of the show. Second, there was Ricky his sexy friend that owned a boutique on Melrose Avenue. After Ricky there was the bitchy but loveable STD counsellor Alex. And finally Chance was the mama bear of the group the older gay black man he was a professor.

I liked the show a lot because I finally got to see people that were black and gay just like for a change. I already bought the first season of Noah’s Arc. Its such a shame the show did not reach a larger black audience. And yes I already contacted BET. Now of course BET refused to return my e-mails. BET is too homophobic anc conservative. Even though BET is owned by the same company Viacom just like MTV LOGO. Why couldn’t Noah’s Arc be on the regular MTV dial its a lot better then those tacky rich white kid shows like the Hills? Why couldn’t MTV or some other Viacom network give Noah’s Arc a chance? Noah’s Arc was only 22 minutes and it only had eight episodes. Again now this goes down to the cheapness of MTV LOGO and their lack of support for the black gay TV show. The story is that Noah’s Arc didn’t have enough money to continue producing the program. I honestly believe MTV LOGO was not the best fit for the show. And this is the dilemma that Noah’s Arc had you got a wonderful program about a group of intelligent, smart, and attractive black gay men written from a black gay point of view. And this part is very important. I am tired of the racist stereotypes that white gay men consistently placed on black gay men on those other gay TV shows. I am tired of black men being stereotyped as sexual savages and whores. Noah’s Arc finally fought off the white cultural domination and white supremacy. The show had substance  and allowed black gay men to be three dimensional characters. It was so refreshing also to see that the show had black on black romance. Its about damn time I say. There has been a fear in movies and TV to show black gay men in loving relationships with each other. Noah’s Arc is more then just a TV show its a political statement. And although I hear a movie is being  made for next year I consider that a tacky cop out. How many people know about Noah’s Arc? And that’s the problem the show wasn’t promoted right by MTV LOGO and we all know why.

Nickerson says $50 dollars is above standard even though Writer’s Union of Canada says otherwise

Well what a surprise, I guess Billeh Nickerson the co editor of the gay anthology just informed me that he reads my blog. Well Billeh sure told me girlfriend.  Nickerson just e-mailed me and said “shame on you.” Okay girlfriend you sure told me LOL!  No Billeh SHAME ON YOU and shame on Arsenal Pulp Press trying to rip off a young gay black writer and artist. $50 dollars is shit pay and only a moron would accept that kind of shit. I’ve freelanced for CBC radio and got broadcast on CBC  Outfront this year I think I might get into radio the pay is really good LOL! 

 I will NEVER be part of any anthology EVER again. I made that decision to myself and I will keep it. There is simply too much bullshit going on. Who in the world  would give up world  rights to such a duplicitious publisher for only $50 dollars? I certainly won’t. And according to the Writer’s Union of Canada “Anthology Rates and Contracts” I am indeed right. I know my rights and I know Arsenal Pulp Press is WRONG. No one should be forced or pushed into doing something they don’t want to do.

 I am a professional writer and I have been paid well over the past six years for my work. However, I have principles and I refuse to be DISRESPECTED. $50 dollars is below the standard and it is totally unacceptable. And according to the Writer’s Union of Canada its incredibly unprofessional also. It just is plain slackness on Arsenal Pulp Press part they want to rip me off yet they sure will make a tidy  profit off this book. After all the retail price for Seminal is over $24 dollars per copy.

Also Billeh in case you are reading my blog. I never signed a contract and I will NOT sign a contract until the proper terms are met.  I didn’t even think anyone ready my crappy blog anyhow. It so refreshing to know that Nickerson reads my blog.  And maybe now Nickerson could “get it”.  Its about prinicple. Arsenal Pulp Press has money. I’ve been writing for over six years. My work has been published in the Toronto Star, Philadelphia Inquirer and just a few days ago in the New Zealand Herald. I have never been offered such cheap payment and I will NOT ACCEPT cheap payment either. Its a matter of PRINICPLE. I will NOT allow Arsenal Pulp Press to disrespect me as an aritst and as a black gay man.

Only an idiot would accept a contract where the poet gives up world rights for a mere $50 dollars  and his work can be republished WITHOUT PAYMENT. I would NEVER do something like that because I am not STUPID.

 According to the Writer’s Union of Canada for an anthology per poem poet should receive around $500 dollars  to $2000 or more. In fact, I am actually reading my copy of the Writer’s Union of Canada Anthology Rates and and Contracts right now. Its a great book. Once again for anyone reading this crappy blog here is the address of the Writer’s Union of Canada. WWW.WRITERSUNION.CA


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